Oxford rolls

I prepared this recipe on Saturday for the "premiere" for my family and I must tell you that it was a great success :)

  • 300 gr minced meat
  • 100 gr boiled potatoes (approx. 1 larger potato)
  • 1 onion
  • 1 or
  • 1 teaspoon hot pepper paste
  • thyme
  • salt pepper
  • 10-15 slices of bacon

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


We clean, cut into cubes and boil the potatoes, then we grind them like puree and let them cool. Mix the minced meat with the grated onion, the whole egg, the hot pepper paste, a little thyme and the chilled potatoes. Season with salt and pepper to taste. From the composition thus obtained, we form longer balls (as in mititei) and roll them into a slice of bacon. We catch them with toothpicks and place them in a tray greased with butter or oil. Put them in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes, and halfway through turn them over, to brown nicely on both sides.

Good appetite!

Did Atlantis exist? And if so, where was he?

In the fourth century BC, Plato wrote the story of a stretch of land, "Atlantis", which would have existed in the Atlantic Ocean and, in the past, would have made the connection between Europe and Africa. In the description made by the Greek philosopher, the ancient Athenians would have faced the inhabitants of Atlantis, in a conflict that ended with the retreat of the enemies in the waves of the ocean. Although it is not known exactly where the mysterious continent was, some historians assume that it was, in fact, the island of Crete, which, during the Minoan civilization, witnessed a disaster caused by the eruption of Thera volcano.

A secret spot guide for Perth's hilly neighborhoods - Lonely Planet

Leederville has a moment. His eclectic band meets people who enjoy coffee or wine in the sun from 10am (when cafes, restaurants and shops open) until late at night. Most stores don't close until 10pm and nightlife, of course, hits much later. The train journey is just three minutes from the city.

From the exit, exit at Oxford St and turn left onto Kailis Fish Market, which offers a good view of local seafood such as brown and rock lobster. If you are on a tight budget, Siena makes cheap pasta and pizza, but they spend more of a smidge and have a tastier experience on the way to the Spanish tapas house Pinchos (one of my favorites).

Unlike Pinchos, Bill and Bites' Bar gets energetic on weekends, while Foam, back on Oxford St, has couches with sidewalks facing people. Leederville has free Wi-Fi (look for Vincent Network), and freelancers often work from inside the large foam table. For shopping, the local Hunter shoe store is hard to beat, as is Varga Girl (best to be cashed). Leaving the main lane, there are some hidden stars. Kitsch has an excellent Asian fashion and ordinary surroundings with Reimagazine Italian, Re Store has the best continental rolls in town, and across the road, Pixel Coffee Brewers receives fifteen beers and breakfast.

What ingredients do we use for the recipe for fluffy dough rolls fermented with walnuts and cocoa?

  • 1 kg of flour 000
  • 600 ml of hot water / vegetable milk / fruit juice
  • 200 g of sugar
  • 100 ml of oil
  • 14 g of dry yeast or 40 g of fresh yeast
  • lemon or orange peel
  • vanilla, rum or other essence
  • turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon grated salt
  • 200 g of walnuts
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

How do we prepare the recipe for snails or rolls made of leavened dough with walnuts and cocoa?

We make a hole in the middle of the flour, add the dry yeast. If you use fresh yeast, dissolve it in a little warm water.

Mix well, add sugar, orange peel or lemon, turmeric (optional) and a teaspoon of grated salt.

Pour 2/3 of the liquid, not all, we will gradually add, depending on how the dough will come out. Also now we add the vanilla essence.

We start kneading the dough, you can knead it on the robot.

Add the oil little by little, it will harden the dough, so we will not put too much oil.

Knead the dough for 10, bring it from the edge to the middle. Cover with a clean napkin and leave it warm for 30 minutes.

Grease the table and hands with oil, pour the dough on the table, knead it on the table, bringing the edges to the middle. We toss the dough into the table 10-20 times, the dough will soften and relax. Knead it for another 5 minutes, then leave it to rise for another 30 minutes.

We knead it for the third time for another 5 minutes. We will get a very soft and fluffy dough. Leave it to rise in a warm place for 1-2 hours, until it grows nicely.

The dough has grown nicely, and now we make the filling: we mix the walnuts, the sugar, the cocoa and the cinnamon.

We spread the piece of dough and put a uniform layer of the filling that we made. We leave a piece at one of the edges, about 2 centimeters and continue to twist as tightly as possible.

We cut pieces about 2 centimeters thick and place them in a tray lined with baking paper.

We will get 24 rolls, let them rise for 20-30 minutes.

After the dough grows, grease them with water and put them in the oven at a temperature of 160-170 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, until they brown nicely.

After removing them from the oven, grease them with a little more water, this way the peel will be thin and soft.

I leave below the video recipe for walnut and cocoa rolls, to see how I prepare everything:

I invite you to try the recipe, I look forward to you coming back, to tell us how it turned out.

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Gorgonzola cheese can be creamy and sweet or strong and spicy, it is made from cow's milk and enriched with Penicillium Roqueforti & # 8211 a species of mold. During maturation, the cheese forms are drilled to favor the passage of air, a process that allows the mold to develop.
This cheese has very ancient origins, it is said that it was first produced in 879 in the town of Gorgonzola, located near the city of Milan (Italy).
The production of Italian gorgonzola cheese is a strictly controlled process: the milk must come from a certain geographical area of ​​the country and is subject to rigorous control (to ensure the vitality of bacteria and promote their development milk must not contain antibiotics, disinfectants and pesticides ).
Having said all that, we are sure that gorgonzola is a clean ecological product.
Question: What can we cook from gorgonzola? Answer: gorgonzola can be eaten simply on bread, it can be used as a basic ingredient in various types of sauces for pasta, gnocchi, risotto or lasagna. Gorgonzola is one of the cheeses present in pizza & # 82224 eaten with polenta (traditional dish in some areas of Italy) gorgonzola can be eaten with honey, nuts, pears or mustard.
Let's cook pasta with spicy gorgonzola sauce together & # 8211 a creamy and delicious food.

INGREDIENTS (for 3 pers.): COOKING TIME: 20 min

paste & # 8211 300 gr
gorgonzola cheese & # 8211 120-150 gr
sweet cream for cooking & # 8211 50 gr
ground black pepper
sage leaves (fresh or dried)

First of all, boil the pasta in 3 l of salted water. While the pasta is boiling (usually 10 minutes, but follow the instructions on the package) prepare the sauce: chop the gorgonzola into cubes and melt it in a wok pan, then add the cream, a generous dose of black pepper and chopped leaves. sage.

Drain the pasta and pour it over the sauce in the pan. Mix well and cook over low heat for another minute.

I got a delicious and creamy food. Enjoy your meal!

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Covid-19's long-term burden on the health system

One limitation of the Lancet Psychiatry study is that it uses 'routine medical data' rather than research data, according to Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Oxford University and the study's lead author. This could mean that the diagnoses are missing, have not been fully investigated or are incorrect. And only the diagnosis could make a difference.

"Patients who have had Covid-19 may be more likely to have a neurological and psychiatric diagnosis, simply because they have received more monitoring, more medical care, compared to patients with respiratory tract infections.", Taquet said in a press release, according to CNN.

However, the study provides a comprehensive picture of the long-term burden that the pandemic will have on those affected.
Although individual risks for most disorders are small, the effect on the entire population can be substantial for health and welfare systems because of the magnitude of the pandemic and that many of these conditions are chronic, Harrison said. As a result, medical systems must have the resources to meet the anticipated need in both primary and secondary care services.

Delicious homemade rolls & # 8211 discover two of the best and simplest recipes of a fascinating dessert!

Homemade cakes are a very appetizing and tasty dessert, which conquers from the first. They are obtained especially fragrant and appetizing, gathering the whole family at the table. We present below two of the simplest recipes for some particularly delicious rolls. They can be prepared from commercial puff pastry, which will save you time in the kitchen. Enjoy your loved ones with some particularly tasty homemade cakes.

Recipe No.1 & # 8211 Rolls with cottage cheese

The recipe below uses commercial puff pastry. It saves a lot of time spent in the kitchen and makes the cooking process much easier. Get some red and delicious rolls with a fine and creamy filling. They combine perfectly with any hot drink.


-2 tablespoons sour cream 20-25%

-1 packet of vanilla (optional)


1. Wash the raisins. Pour boiling water into the bowl with raisins and cover with a lid. Let them soak for 10 minutes. Drain them.

2. Beat the egg with the sugar. Add the cottage cheese and cream. Mix until you get a homogeneous mass.

3. Add the raisins and vanilla sugar. Stir.

4. Divide the dough into two parts. Spread each portion of dough in a worktop.

5. Grease each countertop with filling. Make it uniform. Roll the countertop.

6. Cut the obtained roll into slices, about 2 cm thick.

7. Arrange the rolls on a baking tray, preventively greased with oil. Grease them with beaten egg yolk and bake them in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 20 minutes, until golden brown. Baking time depends on each oven. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

Recipe No.2 & # 8211 Rolls with poppy seeds

When preparing these rolls you can use both yeast dough and without. Get some particularly delicious and flavorful cakes. It is best to serve them with black tea.



1. Pour boiling water into the poppy bowl and let it swell for a few minutes. Drain the remaining water.

2. Wash the raisins. Pour boiling water into the bowl with raisins and cover with a lid. Let them soak for 10 minutes. Drain them.

3. Separate the egg white from the yolk. Beat the egg whites with the sugar. Keep the yolk to grease the rolls.

4. Mix the beaten egg white with the poppy seeds and raisins.

5. Divide the dough into two parts. Spread each portion of dough in a worktop. Grease each countertop with filling. Make it uniform. Roll the countertop.

6. Cut the obtained roll into slices, about 2-3 cm thick. Leave the rollers at room temperature for a few minutes.

7. Mix the yolk with the milk. Use a phone.

8. Arrange the rolls on a baking tray, preventively greased with oil. Grease them with beaten egg yolk and bake them in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes, until golden brown.

AstraZeneca a serious vaccine!

The current public scandal with the AstraZeneca vaccine occupies ample media space. Appearing in the full offensive of wave 3, the dispute is not good for anyone, it can even lead to a slowdown in vaccination and can cause panic among the population.

AstraZeneca is a reputable pharmaceutical company with outstanding products. I can give two examples from cardiology: the original metoprolol and the antiplatelet ticagrelor. The vaccine produced by this company in collaboration with the prestigious Oxford University is based on an adenovirus, a cold virus that has nothing to do with DNA. This adenovirus is modified, cosmetized if you want, to resemble the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The vaccine has been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and the EMA (European Medicine Agency) and is widely administered.
What is the difference from other vaccines?
Messenger RNA vaccines (BioNtech - Pfizer and Moderna) are the safest. They do not contain any virus, but have a macromolecular structure - the "spike" protein, on the basis of which antibodies develop. These vaccines were the first to be approved by decision-making forums and are used in rich countries, including Romania.
The AstraZeneca vaccine also does not contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so it cannot produce COVID-19. However, this vaccine contains another virus, much more innocent. It is a cough adenovirus, "made up" like a SARS-CoV-2. In the most unfortunate case, the vaccinated patient may catch a common cold. As I said, the AstraZeneca vaccine has received the approval of decision-making forums to be used in countries with high GDP, including Romania. Finally, the COVAX vaccine is manufactured according to the classic Pasteur method, ie it even includes the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, in attenuated form. This vaccine was designed by the World Health Organization for countries with low GDP and has a high degree of safety. However, there is a minimal risk of COVID-19 disease. For these exceptional cases, the WHO is prepared to pay compensation.
The current scandal concerns only a batch of AstraZeneca vaccines, which has already been quarantined by the manufacturing company. Experts will soon decide whether or not the vaccine in this batch can continue to be used. At the same time, the possible side effects in the immunized patients in this group are analyzed. Fortunately, we do not have vaccinated patients from Arges from the problem group.
How dangerous are blood clots?
Thrombosis is a disease of civilization. If hundreds and thousands of years ago, people died more due to bleeding, nowadays it is the other way around: clots that form in blood vessels can cause myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary infarction, intestinal infarction, peripheral arteriopathy, all particularly serious diseases with lethal potential. Due to the major danger posed by these diseases, a wide range of injectable or oral anticoagulant drugs has been developed. As a precaution, aspirin can be taken, it helps with COVID and coronary arteries, but be careful that it irritates the digestive mucosa, while it is clexane, it is recommended for therapeutic purposes. After vascular disease, the second cause of thrombosis is COVID-19. SARS-CoV-2 virus infection has several mechanisms of action, of which hypercoagulability excels. Not coincidentally, anticoagulant treatment is the cornerstone of therapy, and aspirin prevention is very important. Finally, sedentary people and especially those immobilized in bed are likely to develop thrombosis in various vascular areas, especially in old age.
The hypothesis that the attenuated adenovirus vaccine would cause thrombosis is not scientifically substantiated. Firstly, it does not have a conceptual support, secondly, it does not have a database of at least tens of thousands of cases studied in order to have credible results.In contrast, the attenuated coronavirus COVAX vaccine is the only one that could be suspected of a thrombogenic potential. However, this hypothesis is to be validated after at least one year of vaccination, following a serious retrospective study. However, this vaccine is not approved by the European Medicines Agency and therefore does not exist in Romania.

Oxford Rolls - Recipes


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Sensiblu is one of the largest pharmacy networks under the same brand in Romania, present in all localities of over 50,000 inhabitants, the network having over 480 pharmacies. The first Sensiblu pharmacy was opened in 1997 and brought an innovative concept to Romania: health and beauty pharmacy.

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Total Wash offers complete dry cleaning, laundry, sanitation and on-site cleaning services, using the most innovative technologies and offering the safest solutions for customers' objects to become clean, sanitized and safe again.

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Spartan is an original restaurant concept. To offer you unique products in the world, Spartan combines essential culinary elements of Greece with other secrets of Mediterranean cuisine from ancient times.

Spartan gives you a tender meat in yogurt before it is left to soak. Thus, it acquires a soft texture, which makes it easier to penetrate the other ingredients.

In addition to the stew, Spartan specialties can be combined with any of the five fresh sauces, which follow their own recipe and vision of the concept. Customers can choose between olive, garlic, sweet and sour sauce or tzatziki sauce, for an unforgettable taste.

For the greedy who are on a diet, Spartan offers fresh, low-calorie salad that can be served with the "multitude of vegetables" sauce.

One of Spartan's flagship products is Gyros Pyta, a historical dish mentioned in ancient documents as early as 480 BC. Ancient documents show that during the war, the Spartans ate mutton and pork cooked on volcanic rocks. For this reason the Spartan slogan is "Legendary Taste".


The main activity of CoverSHOP is the sale of GSM accessories.

CoverSHOP offers the best quality products and services in its field. We have a wide range of types of cases but also foils for the phone screen. We sell brands such as CUBZ, CaseMate, Griffin, Nillkin, Baseus, SepMobile, UAG.

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POLI CHINESE STREET FOOD is a chain of Chinese fast food shops on the Romanian market in 2018. Our chefs, all from China, are selected from the best in the field and are professionally trained by a master chef , which oversees and ensures that all preparations are prepared to the highest quality standards

POLI recipes come from Shaxian City, Fujian Province, a city famous for fast food, which is an important part of the heritage of Chinese cuisine, of the 240 traditional dishes, 39 being considered national delicacies. POLI chefs have experience in this field in the People's Republic of China for over 10 years, gaining a lot of experience and accumulating thorough knowledge regarding the preparation of traditional food in this region.

POLI differs from the rest of the fast food chain chains, primarily by the taste authentic Chinese, through freshly cooked dishes with the best Chinese equipment, at high temperatures, in a very short time to keep intact the aroma, texture, vitamins and all nutritional properties. At the same time, POLI was created for everyone to afford to eat Chinese food, so price little it is another differentiator of ours.


The Noriel toy store addresses children, but also parents who find a range of over 3,000 games and toys in a dedicated space.

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Shop 17

Boutique 17 is a concept that has as its main target the modern woman of 30 years +.

The brand is a unique collection in Romania that combines the traditional fashion element with the utility of wearing clothes that differ in style and color on any occasion. The fabrics are mostly made of natural fibers purchased mainly from well-known Italian producers.
Last but not least, the collection of bags and accessories, comes to happily complete an exceptional outfit with which any lady becomes an enviable person in the circle of friends.
At the end we have to mention a very important element. The prices are so attractive that customers can't believe the level of promotions that are always in the store.


Hervis Get Movin ’motto symbolizes Hervis’ dedication to a better lifestyle through movement.

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Askona is a leader in the industry of mattresses, furniture and bedroom accessories designed based on the premise of the exceptional importance of sleep for the healthy life of each person.

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Founded in 1998, Help Net Farma S.A. operates one of the largest pharmaceutical chains in Romania and, since April 2018, is part of the German group PHOENIX.

Help Net is in the top 5 pharmaceutical chains in the country, with over 240 locations open nationwide and a turnover of € 143 million in 2018. The company has approximately 1,500 employees who provide high quality service for over 2.7 millions of patients.

The PHOENIX Group is a leading provider of integrated health services in Europe.

With an active presence in 27 countries, it offers unprecedented geographical coverage.

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The pretzel by PretzelFactory, a unique concept in Europe, successfully taken from the United States, but adapted, reinvented and visibly improved, is an attractive brand created to promote, in particular, traditional Transylvanian products. Through the over 20 varieties of pretzels: with sesame, poppy, mixed seeds, stuffed with cherries, apricots, apples, vanilla cream, chocolate cream with hazelnuts, strawberries, hot dogs, traditional sausages, with cheese, at which we added flavored pies, pastries, full of flavor, fluffy langoustines and donuts we conquered the taste buds of our customers. And it seemed that something was missing to meet the requirements of our clientele, so we placed in the decorated window an important chapter in the Italian tradition - seven assortments of delicious pizza.

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Have fun

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A childhood dream come true!

This is how Toni Gelato artisanal ice cream appeared.

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JYSK is an international distribution chain that sells "everything for the home" and is owned by the original founder, Lars Larsen, known in Denmark as the largest retailer who always has "an extraordinary offer".

In 1979, when he opened his first store in Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus - where, incidentally, it still stands today - Larsen had big plans, but he would never have imagined how fast it would grow. his company. Larsen continued to open several successful JYSK Sengetøjslager stores (the original name of the store until 2001) in various locations in Denmark, and in 1984 opened the first overseas store in neighboring Germany.

The JYSK Group currently has more than 2,800 stores in the following 52 countries worldwide: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Canada, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Romania, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Armenia, Montenegro, Indonesia, Greece, Albania, Vietnam, Malta, Portugal, Georgia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Moldova, Belgium, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand, Ireland, Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

CCC is the leader in the Polish footwear market and one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. CCC targets a wide range of affordable footwear for women, men, young people and children of all ages. CCC operates on the principle of the "brand house" which involves the sale of several brands of footwear under the same roof. The most popular brand at CCC is Lasocki, a brand made of natural leather. For more than half a century it was only available for women, but now it is also available for men: Lasocki Fashion For Man, Lasocki Casual, but also for children: Lasocki Kids and Lasocki Young. In addition to its own brands, such as Jenny Fairy, Nylon Red, Cesare Cave, Vapiano, CCC also offers Disney-licensed shoes, adored by the little ones, on which are found the favorite cartoon characters.

The main novelty of the CCC collection is represented by the brand Gino Rossi, present in most CCC stores since the fall season 2019. Gino Rossi means elegance, a chic and fashionable design. The brand has earned its reputation through its excellent knowledge of the latest fashion trends and a creative approach to classic style. The shoes bearing the Gino Rossi logo are made with attention to every detail, as well as through a careful selection of decorative elements. The resistance pieces of the Gino Rossi collections are the best quality natural leather and sophisticated elegant design.

At the same time, in the CCC store, you can find a wide variety of models DeeZee which is addressed especially to women who want to experience urban life as much as possible and to always be fashionable.

In addition, CCC continues to bring new models of sports shoes. In addition to its own Sprandi brand, a special place in the CCC collection is occupied by the Adidas, Converse, Puma, Reebok and Skechers models, which complete the standard offer in stores with a selection of the most well-known sports brands.

CCC offers not only a wide range of footwear, but also fashionable bags and accessories. CCC brings to the Romanian market the latest fashion trends and at the same time offers affordable prices, making every effort to ensure that the variety of products and the quality of services rise to the level of customer expectations.


The name of our brand is an introduction to the word "LELAS", mentioned in Turkish, derived from the word "LILAC", which means: lilac flower, in its Greek origin, in the symbolism of color and natural association, we found a perfect reflection of our values basic and vision.
Around the name LELAS, I built a young and proud character, full of love and innocence. Our character is not a weak one, because even in the most difficult periods, the bat is
the first to bloom predicting a spring to come.

From our headquarters in Istanbul, a city full of heritage, culture, contradictions and harmony, we launched our brand in 2014 with the ultimate goal of reinventing the Turkish perfume industry and
introduces LELAS as a world-leading brand.
Our vision is not based on recklessness, recklessness or even simple aspirations, because it comes from a long local and international experience in the perfume industry that has allowed us to build a solid foundation of pioneering vigor, in which quality and discipline work in harmony. with passion and creativity.

Our most important criteria, while choosing partners and team members, are to have passion and love for the perfume industry that we make.
From the outside, the perfume industry may seem like an easy job, but any professional in this field knows the enormous amount of hard work and commitment required to bring a high quality perfume to life.
In the way we perceive our work, in the products we deliver to our customers, luxury, both spiritually and physically, is an indispensable thing.
Comparing our work with another work is a good way to learn and improve, however, we should not aspire to become a copy of other brands. In Lelas we always have a clear purpose and we know exactly what defines us and what makes us special.
We strongly believe that honesty and integrity are the only ways for a business to thrive and pass the test of time.
The LELAS perfume group currently distributes in 13 countries with a total of 75 POS and seeks to cover several markets around the world.
Existing distribution network:
Mainland Asia: Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Russia.
Continental Africa: Algeria and Sudan
Continental Europe: Romania and Serbia.
Continental America: United States.

Our main goal is to provide high quality luxury perfumes to all customers.

Apollo Beauty Salon

The outer beauty is combined with the inner one.

Whether you want to maintain the line or you want a complete transformation, we will listen carefully and use our intuition and experience to create an aspect that represents you.

We are partners with the best brands in the industry: L’Oréal Professional, Topline, Cupio, Bruno Vassari.

Apollo is proud of a team of professionals who are always happy to give you advice and recommend the right care products for you.


From dogs and cats to rodents and birds, all pets find something to their liking in the Animax pet shop. Whether it's a new toy, a comfortable bed or a roomy cage, the specialists in the Animax store will recommend the right products for your non-speaking friend!

If you need advice for your pet or advice on purchasing the right products, Animax specialists are waiting for you in the store, ready to give you all the information and recommendations you are looking for.

Are you looking for your pet's favorite food?
With us you can find a diverse range of pet food, from the most famous manufacturers and for any pocket! In addition, if you are thinking of changing your assortment of food, your pet can test other food ranges right in the Animax store!

Or do you think a new accessory would suit them?
Any puppy, cat, bird or rodent can choose their favorite toy from the hundreds of models available in the Animax store! In addition to toys, dogs and cats can also choose a new coat, a larger cage or even a medallion that you can engrave for free on your name and phone number!

But how do you make sure he likes what you buy?
Simple, come shopping with him or her! In Animax stores access with pets is allowed, even recommended! Plus, she's sure to enjoy the atmosphere! So many toys, so much food, a dream come true!

We are waiting for you in the store with your pet! Next time!


Established in 2000, M & ampC Business offers you high quality services and products. Every year we aim to provide our customers with the latest products in the field, in order to achieve the desired level of safety and comfort.

The main services offered are:

- copy house and car keys, including chip car keys

-Copy of Air 4 Silca residential remote controls

Also, M & ampC Business offers you a diverse range of products, as follows:

- car housings
- maximum safety cylinders, padlocks, door locks, seals, shock absorbers
- key accessories (keychains, hoods, labels, etc.)
- flashlights, knives, VICTORINOX products.


Sinsay is a brand dedicated to brave young women with a unique personality, who like to have fun and experiment when it comes to the latest trends.In Sinsay stores you will find original items, bold prints and a variety of styles from which to choose the right one for your personality. SiNSAY collections allow young women to buy clothing at very affordable prices.

The Buffet

When your grandparents' holidays seemed almost endless, and your childhood cravings gave you a chance to enjoy life, you had time for everything. During the long day, you wandered around the orchard or played Baba-Oarba with the other scoundrels on the street. Only the invitation to dinner calmed you down, and the dishes prepared with patience and soul grew big and strong.

Today you keep the nostalgia of the past years, but you forgot the good habits. How about seeing life with the eyes of a child every time you enjoy a lunch? Whether you crave goodies from Moldova, Transylvania or Bucovina, we are waiting for you to lay down in front of you everything that makes your heart happy. The unique price per hundred grams and the rich specifics are our promise that you will end the day smiling.

Carol Optic

Carol Optic is a family business and we try to treat our patients the way we want to be treated!

We do not have a sales target, but a target of satisfied customers. This is how we work, the client must be satisfied, and when he leaves the office he must feel and know that he has made the best choice!

Our customers are knowledgeable customers who know what they want, who study the market and look for the best solutions in terms of frames, glasses, eyeglasses and sunglasses. We try to offer them the best advice and the client can choose the solution he needs.

It is a huge satisfaction to see satisfied customers and we know this because for 10 years there are more and more and we thank all those who trusted us.

We have not always done things well and we recognize that, only when you do not work do you not make mistakes, and customers can confirm this.


The House brand combines two different lines of fashion, dedicated to women and men passionate about good music, spontaneous fun and a unique clothing style. The women's fashion line combines Casual Fashion styles, inspired by the main trends on the international catwalks and Street Chic, which mix recent urban trends with sporty accents. In terms of men's fashion line, House promotes Urban Heritage styles, a combination of casual, rock and vintage street and Street & ampStyle, whose central element is denim. House is an urban fashion brand. The brand is aimed at young people who enjoy life. House collections are designed for both urban style lovers and people who prefer fashion with vintage accents.

Jerry & # 8217s Pizza

Jerry’s Pizza - is an American concept that appeared in Romania 22 years ago. Jerry’s Pizza brand is known for the quality of the products and services offered, for the attention paid to the customer’s needs and for the work team.

In the traditional American style, Jerry's Pizza menu is diverse, flexible and "customer friendly". 22 years ago, Jerry's Pizza introduced for the first time both the concept of "delivery" - as a specific organized service & # 8211 and "make-your own" - pizza with toppings of your choice, both of which were revolutionary at the time. nemaintalnit.

Pizza can be ordered, either by choosing your favorite toppings or by choosing from a list of special pizzas. The pizza top is of two types:

  • New York type - with fluffy edge and crispy crust, spread manually on corn
  • Italian type - thin and with a crunchy edge, spread on flour and oregano

The menu includes other specific products: BBQ Wings (spicy wings), Chicken Strips (pieces of chicken in a crispy wrapper), Stripwich (an original Jerry's recipe sandwich), Wedges (baked potatoes, lightly spicy), Onion Rings onion), Easter, Desert Cups and Pizzert - a dessert pizza.

The 20 Jerry’s Pizza stores operate mainly in Delivery & Take-Away mode, some locations also have the Dine-in option. At this moment, the free delivery area of ​​Jerry’s Pizza units fully covers the cities of Bucharest, Ploieşti, Piteşti, Braşov, Constanţa and partially their adjacent areas. Jerry’s Pizza team currently has about 600 employees and is constantly expanding.

Over time, Jerry’s Pizza has surprised its customers with unique and original combinations such as Pizza with Sarmale, Pizza Festiva, Pizzert, Stripwich but also with many attractive promotions.

In 2009 Jerry's Pizza set the world record for the longest pizza chain - about 500m.

Jerry’s Pizza - It’s known from a slice!

Las Vegas

Las Vegas started as a family business, gradually developing, always being open to new local or international business partnerships. Our mission is to offer quality services that reach the highest standards, together with gambling experts, who can give players the freedom to enjoy the latest and best performing products in the field, we have thus developed successful partnerships .

Players who choose to relax and escape from everyday life in the Las Vegas games room, have at their disposal over 5,000 means of play, whether they prefer slots or roulette, each device being equipped with state-of-the-art software. The devices also contain a multitude of games from which any enthusiast can choose with confidence.

In addition to earnings, we are happy to receive our customers in spaces with a modern interior design, made to the highest standards, whether they have been open for a few years or just a few months. By arranging our game rooms, we always try to combine comfort with luxury, useful with beauty, opting for a contemporary style, which best represents those who cross our threshold. The visual elements and pieces of furniture have distinct shapes and very carefully made, with an attractive and elegant design.

Cador Home

Cador home is one of the largest chain stores in Romania that sells porcelain, cutlery, crystal products, icons and household items. From a small store in Ploiești, during the over 20 years of experience, the company has expanded its presence throughout the country.

Cador home stores offer a wide range of gifts, decorations, household products and seasonal items for the whole family. Our collections include important brands, many of them confidently choosing Cador home as the exclusive distributor in Romania.

Focusing on the customer, the company constantly invests in the development of the product range, taking into account customer preferences, trends and the environment. Offering financially efficient solutions, Cador home offers more and more customers the opportunity to redecorate their homes.

The main objective of our company is for each customer who crosses the threshold of a Cador home store to have a unique experience, during which to identify and purchase the right products for his needs.

All our products follow the rules of good taste, but at the same time have a special character of luxury and refinement.

If you are looking for a gift that reflects the respect you have for the person receiving it or if you think that your home lacks that something that will give it the special sparkle you dream of and arouse the admiration of all those who cross your threshold, we invite you to visit one of our stores to find your inspiration!


The brand Greig was born from the desire to create its own collection of home textiles from natural materials and the love for design, quality and color!

With a wide range of home textiles for adults, children and babies, Greig it addresses those who love the highest quality products and satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Solid colors, in trend, geometric, floral prints suitable for any style of arrangement: classic or modern, masculine or elegant!

Greig it means pampering, harmony, comfort, restful sleep!

Greig proposes the concept of mix and match, so customers can combine different colors, prints and fabrics to create their own set of bedding!

For his collections, Greig uses only natural materials of the highest quality: 100% reinforcing cotton, percale and satin.

Reinforced cotton is the most used fabric for the production of bed linen. It is durable and easy to maintain. The reinforcing fabric used for the GREIGE collection has a density of 144 and 150 threads / inch².

Percale cotton is a superior, matte, durable fabric. Percale cotton bedding is perfect for any season. The percale fabric used for the GREIGE collection has a density of 180 and 200 threads / inch.

For those who prefer linens with a silky look, delicate to the touch and resistant to creasing, GREIGE proposes satin cotton with a fabric density of 200 and 300 threads / inch².

Öko-tex Standard 100 certified, GREIGE products are environmentally friendly and do not contain substances harmful to the skin.


Palmiye invites you to discover the charming taste of cakes of exceptional quality. Our specialty consists of a unique collection of cakes, pies, macarons, cupcakes and cookies, which simply make your life more delicious. Whether you want the delicacies for yourself, to give them as a gift, for a special event or for your restaurant, we at PALMIYE are delighted to offer you excellence in the field of confectionery delicacies.

Burger workshop

The Burger Workshop is not just a burger! It is a 100% Romanian local concept, which highlights the entire culinary universe embodied by this product as well known as the Burger. Cream soups together with Grill dishes are also present in the menu of our Workshop. Local ingredients, full of flavor and quality, get an original interpretation under the signature of Master Chef Silvian Scornea. The simple and consistent menus simplify the choice of our customers, thus being part of a balanced, tasty and affordable offer strategy for any segment.


A dynamic and flexible team, focused on your needs, is ready to welcome you with professional advice in choosing the right phone or accessory.

Car kits or data cables are almost non-existent, and external covers and batteries have become part of everyday luggage. Selfie stick and external memory card are synonymous with vacation or long-awaited meetings with friends, and connecting to the internet and social networks a daily ritual. To these are added watches as "smart" as mobile phones, wired handsfree or Bluetooth stereo headphones, maybe even external speakers.

Mobiup brings you a fresh air, with accessories that stand out, fashionable, of the best quality and at competitive prices.


Cartofisserie was born out of a love of potatoes.

We respect potatoes and their way of life. We like carefully grown potatoes, caressed by the sun and picked patiently. We like unstressed, fresh and fragrant potatoes.

At Cartofisserie, the potatoes enter through the front door and receive a place at the lodge. Because they are famous guests, we receive them patiently and let them relax as much as possible. We treat the potatoes with care and passion, bake them, cut them into chubby slices and pass them through hot oil. We then place them in a cool place to rest leisurely, and at the end we brown them moderately. Once they reach us, the potatoes know that no better than that. We respect potatoes and their right to be properly fried.

We mix different sauces, for special tastes. The real french fries are bathed in spicy sauces, with herbs and flavors, for a complete experience of perfect taste.

Because we love potatoes, we carry their story together.


TEZAUR INVESTMENT GROUP is part of the TEZAUR Group, the most important non-banking financial services group in Bucharest. In over 52 agencies in Bucharest, TEZAUR offers financial loans, foreign exchange services, as well as sales of gold jewelry and gold jewelry with diamonds.

TEZAUR is the most valuable brand according to the degree of trust of our loyal customers. We permanently consolidate the position of market leader through the values ​​we promote: Trust, Security, Flexibility, Integrity.


The Bijousim store offers silver jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, sets, brooches with semiprecious stones but also watches, jewelry boxes and silver icons.


PRESTIGE INSURANCE BROKER has a young and professional team, divided into fourteen offices in the country and in many locations in Bucharest, with extensive experience in general insurance, whose purpose is to offer customers consulting and insurance intermediation services to those higher standards.

Our objectives consist in building a partnership with our clients by offering prompt and quality services, as well as attracting new clients in the company's portfolio covering all types of insurance practiced in Romania.

If you choose to become our client, we offer you FREE CONSULTANCY in choosing the insurance that best meets your needs. Compared to the nature of the patrimony to be insured, we offer you the best solutions regarding the choice of the insurance company, taking into account the insurance conditions for each category of good. In repeated situations, for our clients we proposed to the insurers the modification of the insurance conditions in the sense of their adaptation according to the interests of those we represent.

Also, throughout the validity period of the intermediated insurance policies, we provide assistance services regarding the warning of the clients regarding the due date of the payment rates and we get involved in case of insured events, providing advice until the settlement of claims, in the sense of recovering by the client the value of the damages suffered in a short time.

You can choose to insure through us at the most important insurance companies such as: ALLIANZ, ASIROM, ABC INSURANCE, GOTHAER, GENERAL, GRAWE INSURANCE, ERGO, OMNIASIG, GROUPAMA, GENERAL, UNIQA, CERTASIG, EUROINS, CITY INSURANCE, AIG, MONDIAL, ASITO KAPITAL, companies with which we have an excellent collaboration relationship.


MUMUSO is a brand that focuses on selling design and fashion products.Inspired by Korean fashion trends to combine traditional culture with modern society, the brand founder registered the MUMUSO brand in Korea in 2014 and is committed to selling products with reliable quality and affordable price, as well as bringing the idea of ​​"easy life" to people, spreading the tenacious spirit in every corner of the world.
In the future, MUMUSO will continue to adhere to the principle of selling high quality products, to integrate global fashion with product design, to strive to create a complete industrial chain, to move towards the great goal that: "Where they are young, there is MUMUSO ! ”.

The C & ampA store offers its customers items for women, children, men and teenagers, as well as accessories and underwear. C & ampA collections cover the needs for any moment in real life and assure customers that they are dressed appropriately, on any occasion. It inspires us in creating our collections the richest, most beautiful and energizing moments of everyday life and we offer our customers the opportunity to celebrate every day in quality colors, prints and materials.



ALURA is a new Romanian multi-brand store, which presents a wide range of 100% natural leather footwear products, sports items and accessories, at affordable prices. Most of our portfolio is made up of Romanian brands, but our customers will also find other well-known distributors.

Union Brands

UNION BRANDS brings in the first store opened in Romania, the most colorful and energetic clothes for the whole family. Built on well-defined moral principles, out of respect for customers, UNION BRANDS aims to combine experience and innovation by opening the first store in DN1 Value Center (Calea București, Balotești, Ilfov, DN1).


Stroie Baciul Sibian

Stroie Baciul Sibian is a family business, founded 10 years ago, in the heart of Transylvania, in Jina commune, Sibiu county, based on traditional Romanian values, care for people, quality and freshness of dishes.
Our motto, in selling a wide variety of traditional products, is "quality to taste", because our raw material is carefully selected from local producers in Mărginimea Sibiului.

Our products respond to the longing of customers for the flavor of childhood, but also satisfy the most demanding tastes in clean, healthy and fresh dishes. Stroie Baciul Sibian sells meat and meat products, cheeses and fresh milk from the sheepfold, jams and syrups prepared according to the recipe of the bakery, but also bread baked with love on the hearth, smoked.

The Stroie Baciul Sibian brand is founded by young folk music performers Claudia and Dumitru Stroie, who have put their respect for local producers, for traditional recipes and the concern for a healthy and clean food, in this small family business.

Digi | RCS & RDS has a dense network of points of sale nationwide, with 450 stores and outlets across the country, served by a workforce of over 2,600 employees. Positioned in malls or areas with heavy traffic in most localities in Romania, Digi stores are the place where our customers can pay their invoices in cash or electronically or can find out about Digi services, find out details about our offers.

The Digi store has a generous space, organized in several areas: advice and sale of fixed services Digi TV, Digi Net, Digi Tel, mobile services - Digi Mobil and the bill payment area.

The team of Digi sales representatives advises visitors to choose the most suitable communication solutions for their needs. This is also one of the reasons why millions of customers in Romania have opted for one or more of Digi's services. For over 27 years, we have been unlimitedly inspired by our customers!

About the Digi Group

Digi Group RCS & RDS is one of the most important operators of converged electronic communications services in the region, providing services under the Digi brand in Romania and Hungary, but also in Western markets, such as Spain and Italy.

Currently, the company is the leader in Romania on the market of the cable and satellite television services segment, under the brand Digi TV, fixed internet services, under the brand Digi Net, an alternative fixed telephony service provider, Digi Tel, but also mobile telephony, Digi Mobil. Customers can also contract electricity supply services, Digi Energy.

In addition to the four sports channels Digi Sport 1, 2, 3 and 4, the group also owns Digi24 television, the most watched and most credible news television in Romania, according to Digital News Media Report 2020, a pay-TV movie channel, Film Now, 3 documentary programs, Digi World, Digi Life and Digi Animal World, UTV, Music Channel and Hit Music Channel, the first Ultra-High Definition TV station in Romania, Digi 4K, DigiFM, ProFM, Chill FM and Dance FM radios.

*Reuters Institute and Oxford University, Digital News Media Report 2020


Sushi Master

Sushi Master is an international network with Japanese specifics that wants to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy the taste of the best sushi and wok.
The Sushi Master menu includes nigiri, cold rolls, vegan rolls, tempura rolls, platters, woks, drinks and desserts. The menu is not very extensive, but it is designed for both fish lovers and vegetarians. An interesting aspect to mention is the fact that you can also try the sushi sushi version, designed for those who do not want to eat fish.

In the location of DN1 Value Center, all those who wish can enjoy an appetizing and lovingly rolled sushi, which can be packaged. Customer satisfaction is an important pillar for Sushi Master, that's why customers are expected with affordable prices, offers and discounts, daily, between the hours of 09: 00-21: 00.

Sushi Master prepares quickly, tasty and healthy!

Mobile Luxury

Service and accessories for mobile phones.

Children's Jungle

Children's play equipment.


Mining & # 038 Posette


SKiN MedSpa

AT SKiN MedSpa, our world is YOU!

When you want to feel better in your skin, when you want the external appearance to reflect your inner age and not necessarily the years in the bulletin, when you are tired of complexes and self-insecurity and especially, when you need results that see with the naked eye, come to SKiN MedSpa!

Enjoy dermatological treatments, aesthetic, facial and by body remodeling, but also by permanent laser hair removal with the newest and most advanced devices in the world, which you can find all in one place, only at SKiN MedSpa! We use only certified medical equipment, with clinically proven results, obtained in perfect safety, without harmful side effects on your health.

You are always in good hands at SKiN MedSpa, in the care of our therapists and doctors specializing in dermatology and cosmetic plastic surgery, who know what suits you and what is needed to achieve your goals. SKiN MedSpa staff is constantly trained and evaluated, to ensure that you have the best services, but also the best possible expertise.

to SKiN MedSpa benefit from:

Dermatological treatments for acne, scars, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, hair loss, problems with nails, moles and other benign skin formations, skin cancer detection, warts, skin hyperpigmentation, xanthelasma, melasma, warts, nail rejuvenation of aged skin, freckles, facial and body vascular lesions, angiomas, venectasias, telangiectasias, onychomycosis, hyperhidrosis, etc.

Aesthetic treatments performed by the surgeon specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery: liquid facelift, lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, removal of wrinkles with botox, treatment of dark circles, bags and fine lines under the eyes, injectable mesotherapy, excessive sweating treatment with botox, rhinoplasty without scalpel, enlarging and lifting cheekbones with hyaluronic acid, mandibular contour and filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, state-of-the-art biorevitalization, botox treatment to correct gingival smile, non-surgical lifting of the neck, slimming procedure with botox, injectable lipolysis, etc.

Facial treatments for intense hydration, dilated pores, blemishes on the face, skin with acne and / or redness, sagging skin, oily skin, pimples, blackheads, double chin, anti-wrinkle and facial rejuvenation treatments without injection.

Body remodeling treatments for cellulite, sagging skin, detoxification, buttocks lifting, removal of fat from the bra and back line, remodeling of the arms, localized weight loss and stretch marks.

Laser permanent hair removal with two different types of lasers: PrimeLase, the most powerful and high-performance laser hair removal device on the market, 10 times more powerful than regular lasers and the Elysion Pro laser, for which you are guaranteed for the results obtained! If you don't take our word for it, make an appointment for a free test session!

How we like long friendships and long-term relationships, you benefit from free facial and body evaluation, personalized treatment schemes, adapted to your needs and budget and especially, friendly prices!

Mix all these ingredients, spread the sheets as thin as possible, cut lengthwise, roll on special rolls and bake in the oven over low heat. Remove from the forms while they are hot.

When the cream has cooled, fill the rolls, sprinkle powdered sugar on top and let it set overnight.

About 60 rolls come out of this composition.

Try this video recipe too

Video: OXFORD INSTRUMENTS (January 2022).