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Urth Caffe, West Hollywood: Cafe to the Stars

Urth Caffe, West Hollywood: Cafe to the Stars

Urth Caffé: Famous for celebrity spotting, organic food, and a large menu of cold drinks. Favorite beverages from the menu include Boba’s (cold tea with milk and tapioca pearls), fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, and caffé granitas. Of course, coffee is their signature beverage and the drink of choice to most customers. With over 100 choices of coffees and teas, its hard not to find one that you would love!

West Hollywood Urth Caffé to � Our First Responders'

Urth Caffé West Hollywood begins raising funds on Monday, April 13, to "Feed Our First Responders" for the city's police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

Individual Urth Caffé Lunch Box meals to the West Hollywood Sheriff Station and WEHO Fire Department on Wednesday, April 22, along with Urth's signature heirloom, organic coffee and desserts.

"Our neighbors can donate any dollar amount and Urth Caffé will match every dollar to provide individual Lunch Box meals to as many police officers, firefighters and paramedics as possible," said Shallom Berkman, Urth Caffé co-founder and co-owner with his wife Jilla Berkman.

Urth Caffe, West Hollywood: Cafe to the Stars - Recipes

Very popular West Hollywood breakfast spot. Great food. Outdoor seating was very nice. Service was very friendly and food was very good.

94 - 98 of 651 reviews

We’ve heard about the mobs but eating here was a breeze in a Tuesday morning. We all loved what we had which included the bread pudding, mushroom omelette and avocado toast. All fresh and deliciously prepared. The outside was a sweet spot too other than the schizophrenic man yelling at no one for half or so of the time. The coffee was ok, not outstanding. Still I wish we had the place in Atlanta. I’d go back in a minute. Recommend.

We went there for lunch, it took us a while to find parking, we ended up using their ballet service for $7, and I guess it was worth it, we just left the car there and went for a walk after the meal. It took us about 40-45 minutes standing in line and waiting for the meal to arrive. Later we found out, it was possible to place the order by phone, I guess that can save some time. It is a great place for visitors, you can watch the people, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy LA's healthy and cosmopolitan approach to meal service. They really mix the traditional and the modern in a delicious and healthy way. We whole-grain waffles with fruit, bread pudding, veggie omelet and a bowl of chili. The drinks were in huge glasses, we weren't even able to finish them. We found a place to sit really fast and while we were waiting for the meal, we went for a walk around the neighborhood, which is also lovely. The bathrooms were clean, the service was friendly. Except for the long wait, it's a good place to go.

My daughter and I stayed in an Airbnb that was in the same neighborhood as Urth Cafe. Tons of fresh, healthy/organic food choices and a great place for people watching. The place is crowded morning, noon and night so expect a bit of a wait for a table. Fun place overall.

Urth Caffe

":) - Hide Sushi - amazing, affordable sushi - Il Pastaio - great Italian place in Beverly Hills, with still reasonable pricing - Urth Caffe - a cafe that is so LA, Vinny Chase lived there haha." See More

"Go to Urth Caffe - this is LA as it gets 12." See More

"For mid-priced restaurants I love Square One Dining (best french toasts), Blu Jam Cafe (great brunch), Paco's Tacos (great Mexican food, handmade tortillas and the best blended strawberry margaritas - specifically this location), Hide Sushi (great sushi at an affordable price), Typhoon (catfish with black bean sauce and mashed potatoes are a must), Urth Caffe is an LA staple (great sandwiches, salads), Pizzeria Mozza (pizzas are amazing!" See More

" Urth Caffe provides an endless buffet of people-watching and good, only slightly over-priced food." See More

"You'll find Mastro's Steakhouse , Urth Caffe , South Beverly Grill , The Ivy , The Grill on the Alley ." See More

"Hard shell tacos that just taste good :) For more authentic tacos, there are plenty of places in downtown, Leo's Taco Truck comes to mind (not in downtown) for great al pastor tacos - For a quintessential LA place, you have to go to Urth Caffe ." See More

"Breakfast or lunch at Kings Road Cafe or Urth Caffe is a good bet." See More

"Outside of LA's Eastside, you'll also see people in and around Brentwood , Abbot Kinney Blvd , Urth Caffe , The Grove , and there are always Disney stars around the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Toluca Lake ." See More

"For after dinner coffee and treats you should try Urth Caffe it has a great patio scene and everything they make there is awesome." See More

"to eat: Urth Caffe (i'm a big fan of the melrose location, not so much the others)." See More

"In general, Urth Caffe is a pretty solid spot, and there's several locations around town." See More

"In addition to Crossroads Los Angeles we like Urth Caffe or Urth Caffe and M Cafe De Chaya and have heard good things about Cafe Gratitude ." See More

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Urth Caffe Articles &mdash Things To Know Before You Go

A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Drinks

Half-caf, triple shot, no-foam latte. What the heck does that mean? It’s not as complicated as it sounds once you know how to break it down. Most coffee drinks are some combination of espresso and . read more

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Urth Caffe, a L.A. cafe frequented by celebrities, opens soon in Laguna Beach

The long-awaited Laguna Beach opening of Urth Caffé, an organic coffee house from Los Angeles, has finally arrived. It opens Sept. 21 for normal business hours. The owners have spent thousands of dollars restoring a Craftsman cottage to its original state.

Urth Caffe sells organic coffee made from "purebred" heirloom trees. The Los Angeles cafe is opening two coffee houses in Orange County. The first opens next month in Laguna Beach.

Urth Caffe recently bought a property in the Orange Plaza, seen here on the left. The owner wants to restore the building, which has deteriorated over the years, and open up outdoor eating areas. It could take two years to open.

Urth Caffe is renovating a building in Old Towne Orange.

Urth Caffe, an organic coffee cafe, is opening in September in Laguna Beach.

Owners Shallom and Jilla Berkman launched Urth Caffe in 1989 as an online organic coffee business.

The long-awaited Laguna Beach opening of Urth Caffé, an organic coffee house from Los Angeles, has finally arrived. It opens Sept. 21 for normal business hours. The owners have spent thousands of dollars restoring the Craftsman cottage to its original state.

Urth Caffe's Laguna Beach location.

The long-awaited Laguna Beach opening of Urth Caffé, an organic coffee house from Los Angeles, has finally arrived. It opens Sept. 21 for normal business hours. The owners have spent thousands of dollars restoring the Craftsman cottage to its original state.

Urth Caffe's retail store on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood is, you could say, somewhat of a Hollywood success story. Since opening in 1995, it has been embraced by films stars such as Cameron Diaz, Anthony Hopkins, and Sean Connery.

"We have one farm in Uganda with 100% Bourbon trees grown at elevations of over 9,000 feet above sea level near the last remaining mountain gorillas," Urth Caffe owner Shallom Berkman said.

The long-awaited Laguna Beach opening of Urth Caffé, an organic coffee house from Los Angeles, has finally arrived.

Urth, whose chain of LA area cafes are frequented by celebrities, has announced plans to open its first Orange County coffee house and restaurant Sept. 20. The celebration is from noon to 7 p.m. and will include free food and beverage for everyone who shows up. The food will be served buffet style.

&ldquoIt&rsquos a very ambitious party, and we&rsquoll be there to meet everybody,&rdquo owner Shallom Berkman said.

The cafe will be open, officially, on Sept. 21.

Berkman and his wife, Jilla, launched Urth Caffé in 1989 as a mail order organic coffee business. They are known for using “heirloom” Typica, Bourbon and Geisha trees grown in Africa or South America. These so-called “purebred” beans are prized for their authenticity and intensity of flavor.

“These tree produce the best quality coffee, lowest acid and are more conducive to a sustainable environment,” said Shallom Berkman said. “We have one farm in Uganda with 100 percent Bourbon trees grown at elevations of over 9,000 feet above sea level near the last remaining mountain gorillas.”

In 1994, they opened a cafe in West Hollywood, where celebrity sightings are common. Episodes of &ldquoEntourage&rdquo (HBO) have been filmed there. Cameron Diaz, Anthony Hopkins, Katie Holmes and Sean Connery have been spotted there. TMZ makes the Hollywood location a regular stop on its bus tours.

Other locations are in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena.

The Berkmans have spent more than a year restoring the Laguna Beach landmark, the Cottage, to its original appearance from 80 years ago. The historic Craftsman-style bungalow, one of the oldest buildings in the city, dates back to 1917. It was home to a real estate pioneer before becoming a cafe in the late 1930s. It operated as The Cottage for nearly 50 years until it closed in late 2012.

Shallom Berkman said construction crews worked off old photos of the house from the 1920s. The exterior patio had been &ldquowalled off by stucco,&rdquo which was removed to uncover the cottage&rsquos original porch beams, he said. Inside, all the wood from the crown moldings to the chair rails have been restored. The cafe will seat 200.

&ldquoThe building is so much more beautiful in its original state,&rdquo he said.

As homage to the former restaurant, known for its breakfasts, Urth Caffé at the Cottage will be the first location in the chain with an on-site chef preparing stuffed French toast, potato latkes, organic buttermilk pancakes, gluten-free organic white corn pancakes, and other classics.

Longtime fans will find signature favorites on the menu such as the double chocolate and pistachio croissant, oven-roasted granola and a Barcelona-inspired Spanish latte.

The couple&rsquos next historical restoration is underway in Old Towne Orange. They have plans to revive a building at 100 W. Chapman Ave., in the heart of the city&rsquos historic Plaza.

The earliest part of the one-story building was constructed in 1888, and was initially used as a book and stationery shop, said Marissa Moshier, the city&rsquos historic preservation planner. In 1907, additional storefronts were added, as well as a second story.

Over the years, the &ldquoground floor of the building has been altered several times, including infilling the original storefronts on Chapman Avenue,&rdquo Moshier said.

Urth Caffé plans to restore many historic features that have been lost over time. For example, in June, cafe workers uncovered original cast iron storefront columns at the corner of the building that had been covered up for decades.

&ldquoThese features will be incorporated into the restoration, and we are very pleased that the Urth Caffé team is using this thoughtful, creative approach to historic preservation,&rdquo Moshier said.

Shallom Berkman said he&rsquos not sure when Orange will be ready. Proper restorations take time, he said. &ldquoWe&rsquore definitely passionate restorers,&rdquo he said. &ldquoIt&rsquos time consuming and expensive, but it is a labor of love.&rdquo

Laguna Beach cafe address: 308 N. Coast Highway. (Warning: Parking is along PCH. The cafe has eight parking spaces. Berkman said he is working on a valet program. Stay tuned.)

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04/28/2007 - Captain Mike Peck
I was on a 24 hour layover with my airline. I took the bus down to Santa Monica and walked around. I saw the Urth Cafe in Santa Monica but did not know what the heck the place was, so I did not go inside. mistake #1. Then, the following moring, I left my layover hotel in Bev Hills to get coffee. As I was walking along the street, I saw another Urth Cafe. I thought, I better check this place out. It was the greatest experience I have ever had in a coffee place. Best latte ever both in taste and art ! ! ! Very good food menu, as well. I just wish Urth Cafe would open up stores in Minnesota where I live. I get to go again next week while in L.A. This time, I am going to the one in Hollywood with my family.

68 Reviews
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Beverly Hills accused of driving out homeless man befriended by Larry King, others

George Saville slept on a cot in a downtown homeless shelter. In the morning, he would catch the bus to Beverly Hills.

There, Saville’s wit and wide knowledge of news, entertainment and sports drew a circle of admirers, including a half-dozen people who took their morning coffee at Urth Caffe.

The cafe owners supported him. Sports stars such as Lamar Odom and Jason Kidd stopped by for daily tidbits of information. Arab royals from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel asked him to pose in their selfies, Saville’s supporters said.

“He’s smart he has historical references,” said Maria Belknap, a business manager and Urth patron. “He knows the L.A. Times and New York Times inside and out and he can talk about everything.”

“At best he is charming, at worst he is harmless,” said television host Larry King, who eats breakfast nearby and has slipped him cash on occasion. “Every community has a panhandler, and Beverly Hills is not so far above it.”

City officials, however, call Saville an opportunist and “aggressive panhandler” and considered drawing up a “shame list” to pressure cafe owners to stop catering to him.

After a run-in with a city-funded private patrol, known to locals as “greenshirts,” Saville was charged with two misdemeanors and ordered to stay away from the restaurant. Saville’s friends call the charges bogus and merely a ploy to drive the 57-year-old homeless man out of town.

“What you’ve mounted is an extrajudicial squad of greenshirts [who] are there to clear the streets of undesirables,” David Lyle, president of a television and digital content producers association, told the Beverly Hills human rights commission in May.

At a separate hearing, James Latta, the city’s human services administrator, countered that, “if it’s someone that wanted our help and needed help, we’ve got it for him. But this individual doesn’t want it.”

Saville’s clash with officials raises questions about how far cities can go to clear public spaces of indigents — and what obligation, if any, homeless people have to accept services and shelter.

Saville recently received head injuries from a fall on skid row and remains hospitalized. His friends in Beverly Hills are trying to get his case dropped, and find him housing.

“They treat me like I’m one of them, which I really am one of them, just not the money-wise,” Saville said.

Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe is about as LA as it gets. Organic Coffee and tea are the specialties here, but their healthy Mediterranean food selection keep regulars coming back. Urth is exclusive to LA, with four locations strategically placed in all of the city hot spots. No matter what time of the day, there will be a line down the block of trendy individuals waiting to order food at the counter and then sit at a table outside, and enjoy the LA sun.

Urth attracts all walks of LA life, from the trendy hipsters to celebrities to fake celebrities. HBO’s hit show, Entourage, would film Vincent Chase and crew sitting outside Urth regularly, running into celebrity friends and living the life in West Hollywood.

Despite all of the publicity in magazines or fictional TV, there’s a genuine reason why people constantly come back Urth Caffe. They serve awesome food and the atmosphere is great, without being too over the top trendy.

After a touristy morning hiking the Hollywood Sign, my sister, her roommate and I made our way into West Hollywood to the nearest Urth Caffe. We waited on the long line, studying the menus, trying to decide what to order. Ultimately, Leigh and I decided to share the Urth Farmer’s Salad, Grilled Veggie Sandwich and a side of hummus.

Once you order and pick up a little plastic number, you make your way outside to give your name and party size to a gentleman seating people. We soaked up the sun until a table was free, and sat down curbside, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our food.

Our food arrived all at once, as Leigh and I began to strategize our course of culinary action. We started with the Urth Farmer’s Salad.

Baby Spinach, Radish, Shaved Parmesan, Artichokes Cherry Tomatoes, Candied Pecans, Grilled Chicken

Leigh didn’t know what to expect when I suggested we order this salad. However, we quickly realized, this salad was absolutely awesome. All of the layers of texture played off each other, giving a unique level of complexity to the dish. Everything worked well off each other, adding a Mediterranean flare to the salad with out traditional elements. Don’t second guess ordering a salad your first time at Urth, this salad is pretty awesome.

Next, we split the Grilled Veggie Sandwich.

Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Tomato, Pesto, Arugula

Freshly grilled, organic ingredients sit between two pieces of crisp bread, which are slathered with pesto. The sandwich is fresh and delicious, with each bite being radically different then the next. The variety of vegetables really makes the sandwich. On the side, mesclun greens are dressed with a light citrus vinaigrette, as the ideal side. We were only able to finish half of the surprisingly heavy sandwich, allowing me to take the other part home for lunch back in New York.

French fries and other greasy foods do not find their way onto the menu at Urth, which prides itself on fresh ingredients. We instead opted for hummus on the side.

This was great, freshly made hummus. We easily devoured this dish. Leigh started to dissect the Farmer’s Salad in order to dip all of the fresh vegetables into the creamy hummus. I highly recommend.

During our meal, we noticed a little green animal sitting on the table next to us, which we at first thought was fake. Then it moved! We realized the gentleman had brought two green iguanas to lunch. But these were no ordinary iguanas. They were highly trained, and he even brought furniture for them to lounge on during the meal. I really couldn’t believe that it was real.

So the next time you find yourself in the City of Angels, make sure to stop at Urth Caffe. You might run into some celebs, or just a relaxing lizard. But no matter what, you’re sure to have an unbelievable, fresh meal.

Urth Caffe – 8565 Melrose Avenue – West Hollywood, CA

Urth Caffe
Price: $
Location: West Hollywood, CA — (multiple LA locations)
Type: Mediterranean, Organic
Perfect For: Outdoor Seating, Celebrity Sightings, Casual Meal, Quick Bite
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Available
Favorite Dishes: Grilled Veggie Sandwich, Portobello Panini, Urth Farmer’s Salad
Official Website