Tort Dobos


We mix the egg whites, gradually add the sugar and continue mixing until we obtain a dense, glossy foam. Add the yolks, mix a little more until they are incorporated. We stop mixing, we put sifted flour and we mix lightly with a wooden spoon or a shovel. Place baking paper in the tray, grease it with oil to make sure the sheets will not stick, put 4-5 tablespoons of the composition in the tray and spread with a spatula or the back of the spoon a 3 mm thin sheet. But be careful! We spread lightly only on the surface without reaching the bottom of the tray.

I have a large square tray 38cm long and I thought I could cut a sheet into 3 strips,

so I baked 4 trays or 3 sheets I got 12 sheets. Other times I only get 11 sheets, it also depends on the size of the eggs.

We stop a thicker and more beautiful sheet that we will glaze with burnt sugar,

we will fill the rest of the sheets with cream.

Cream is prepared on a steam bath as follows:

Beat a few eggs with the sugar with a pear-shaped fork, place the pot on a steam bath. Boil the cream, beating continuously with the whisk until it thickens like sour cream, set aside and incorporate the grated chocolate or cocoa. Let the cream cool then mix it with butter well, well until you get a frothy cream.

Glaze: Everything must be prepared in advance and worked very quickly.

The sheet prepared for glazing is easily heated in the oven.

In a saucepan, melt the sugar on low heat together with the vinegar, when it starts to caramelize, remove from the heat and mix well until all the sugar crystals melt. If necessary, put the pan on the fire for a few more seconds. Pour the icing on the entire surface of the cake sheets, quickly spread with a wide-bladed knife and the edge of a heated knife and pulled through butter or margarine, quickly delimiting the cake slices. We heat the knife once more and pass once again on the drawn lines by pressing hard.

Let the sheet cool and then place it on the cake. With a sharp knife we ​​adjust the edges.

Ornate: Melt the chocolate in hot cream, add the rum essence, let it cool well, the longer it stays, the better ... then mix the cream well and decorate the side cake.


Video: Dobos torta recept, Mami módra (December 2021).