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Chicken stew in mirela_sagi

Chicken stew in mirela_sagi

A light spring-summer meal ..... as my grandmother used to prepare it, when I was little ...

  • chicken breast cut into pieces
  • 5-6 onions suitable
  • 1 box of chopped mushrooms
  • 2 peppers (1 red and 1 green)
  • 2-3 tomatoes
  • a teaspoon of sweet paprika
  • salt to taste
  • pepper
  • a teaspoon of sugar
  • parsley decor
  • 5 tablespoons oil
  • red broth (preferably homemade)

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Chicken stew with mirela_sagi:

Finely chop the onion.

Chop the pepper into strips, cut the tomatoes into pieces.

Heat the oil a little in the pan, add the onion and let it soften, add a little water. Put the mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and chicken breast. Leave covered for another five minutes, then add water and bring to a boil over medium heat. When the chicken is almost ready, add the broth, salt, pepper, sugar, paprika and adjust the taste.

Let it simmer over low heat and when the chicken is done and the juice has dropped enough, turn off the heat.

Serve with polenta and hot peppers.

Decorate with green parsley

Good appetite!!!

Pui vindaloo

Chicken, pork or lamb vindaloo, in a word a delicious curry. Vindaloo is an extremely popular dish in certain areas of India (especially in the Goa region, where the recipe first appeared brought by the Portuguese), but also in Indian restaurants around the world. With a European origin, therefore, vindaloo was quickly adopted and adapted by the Indians, becoming one of the most spicy curries (not necessarily the fastest! & # 8211 although no one and nothing will stop you from preparing it as well). to speed, if you wish, increasing the amount of chili peppers). What is certain is that it is a curry that is worth trying and tasting !!

For the preparation you need the following ingredients: 600 g chicken breast (deboned and peeled), cut into cubes of suitable size 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 2 onions, finely chopped 10 g fresh ginger, finely chopped 2 teaspoons coriander seeds 1 pod of black cardamom, lightly crushed , just enough to open 4-5 cloves 2 teaspoons chili powder 1/2 cinnamon roll 2 bay leaves, fresh 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds 1 teaspoon black cumin seeds 1 teaspoon black mustard seeds 2 teaspoons turmeric 80 ml white vinegar 2 tablespoons rice oil salt.

Preparation of chicken vindaloo: In a Teflon pan, without oil, put the coriander seeds, fenugreek, black cumin, black mustard and cloves.

Fry the seeds over low heat, stirring frequently, approx. 3-4 minutes, until they begin to release their flavor. In addition, you will notice that the mustard seeds begin to "crack", a sign that the time has come to take the pan off the heat, transfer the seeds to a mixer and grind them finely.

Once you have obtained a fine powder from the browned spices, add turmeric, chili powder and vinegar, then mix again (if the mixture is too dry add a little more water & no more than 1 tablespoon).

Pour the mixture thus obtained over the chicken cubes and mix well so that the meat is evenly covered with spices. Cover with foil, refrigerate and let the chicken breast marinate for at least 1 hour.

When you want to start cooking, remove the meat from the marinade (the remaining sauce, as it is, do not throw it away!) And heat the oil in a deeper pan.

Add the onion, garlic, ginger and cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until the onion becomes translucent.

At this point, you can put the chicken cubes in the pan. Stir and cook the meat, stirring periodically, until no more of the juice left by the meat remains in the pan.

Pour 300 ml of water into the bowl in which you stopped the marinade in which the meat was, then pour the mixture into the pan, over the pieces of meat.

Season with a pinch of salt, add the bay leaves, black cardamom pod, cinnamon roll and mix.

Let the sauce start to boil and, from the moment it boils, cook for about 20 minutes, over low heat.

When the approximately 20 minutes have passed, during which time the sauce has decreased, the curry is ready. As such, put out the fire, put in plates, add a garnish of boiled basmati rice (or potatoes, if you prefer) and enjoy this delicious vendaloo chicken.

Chicken and zucchini fry stew

When I make a meat soup from slowly raised chicken "pieces", I almost always make a stew from the meat chosen from the bones. A great way to save and make the most of a naturally raised chicken. Instead of zucchini you can use other vegetables (spinach, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.), and instead of sour cream, some tomato sauce (no added sugar, obviously). And instead of chicken fringe you can successfully use a leftover steak. A delicious result always comes out.

  • chicken fringes from 3 chicken backs, left after I cooked a meat soup
  • 1 zucchini of about 200 g
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • butter or coconut oil
  • 100 ml sweet cream or tomato sauce

The procedure is as simple as hello. Heat the fat in a pan and fry the diced zucchini for 3-4 minutes.

Add the meat fringes, keep it on the heat for a while, then pour in the cream (or tomato sauce).

Stir for another 1-2 minutes, then add the chopped garlic and turn off the heat.

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Baked chicken stew

Baked chicken stew recipes: how to cook baked chicken stew and the tastiest recipes for chicken stew, baked chicken pilaf, baked chicken, baked chicken steak, baked chicken, baked chicken wings, baked chicken hammers, baked chicken meatballs oven, baked chicken slices, country chicken in the oven.

Meat Potato Stew

Meat dishes can be used pork, ribs, bacon, bacon, fresh or smoked sausages, poultry. I used chicken legs for this stew. 1/2 kg potatoes 2 onions 3-4 tomatoes tomato juice or tomato paste 2 pieces bell pepper.

Baked chicken rolls

Meals, Meat dish 2 pieces chicken breast, 1 red pepper (or other vegetables of your choice), feta cheese, butter, flour, breadcrumbs, 2 eggs

Roasted chicken

Oregano, Put a chicken olive oil oregano salt, pepper

Put on Salt in the Oven

Chicken 1 large chicken large salt kitchen spices for chicken

Chicken stew with polenta

Meat dishes meat from a chicken 1 link green onions 2 tomatoes 1/2 bell pepper 300 g corn flour salt green parsley pepper.

Roasted chicken

Meat dishes 500 gr boneless chicken legs 500 gr chicken wings spices for chicken garlic powder 2 tablespoons oil water

Put Salt in the Oven

Chicken 1big chicken large salt kitchen spices for chicken

Baked chicken breast with mushrooms

Potato, Chicken breast, Parsley o1 chicken breast mushrooms about 400 g o200- 300 g sour cream o2 tablespoons oil chicken condiments o800 g potatoes o1 tablespoon flour opatrunjel osare and cheese

Put on the glass in the oven

Chicken, Meat dishes, Steaks whole chicken 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon paprika 1 tablespoon herbs (thyme, rosemary) 2 cloves garlic 50 g butter 3 tablespoons barbeque sauce 1 bottle of beer

Mirela_sagi's chicken stew - Recipes

- 4 cups cooked chicken
- A big eggplant
- a red bell pepper
- 500g fresh mushrooms
- a large white onion
- 4-5 cloves of garlic
- green parsley to taste (I put all the connection, I admit)
- salt, pepper, homemade vegetables (all to taste)
- a little oil for sauteing vegetables or butter

Ingredients for the sauce:
- 250 ml sweet cream
- 500 ml chicken soup (in which the chicken was boiled)
- 2 tablespoons starch or flour

First and foremost, heat a little oil or melt a little butter in a pan and sauté the finely chopped onion until it becomes translucent. Put the bell pepper, eggplant, mushrooms, mushrooms, all cut into cubes and we sautéed them together. No extra water or oil is needed, because vegetables, especially mushrooms, will leave water. Season with salt, pepper and homemade vegetables, all to taste. Leave the pan on the fire, stirring from time to time, until all the vegetables are soft and add the finely chopped garlic. Next is the chicken, which we mix well and sauté together with the vegetables, to taste.

As long as the meat befriends the vegetables, we make the sauce or "thickener" for the stew: mix very well with the whisk, until they are no longer lumpy, sweet cream, chicken soup and starch or flour. Pour the sauce over the stew, mix well and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the sauce begins to thicken.

We match the taste of salt and pepper and at the last boil we add the finely chopped green parsley.

I am very aware that in the pictures it looks like a common stew with white sauce, but it is very good! And if you put some vegetables (carrots, parsley root, celery, parsnips, gulie) in the chicken soup (respectively in the water in which you boil the chicken), you will have a regular chicken soup, in which you only have to put a lot of green parsley and homemade noodles and another dish is ready, meaning that I even made 4 recipes out of one chicken! (excuse us that in the picture the noodles are not perfect, but they are homemade noodles and not every time the cut comes out "in a row") And moreover, chicken soup is good for the soul and for the stomach, Luca's words: good luck! ” and it is the natural remedy for colds.

I told you about the chicken soup, let me show you now the final pictures from the chicken stew with vegetables and next time I will know how to put at least 2 extra eggplants! Good luck and see you tomorrow with the super recipe for spinach and chicken pancakes!

Chicken stew & # 8211 a delicious recipe with oriental flavors, worth a try!

Tocanita is a fast food, ready in less than an hour, but also tasty and filling at the same time. As a garnish, it is obviously required to be placed next to a plain rice boiled in salted water. This stew is spicy enough to combine perfectly with boiled rice. We assure you that in combination with the stew sauce, even those who do not like rice, in this version it will become a fan.


500 g Chicken breast
0.5 teaspoon Salt
0.5 teaspoon Ground black pepper
0.5 teaspoon Sweet pepper paste
0.25 teaspoon Hot pepper paste
60 g Butter
1 piece Onion
0.25 teaspoon Caraway
0.25 teaspoon Ginger powder
3 pieces Garlic puppies
1 piece Cinnamon stick
200 ml Tomato juice
200 ml The water
250 ml 10% sweet cream
10 g Parsley
200 g Rice


  1. In a bowl put the diced meat and season with salt, black pepper and paprika, mix well and leave to marinate for 10 minutes.
  2. Put 20 g of butter in a saucepan, add the meat and cook until golden brown. Take the meat, then add another 20 g of butter and harden the chopped onion, add the paprika, cumin, ginger powder, crushed garlic and cinnamon stick, mix well.
  3. Then add the tomato sauce, water and sweet cream, mix and leave over medium heat. When it starts to boil, add the fried meat and cover with a lid, simmer for 15 minutes. When the sauce is ready, add 20 g of butter, mix and remove from the heat. Serve the sauce with plain rice boiled in salted water, as indicated on the package.
  4. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and enjoy!

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Add coconut milk instead of sour cream and green coriander instead of parsley.


Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes & # 8211 simple stew recipe with chicken with onions and potatoes, easy to prepare, consistent and tasty, flavored with cumin, paprika and garlic.

As a way of preparation it resembles the recipe of pork goulash or beef, but flour dumplings are missing. My mother-in-law often prepares chicken stew in this way. Also from her I learned to make goulash, but also a lot of Hungarian desserts (Kati or Jerbo & # 8211 you can find them posted on the blog).

A little spicy, this one Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes it is perfect for family meals. Given that it is easy to prepare and does not take much time for cooking, it Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes quickly entered the list of favorite recipes by my friends. Whether they hit the table when I had this stew, or they saw the post, I was glad to find out that they also prepared it and that they really like it.

Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes it's not the only chicken stew recipe on the blog. If you want to be inspired and prepare other delicious recipes, I invite you to click on the title of the recipes and you will be redirected to them.

It is important to emphasize that I chose to boil the potatoes in their skins, in half, because they will continue cooking in the oven, without the need for a long cooking time. In addition, they will not absorb much liquid and will not crumble.

Hungarian recipes do not lack cumin and its aroma. Either leave it in the food or strain it & # 8211 as I do & # 8211 after boiling it in the liquid you put in the stew.

I will not hold your attention and I will leave you the list of ingredients and how to prepare it Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes.


1 chicken maricel or 4 chicken legs
2 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
3 medium-large onions (200 g)
400 g red and yellow peppers
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper flakes (or paprika)
700 g peeled potatoes
1 teaspoon sweet paprika powder
100 ml white wine
700 ml chicken soup
2 bay leaves
1 cup tomato juice
1/2 bunch of parsley
4 tablespoons oil
1 teaspoon sour cream for cooking & # 8211 optional

To prepare the Hungarian chicken stew with potatoes, I first fried the chicken legs in hot oil, over low to medium heat, until they were browned on both sides, then I took them out on a plate.

I washed the potatoes well and boiled them in their skins & # 8211 I let them cook only half -about 10 minutes, then I cleaned them while they were hot. I boiled the cumin for 2 minutes in 50 ml of soup, then I strained it and mixed it with the rest of the soup. I cleaned the onion and chopped it into fish, then I cut the peppers into cubes and fried them in the oil in which I hardened the chicken.

After they hardened, I quenched them with white wine, added the chicken legs, soup, garlic given through the press, bay leaves, hot paprika, paprika and left it on low heat, covered for 15 minutes. After this interval I added the potatoes, the tomato juice, then I seasoned with salt and pepper.

I moved everything to a heat-resistant dish and put them in the preheated oven at 200 ° C until the potatoes are done (about 20-25 minutes). Depending on the oven, it is possible to add a little more soup or water, so that the sauce does not drop too much. Optionally, when you take the stew out of the oven, add 1 teaspoon of sour cream to the sauce for cooking and mix until smooth. The taste will definitely be improved.

Very good is this Hungarian stew of potatoes with potatoes! We ate it immediately. I sprinkled a little green parsley on each plate.

I hope you will try this chicken stew too. I assure you that you will not regret it!

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dear ones, I don't know how to let you know but in Transylvania it is not cooked with leeks, so the title is a bit out of place

Yes, you're right and I'm from Brasov and you really can't find leeks here. In this case, what can I do?

I'm from Cluj. and I found leeks easily! I just finished enjoying it and it is the most delicious stew I have ever eaten. I recommend it to everyone.

How not to find leeks in Transylvania. I'm from Turda, Cluj County and I find leeks anytime and anywhere and it's even used a lot in food. And I'm sure k not only here is the leek)

you remember xxxx that you are from Oltenia or Moldova and until now you thought that the world, I'm sorry, leeks revolve only around you. what I think is that your person is out of place, not the title

xxxxx is right. there is a law that clearly states that leeks are under the aegis of "Oltenian" copyright. they discovered it recently and we still have to wait (the rest of us) for 10 years for their right of exclusivity to disappear, it will then enter the "generic" and we will all enjoy its flavor. kidding:). the idea that "in Transylvania you don't cook with leeks" makes me sick, in fact all these traditional things that start with "must" and are argued with "that's how it's done". good luck

you have nothing to do just to comment and think you are smart. is leek found or is it hard for you to go to the market to buy it? very good recipe, I hope you add more

It is obvious that you are bad romances. how dreak to quarrel over a stew recipe. bigger laugh. fainting.

Prepare something like this outside in a cauldron over a wood fire. That's how my grandmother raised me in Dobrogea. With chickens raised in the yard and very young the result is. I'll let you decide! The recipe is old and tested in other areas of Romania. It doesn't belong to anyone.

by the way, what valentin said the recipe is known who posted it and said where he got it from so we must not be bad and the rest of the comments is not true that leeks are always found in supermarkets and then always can be brought from outside

you are smart because you realized that she is from Oltenia or Moldova. I don't know what you are. but I'm sure you're an idiot


and I don't think you should be offended. Oltenians, Moldovans, Transylvanians, etc. we are all Romanians. We are waiting for other recipes. Enjoy!


who doesn't like not reading. anyway, the recipe is very good. if you can't find leeks in transylvania, that doesn't mean you can't cook leeks in transylvania. congratulations.

Hi girls, I'm a Gorj woman from Tg-Jiu, but I've been living in Spain, Malaga since 2004, and I thought I'd look for a good stew recipe, and it seemed good to me, but I was perplexed when I saw the comments. it seems embarrassing how some women behave in a world where we should help each other and not shit on each other, if there is no leek in transylvania nothing is replaced by something else, or not it is put, it is not a problem. finally I hope that at least one of you will learn something from this comment.

to all those who, hidden behind the monitor, manage to make this nation, and so ruined, laugh. as if it were needed. and bravo for a_man. put an end to I.

I'm from alba iulia and I want to tell you that here you can find at the market and supermarkets as much leek as you want so come to alba iulia

It is leek in Transylvania. Yes, you are uneducated and you don't know that.

I'm from Buzau, but I live in Greece, I didn't have leeks either, but I skipped it. At the end I realized that instead of leeks I had to put green onions, but even so it was still very good.

some of the comments. I do not agree with everything that was said about the recipe of Mrs. xxxxx. It is very good. Maybe you ladies did not bother enough to find leeks. Anyway I thought it was excellent.

and celery and dill ok but with leeks leave me

you quarrel in vain. I don't understand how some people can be. there are many areas, villages and customs in Transylvania. in some areas it is cooked with leeks in some it is not. we don't have to argue about it. if your area is not cooked with leeks and you can't find any problem to buy, put the onion and you're done. It is important that the stew is delicious no matter what you do with it (leeks, onions). you can add any spice you like

Being also Roman, it doesn't seem to you that you are also part of the category of fools, sir (a_man)

I am looking for traditional recipes from Transylvania to represent us in England. I work in the kitchen at a school. We have students from all countries who want to try Romanian food. I need good recipes and ideas. It hurts me to see that Romanians quarrel on the site and contradict each other. Leeks can be grown anywhere in Romania and it is easy to grow anyway, this is not important but the recipe!

The recipe is ok, but please don't give names anymore, leeks are good to taste but it's not something traditional from Transylvania and dill as well. I am from Sibiu and grandparents in the country in Alba, I have never seen anyone in our villages cultivate leeks! and dill was rarely used by anyone, although I like these greens, we can't name the food as it cuts our heads! I liked the recipe itself, but with a little dill.

. let's get to work . rather.

xxxxx, he said that he does NOT COOK with leeks in Transylvania, not that he does not find it. what happens? we can no longer read.

you only know how to argue so much. to be ashamed to offend others. why don't you take your network and you're ready to wake up talking and commenting in vain. go to your head that you only know so much. (

The title caught my attention, because I want to write on a website that promotes Romania with everything it has! The website is in English, in order to promote it in the eyes of foreigners, to know the beauty that many do not know about Romania and to destroy the ugly image that has formed over time about my country. The idea is that I would like to write about Transylvanian food. To describe the dishes and the authentic authentic Transylvanian taste and ... so Romanian. When I read the comments that started from the fact that someone can't find leeks and the consequence of the fact that this was said, I was ... a bit ... disappointed. I see how Romanians quarrel with each other just for that and they can't stay united and appreciate the extraordinarily good part of this article. Finally ... I will look for the next days to make this recipe because I miss a tasty Romanian stew like my grandmother or mother did. Now I live in the UK and I really miss eating at home. But I also try to make Romanian dishes as much as possible because they are still very tasty! And I will write this article about all that Transylvania means (in short), I will point out many qualities and beautiful things that belong to Transylvania. And I will also talk about how good and welcoming Romanians can be in general, but I would like to believe that this is true and that some mischievous comments were written by people who were just a little upset that the stew is not ready yet, or who were dying despite not having leeks in the house at the make stew :) Someone said not to argue like hell: we are all Romanians: Dobrogeans (like me), Transylvanians (like one of my friends) Andreea), Oltenians (like my uncle) or Moldovans (like my grandmother).

Leek is also found in Transylvania. only k we Transylvanians cook with something other than leeks :)

you left me speechless. housewives :)))

Those who comment on leeks, Oltenians, Moldovans, Transylvanians. we all have flaws and quality, so you have locked minds and offend each other. like the country and people most locked. you know what it means. which of you, you are the best and the most intelligent, as some are on one side, others on the other. you are some nonsense that will shame you and us, as a people. European Union.

Women are right (in this way I apologize for the comment made by: a man! At the same time I think he should change his new one into: a beast or a donkey. write nonsense on the net) I'm from Transylvania. I was looking for a wholesale chicken stew network, not chicken soup. I'm still looking

1. The recipe is delicious. 2. Shame on you ladies, at the age of 25 I would be embarrassed to post something like that. 3. Leek is found everywhere, as it is specific to Oltenia, this is another story but it is not written anywhere that it is not used in Transylvania. 4. Florine, if you want to thicken this stew, is it really that hard to mix a little starch (flour) with a little stew sauce and leave it on the fire for another 2-3 minutes? 5. WoW. embarrassing comments, instead of appreciating the post and coming up with a constructive critique, throw in the mud. Beautiful and healthy

It is a leek in Transylvania, but it is not used in the Transylvanian chicken stew. Mandatory: sweet paprika

Pork stew

What should a good housewife with a lot of meat (bought, for example, with a decent discount) do? We invite you to use a wonderful recipe. Pork stew is easy to prepare, but it turns out to be very tasty.

  • Cut a kilogram of meat into two-centimeter cubes.
  • Sprinkle with salt, ground pepper and mix with finely chopped onion.
  • Add two tablespoons of balsamic steel or table to the pork and a few whole bay leaves.
  • Stir the meat and cover the container with the cling film.
  • Let the pork marinate in the fridge for six hours.
  • When the right time has passed, transfer the meat to a baking dish, smooth it, cover it with vegetable oil (about a cup and a half) and place it on a baking sheet.
  • Cut a small piece of baking paper, make it and cover the pork. Then close the jar with a lid or cling film.
  • Preheat the oven to 130 degrees and place the meat in it.
  • After 45 minutes, remove the paper and put a few cloves of garlic, cut in half, in a mold. Then the form must be closed again and placed in the oven for another two and a half hours.
  • Divide the finished meat into fibers, remove the bay leaf and garlic from it.

The dish can be served with any garnish. If you want to prepare stew for future use, then it should be placed on the benches. To do this, the dishes must be sterilized - keep them for half an hour on a grill over a saucepan of boiling water. The pork stew is placed in jars and closed immediately with the lids clean.

Stew - 61 recipes

Our selection of vegetable or meat stew recipes for delicious stews to prepare both in summer and in winter.

The stew or stew is a dish prepared from pieces of minced meat or vegetables with hardened onions, usually stewed in sauce or broth, but also in wine, borscht or even beer. The word "stew" has its origin in Hungarian ("tokány").

The stew has been prepared since antiquity and there are many varieties to prepare it globally, such as "Beef Stroganoff" - a Russian beef stew, "Bouillabaisse" from Provence - a fish stew, "Chili con carne" - a Mexican stew made with meat and beans, "Ratatouille" - the famous French vegetable stew, and more.