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Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


We cut a lid with a hollow with the horn, then we grease the horn with cheese, we put the lid back to which we cut a corner, in front we add 1 teaspoon of cheese, we make the cheese eyes, the nose and the olives mustaches.

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On the night of February 18-19, the Chinese New Year is celebrated. This little girl is made by her father to make unprepared preparations. Help her to have fun on the sly, to give messages, to paint, to cook.

You're a prankster, meaning you'll make annoying pranks. Have fun at the pool, you will put ice in the girls' clothes, you will throw them in the water and many other bad things. When you don't know what to do, put the mouse on.

Crazy Grandma has long planned to escape from the hospital on Halloween night. Everyone will think she's pretending when she's actually crazy. Run, jump over obstacles and hit people.

Barbie's mother taught her, but she doesn't feel like learning. You will help her to do her nails, to make up her eyes, to think, to look for differences, to drink and eat and to text.

You will play bomberman with Phineas and Ferb. Place bombs, smash bricks to get speed bonuses or bomb upgrades and eliminate opponents to win. Be careful not to get caught in the corner.

Welcome to the simplest game in the world! All you have to do is wait for the paint to dry and play the toys on the TV. How long can you resist? 20 seconds? Ten minutes? .

Let's play another flappy game, this time the pussy is fat and moves hard. You have to help her cross the obstacles without hitting them. The game is fast and annoying.

You are a nanny with super powers, and you being at a nursery, you have to put children to bed at fixed hours. With your powers you face children and make them fall asleep. Don't let children jump in your head if they gather.

It's Halloween and the ghosts are shaking their heads. In this game you are also a ghost but you are bored of scaring people so this year you want to help them cross the street without seeing any ghost. Click on.

Dora stayed at school after school to do her homework but she gets bored and doesn't feel like homework. Help the little girl to have fun without being seen. She will put on make-up, make a tower of books and.

In this game with farms you have to help a piglet give birth and then you have to take care of her chicks. Play as an animal doctor in this cute game with piglets.

Welcome to the entertainment show dedicated to Valentine's Day and to Spongebob who is the special guest. Help him in his square pants to find his valentine, to aim and win.

Sarah got a job as an ice cream saleswoman but she gets bored and always finds something else to do. Send text messages on the phone, make new ice cream recipes, drive, make ice cream.

You will spend a day with a hardworking girl. At first you have to help her get dressed to go to school. When he returns, you have a choice between homework and room cleaning. You will solve problems.

A little girl gets a little bored at the pool, she has some ideas for activities to have fun. Help her eat ice cream, sunscreen, swim or make orange juice. All .

In this children's park you need several restaurants with food, ice cream and sweets. You will build tents and tents with which you will earn money, upgrade and take care of.

The game is called playful cats but in fact it should have been called destructive cats. There are four cats in the house with which you will damage. Click on an object and the nearest cat will.

The playful girl gets bored at school even if her teachers are witches and she studies magic. Help her to have fun secretly without being seen by colleagues or professionals. You will fly on the broom, you want to create.

Billy, from the Cartoon Newtork cartoon called The Dark Adventures of Billy and Mandy, has a lot of pimples so he thought of doing something useful with them. A cake with pus. Help him break.

It's a sims game. You have a virtual character that you create and grow anyway you want. You have a house and an entire city to explore. At the town hall you can change your name and more. On the beach you can build a.

Three Disney princesses have created three puzzles especially for you. To solve them, collect the objects in each maze and then go to the exit before your time runs out. Snow white, Rapunzul and.

You will have fun taking care of a cute cat and playing with it memory games, puzzles and art games in which you will paint and color. You will have to feed her and wash her with water and cat shampoo. .

Agnes, the little girl from the movie Minioni, got injured at the playground. The minions quickly took her to the hospital and here you are the doctor who will treat her wounds, put patches on her and change her teeth.

Try to help these two girls save the captive mermaid. Do your best to collect all the barrels and using the special powers, try to destroy the dressed guards.

You can move a candy to take the other candies to the boy's mouth. There are 10 candies, you control one candy and you have to push the rest into the boy's mouth. It 's a skill game.

It is a diamond-breaking game that has a complicated story. The Spartan king, Leonidas, promised to make an army to stop the conqueror Xerxes. So he needs money and you will take care of it.

You're a stray cat running around town. A dog is following in your footsteps. All you can do is run fast and try to fool him. You can overturn various objects and you will receive points for it.

Jerry opened a restaurant for all mice. When you see a customer coming, click on him and then on a table. When he decides what he wants to comment on, take the order and bring him food urgently to receive a tip.

Mario is the only Santa in his world. He has a flying sleigh that is not pulled by reindeer but by flying frogs with mushroom heads. Help him deliver the gifts to all his friends but also.

You're at the office and even if it's Halloween your boss still wants you to work non-stop. It's okay, you can have fun. You will make pumpkins, you will iron the witch costume, you will send messages on Facebook and much more.

You are a very curious and fearless boy. You entered an eternal castle. People have told you that it is haunted by ghosts, skeletons and other monsters, but you want the money hidden in the castle. You have a flashlight with you.

Let's have fun with Barbie. You will play two jump games. The first is the classic skipping rope and in the second you will jump over a spinning stick. Collect the pennies in the air to do.

Queen Elsa organizes a party for Princess Ana. She has to clean the castle and decorate it for the event. Put all the paintings, pots and the watch in their places and throw it away.

Snail Bob has a strange dream. To wake up you must complete the 30 levels each time reaching the door with Exit. You need to find the stars and help the snail avoid the dangers.

Little girl Hazel has an inspection at school. The teacher will check the hygiene of all the students. Little girl Hazel's mother will help her cut her nails and prepare her for this day. Dress her in clean clothes and do it.

Barbie has a beautiful garden but she didn't have time to take care of it. Clean her garden, put the leaves in the trash, the tools in the box and the fruit in the fruit basket. Gather everything through.

If you are curious how a child uses curiosity to develop play this exploration game. The child must learn through movement, touch, speech, etc.

The minions are going on vacation! You have to prepare their luggage and dress them properly! Be careful, you will also go through customs, so don't load your luggage too much! If you are overweight.

Hello Kitty teaches us how to make paper toys. You will cut the paper with scissors and make origami. You can try in reality to follow the instructions of the game, you will only need paper and.

Organic products are in high demand, so this girl thought of opening a store that serves ice cream with one hundred percent natural ingredients. It was a good idea, now she has dozens of clients.

You are a restaurant employee. Go to the green area to get food and then choose a table to take it to. Take the food to meals with less time first. If you turn the plate over you will be fired on.

From each burger ingredient. You have to move the plate to make a super sandwich.

SpongeBob likes adventures and when he is with Patrick's friend, he is not afraid of anything. The game is created to be played in pairs. You will have to help each other to be able to.

A very fun game that can be played in 2. Try to hit the monster first to earn points. Whatever you do, don't hit the fat and pink monster, you will be penalized with 20 points. Play in pairs, it will be.

Dora works at a famous flower shop. She has to make bouquets of flowers, sort the flowers, dress like a saleswoman, send text messages on the phone, solve a maze for beetles and so on.

You are at the North Pole, at a famous fishery. People take the fish out of the frozen water and you have to arrange it by creating an ice tower. Put fish on top of each other to make money. In time, the game.

Help the frog to eat the gold coins and cross the street. At every step there are all kinds of traps. Avoid arrows, fireballs and spiked wheels. It is a game with points and treasures. Raise the money to.

A fun game for girls and boys. To finish the levels you have to break the floor in all places. Use the mouse to group crystals and gems. If you make multiple combinations.

A fun game for kids. Balls come from the ceiling and you have to break them. Shoot the cannon throwing balls. To eliminate the balls you must form groups of at least three of the same color. Don't leave the balls.

You will fly with two birds on Valentine's Day. The game is like the classic flappy bird only it is played in pairs. This time the game is much friendlier, the pipes are pink and the landscape is one.

Rats have invaded your kitchen. Use the cannon to smash the jars and red poison pills to kill them. You have to shoot at various objects, gather the mice together and gas them.

You had fun all night so it's time to sleep at the office. The boss is right behind you and from time to time he looks at you to see what you are doing. If you get caught not working you will be fired. You still have to.

Although you are only a student of magic, you need your spells because the orcs want to attack the wizards' towers. You have three types of spells, fire, ice and telekinesis with which you can move objects. Take care .

One day, Dora was cleaning her room, when suddenly a cat ran in front of her and went to the kitchen. You will help the explorer Dora find the cat so she can take care of her. In the .

Help the minions get home. The cave is the secret entrance that leads to the laboratory. Collect stars to finish the level perfectly. At certain levels you will have two minions and to finish you must both.

It's a big Halloween party you've been invited to. How will you dress and make up for this party? Choose a scary suit, you can choose from dozens of clothes, masks, bags, and accessories.

A boy and a girl were dragged into a virtual world. She became a knight in armor with sword and shield and she was a beautiful princess with a crown. Collect all the keys in the level to open the door. Is playing .

This laboratory is a real paradise for a mouse. Here we process the best quality cheese and cheese. Avoid cats and gather cheese. To finish the game you have to collect 500,000.

A girl wanted to look beautiful using a miraculous teleshopping lotion but now her skin is completely destroyed. Help her go to the pharmacy and buy real cosmetics to take with her.

The summer vacation is over and school has begun. Little girl Sarah gets bored at school again. Help her do all kinds of activities so that time passes faster but be careful not to be seen by the lady.

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