Cake for Ramy (train)

beat whole eggs with sugar until you get a cream

add whipped cream and incorporate spoon by spoon mixing from bottom to top with a spatula then flour mixed with starch and baking powder; the same is incorporated spoon by spoon;

add a pinch of salt.

we tune the composition in two forms for the cake; if you want one of them you can add cocoa.

Bake at 175 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

we get the chocolate mousse like this:

the liquid cream is heated on the stove and we add the chocolate until it melts then we leave it to cool.

the other box of whipped cream is beaten and when the other one has cooled we incorporate the whipped cream

the gelatin is hydrated in 4-5 tablespoons of cold water, then on top of a bowl of hot water we chew continuously until it melts completely and we add it to the chocolate cream.

one cake we will use for the locomotive and the other will be cut into four equal pieces that will be the wagons.

we cut the wagons in the middle and we put them chocolate moousse and we syrup them with orange juice

we put them back in the tray and put them in the fridge for about an hour.

cut the locomotive as in the picture and syrup it with orange juice

we leave it for half an hour and when the mousse is ready we pour it over it and dress it evenly

put in the fridge for about an hour.

whip the cream for decoration with powdered sugar then put it in 4 glass bowls and add the cake coloring in each one.

take the 4 cubes out of the fridge and dress them in colored cream and put them back in the fridge until the next day.

then assemble and decorate according to your own taste using biscuits for the windows of the wagon of gummy candies or tubular wafers filled with whipped cream and given by colored candies for wheels.

I made them myself from candy

they are so fishy in taste but you can use melted chocolate or sticks.

Candy with Rama, almonds and coconut

This is one of the recipes in my mother's notebook, from the time when she and her office colleagues each took cakes to work and then exchanged recipes.

In the list of ingredients, write like this: margarine (RAMA.). This proves to me that Rama was present in my family's kitchen since my childhood. For excellent cakes, I would add, in addition to the word margarine and Rama Maestro.

Ingredients for 40-60 candies (depending on size):
& # 8211 1 cub of Master Branch (250g)
& # 8211 150g vanilla powdered sugar
& # 8211 200g milk powder
& # 8211 200g coconut
& # 8211 2 sheets of wafer with vanilla
& # 8211 100g whole almonds

Step 1. Using the mixer at high speed, mix the Rama margarine (which must be at room temperature) until soft.

Step 2. Add the powdered sugar and continue to mix until you get a cream.

Step 3. Add the powdered milk, mix again.

Step 4. Then add the 2 chopped wafer sheets. We get a paste that we keep in the fridge for 30 minutes, in order to harden and be easier to shape.

Step 5. Take a little of the composition, flatten it between your fingers, place a whole almond in the middle.

Step 6. Around the almond, shape a ball the size of a walnut and put them through coconut flakes.

How to have a creative child

Specific props and costumes & # 8230

In character games, the child can bring those characters to life by discharging and thus releasing anxiety, worries and tensions accumulated over time or repressed.

Role play it is the child's favorite - the game of mother and father, of the doctor, of the shopping, of the builders, of the firemen, etc. So, the props in full in stores are very useful - large toys imagining stalls for sale, strollers with everything needed by a child doctor to heal dolls, large cranes, trucks, fire engines, garbage, rescue, whole airports with everything you need to take the teddy bears to exotic lands. Not to mention specific costumes, wigs, masks and other accessories necessary for a good entry into the role.

If we can't afford these big toys, we can also improvise with the smaller sets available in stores, helping the child to make from what he finds in the house the product stands, the operating table, the medical office, the construction site, etc.

By watching them play, parents can understand their children's thoughts, feelings, and interests.

Toys for everyone

Toys for three- to five-year-olds are already very well differentiated by gender (girls & boys), with only a few games or unisex toys. For example, unisex are some construction games, group games, simple puzzles (even these are with special images for girls and boys, respectively), sound games, puzzle mats with letters or animals, educational games (to learn animals, means of transport, elements of mathematics, introduction to the secrets of the alphabet, etc.), creative toys (for making animals, modeling sets, magnetic sets with forest images, sets with felt elements from which the child can make pictures from jungle, magical gardens with flowers and butterflies, cities or stories with castles, knights and princesses.

There are also sets with animals and human figurines made of plastic - farm, zoo, hospital, drawing boards. These are very important because they stimulate the child's ability to reproduce and recreate the surrounding reality and develop his creativity, imagination, aesthetic sense.

Almond cake chocolate coffee

Almond cake chocolate coffee recipes: how to cook cake opera almond cioco coffee and the tastiest coffee and mascarpone cake recipes, victoria cake with coffee and nuts, opera cake, ness coffee liqueur, polar cake, alaska cake, amanda cake, jerbou cake, train cake, radio cake.

OPERA cake, almonds, woodpecker, coffee

Sweets, Cakes 1. Almond countertop: (4 sheets in a 30x30cm tray) 10 egg whites, 220g sugar, 110g finely ground almonds, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 140g flour, 4 eggs, 2. English cream: 240 ml milk, 90g sugar , 3 yolks, vanilla essence, 3. Bavarian cream: 5 g.

They cooked chocolate mousse-Cake with dark chocolate foam

for mousse (chocolate mousse): 300 gr black beak 75%, 200 ml (canned) sweet concentrated milk 2 tablespoons instant coffee a little water for coffee 1 crushed gelatin 2 eggs 200 gr custard 150 gr sugar. for the crust: half a cup of almonds.

Gateau Royale

Sweets, Cake top: 150 g regular biscuits, 75g amaretti, 50g fried almonds, 125g butter, almond essence or vanilla white chocolate cream + strawberry beak: 200g white beak, 150g white beak with strawberry drops, 125ml liquid cream, 700g creme-fraiche.

Tort Opera

Cocoa, Eggs, Yolks leaves: 6 eggs 6 egg whites 230g finely ground almonds 50g flour 20g cocoa 230g powdered sugar 25g caster sugar (or 2 tablespoons) 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 50g melted butter with 40-60% fat coffee syrup: 100g caster sugar 120g water 2 sachets of instant coffee.


Sweets, Cake top: 150g butter 200 g sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 2 tablespoons ground coffee 3 tablespoons brewed coffee 2 teaspoons ness a vanilla essence (or almonds) 3 eggs a teaspoon baking powder 3 tablespoons flour decoration: whipped cream almonds or grated chocolate

Meringue Roll With Coffee And Chocolate

Sweets, Cakes oil 6 egg whites 330g powdered sugar 2 tablespoons flour 60g crushed almonds 1 tablespoon instant coffee a handful of almonds flakes dark chocolate, melted for chocolate filling: 200g dark chocolate, crushed 50g butter 120ml liquid cream 1/2.

Coffee and chocolate heart cake

Sweets, Cakes ingredients for 10 servings: - 220 g. Ground almonds - 100 g. Butter - 150 g. Sugar - 4 eggs - 100 g. Chocolate with coffee - 2 tablespoons hot coffee - 1 teaspoon breadcrumbs - 1/2 sachet of powder baked - 20 ml. rum (rum essence) - 200 g glaze - 10 g.

Coffee With Peanuts

Sweets, Cakes 200g butter 125g brown sugar 110g powdered sugar 3 eggs 200g flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 50ml milk 120g chopped walnuts 90ml coffee essence 200g powdered sugar coffee cream: 120g butter 250g powdered sugar 2 tablespoons coffee essence

Coffee and espresso cake

Sweets, Cakes 100 ml espresso coffee two tablespoons ground coffee 4 eggs 8 tablespoons caster sugar 100 g butter 250 g flour a teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda an envelope vanilla sugar a pinch of salt

Cream truffle cake and coffee mousse

Sweets, Cocoa top cakes: 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons sugar, half a sachet of baking powder, 6 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons cocoa, 3 tablespoons flour, a little vanilla essence for truffle creams: 200 g butter or margarine at room temperature.

Chocolate cream

Sweets, Creams 170g tofu (soft), 125 ml warm milk (I used soy milk), 5g gelatin powder dissolved in 1 tablespoon water, 100g dark (or white) chocolate, 1 teaspoon almond or rum essence (optional) (if white cioco is used and replaced with.

Peach And Almond Cake

Cakes, Sweets 400g peach slices in juice, drained 150g butter 3/4 cup powdered sugar 3 eggs, lightly beaten 1 1/2 cups almond flour (ground almonds) 1 cup flour 3/4 cup vanilla cream 3/4 cup of frozen raspberries 1/3 cup almond flakes

Strawberry And Almond Cake

Cakes, Sweets 300g flour 75g butter 185g sugar 3 eggs, separated 5-6 teaspoons milk 12 tablespoons strawberry jam 60g ground almonds almond flakes

Cherry and almond cake

Sweets, Cakes * 5 eggs * 200 g sugar * 180 g flour * 100 g pitted cherries * 80 g almond flakes * 1 baking powder * 1 vanilla sugar * almond essence

Coffee jelly

Coffee 2 cups coffee 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 tablespoons sugar (or to taste) whipped cream for garnish

Cake with hazelnut meringue and coffee cream

Sweets, Cakes - 1 1/2 cup grilled hazelnuts - 1 cup + 1 tablespoon sugar - 2 cups grilled sliced ​​almonds - 2 tablespoons starch (I did not put because I do not like the starch) - 7 egg whites - 1 / 2 teaspoon cream of tartar - 250 g semi-sweet chocolate.

Coffee muffins

Sweets, Cakes 300g flour 4 eggs 200g butter 200g sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon ground coffee 2 sachets baking powder 3 tablespoons hard coffee 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur or cream coffee liqueur chocolate and coffee candies (optional).

Reverie mocca - Coffee cake with meringue

Sweets, Cakes 1. chocolate top: 100 gr. dark chocolate (or with milk if you want the top to turn out sweeter), 60 gr cornflakes (I put nestle cini minies), 20 gr. chopped coffee beans. 2. pandispanul: 100. gr marzipan, 6 eggs, 175 gr. sugar, 40.

Cake with oranges and almonds

Sweets, Cakes for cake: - 6 eggs - 200 g. Caster sugar - 250 g. Ground almonds - grated peel of 2 oranges - juice of 1 orange for syrup: - grated peel of 3 oranges - 200 ml. fresh orange juice - 1 tablespoon honey - 100 g. caster sugar.

Cake-pudding with coffee sauce

Ingredients for the sauce: 1. 350 ml hard coffee 2. half a cup of brown sugar 3. half a cup of white sugar 4. 40 gr cocoa powder 5. a row of dark chocolate (approx. 20 gr) cake ingredients (for a tray of 22/22): 1. 80 gr.

Cake-pudding with coffee sauce

Sweets, Cakes sauce ingredients: 350 ml hard coffee half a cup of brown sugar half a cup of white sugar 40 gr cocoa powder a row of dark chocolate (approx. 20 gr) cake ingredients (for a 22/22 tray) : 80 gr melted butter at.

Walnut And Coffee Cake

Sweets, Cakes 400g condensed milk 100g brown sugar 50g butter 2 teaspoons coffee and chicory essence 100g nuts, fried, crushed 200g dark chocolate base: 225g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 80g brown sugar 150g butter 1 teaspoon coffee and chicory essence

Honey And Almond Cake, Without Flour

Sweets, Cakes 1 1/2 cups fried almonds 4 eggs 1/2 cup honey 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt topping: 2 tablespoons honey 1/4 cup fried almonds, chopped

Coffee flavored cake

for countertop: 4 eggs, 100ml milk, 150g butter, 200g sugar, 350g flour, 50g cocoa, 2 tablespoons instant coffee, a baking powder. for cream: 200g sweet cheese, 100g sugar, 2 eggs, a vanilla essence.

Tiramisu with martini

Sweets, Tiramisu 4 eggs, separated 4 tablespoons sugar 500g mascarpone 200ml hard coffee, cooled 6 tablespoons vodka 6 tablespoons coffee liqueur 200g biscuits 11/2 tablespoons cocoa 2 tablespoons ground coffee 3-4 coffee beans (optional)

Chocolate coffee pot

Sweets, Cakes for 4 servings: 8 champagne biscuits, 50 ml hard coffee, 1 tablespoon coffee liqueur, 1 tablespoon instant coffee, 1 sachet chocolate sachet from Dr. oetker, 300 ml cold milk from the refrigerator, 10 beans coffee. we still need: 4 cups.

Coffee liqueur

200g ground coffee 400ml refined alcohol or vodka 1l milk 500g sugar 1 vanilla stick coffee essence

Cioco-de-Menta Cake

Yogurt 300gr flour 180gr yogurt 280 gr sugar 3 eggs 60 gr coconut flakes 80 ml oil 130 ml mint syrup 1 sachet vanilla sugar a vanilla essence 1 sachet baking powder 250 gr dark chocolate

Cocoa and coffee cake

Counter egg whites: 3 egg yolks 5 egg whites 250g butter 250g sugar 1 teaspoon ground coffee 4 teaspoons cocoa 400g flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon rum essence. cream: 4 yolks 200g sugar 1 teaspoon cocoa 1 teaspoon ground coffee 1 teaspoon.

Cake with coffee cream and vanilla pudding

Sweets, Cakes countertop 6 eggs 30 ml water 30 ml oil 25 g cocoa 3 tablespoons ground coffee 6 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 8 tablespoons cream sugar 1 5 egg yolks 250 g sugar 100 ml concentrated coffee 300 g butter cream 2 1 sachet vanilla pudding 300 ml milk 100 ml.

Taoko cake

Children's food, Cakes 300 g biscuits (or 1 + & frac12 pack) 200 ml prepared coffee (lean) or inka 350 ml liquid cream (150 in cream + the rest garnished) some strawberries for vanilla cream we need: yolks from 2 eggs (egg whites can be used for.

Coffee flavored cake

Sweets, Cake tops 200 g butter 6 eggs 6 tablespoons ground walnuts 200g powdered sugar 125 g flour a pinch of cocoa salt for coffee cream: 2 sachets instant coffee 200 g mascarpone cheese 200 g whipped cream a teaspoon of coffee essence from Dr. oetker 4 egg whites 200 g.

Cioco-de-Menta à la Adamache cake

Sweets, Cakes 300 gr flour 180 gr yogurt 280 gr sugar 3 eggs 60 gr coconut flakes 80 ml oil 130 ml mint syrup 1 sachet vanilla sugar a vanilla essence 1 sachet baking powder 250 gr dark chocolate

Cake With Plums And Almonds

Sweets, Cakes 200g butter 200g sugar 4 eggs 100g flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 130g ground almonds 50g roasted hazelnuts, chopped 120g marzipan 500g (about 12) ripe plums, cut into quarters 20g almond flakes, fried 60g sugar 1 tablespoon juice of lemon

Chocolate and raspberry cake

Raspberries, Water, Coffee ingredients: 90 g flour 15g bitter cocoa 120 g butter 80 g sugar 120 g bitter chocolate 100 ml coffee 1 egg 200 g raspberries 80 ml water

Cheesecake with tangerines

Sweets, Pudding 500 g cow's cheese, 2 small doses of tangerines, 2 fresh tangerines (for grated peel, juice and decoration), 2 packs. vanilla sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla pudding (dr. oetker), 160 g sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 4 eggs, 1 teaspoon baked powder, biscuits, bitter beak.

Chess cake with yogurt cream

Sweets, Cakes ingredients: * top: * 4 eggs * 200 g flour * 100 g sugar * 100 g butter * 100 ml milk * 50 g cocoa * 10 g baking powder * cream cioco: * 180 g chocolate * 300 ml whipped cream * 10 g gelatin * yogurt cream: * 370 g yogurt * 10 g gelatin * 4 tablespoons sugar *.

Cake with coffee and walnuts

Sweets, Cakes 200 g butter 200 ml milk 250 g sugar 250 g flour 50g instant coffee 50g cocoa 4 eggs 1 sachet of baking powder 2 sachets vanilla sugar crispy crust: 100g nuts, 70g butter 100ml whipped cream 100g sugar

Almond cake with plum foam

Sweets, Cakes 6 egg whites 150g ground almonds 200g prunes 4 + 2 tablespoons sugar 2 sachets vanilla sugar a little cinnamon-optional juice from 1/2 lemon

Cake with plums, vanilla and almonds

Sweets, Cakes * 300 g plums * 4 eggs * 4 tablespoons caster sugar * 4 tablespoons flour * 1 tablespoon vanilla extract * 60 g almond flakes

Fine roll with coffee ganache

Sweets, Cakes for coffee beans dough: 1/3 cup flour 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1/4 teaspoon lemon salt 2 tablespoons cocoa 2 eggs 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup sugar for coffee ganache: 240ml liquid cream 120g chocolate with coffee

Chocolate foam with coffee

Sweets, Creams 200 g dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur, 3 very fresh eggs, 3 tablespoons brewed coffee, 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon butter.

Cake with plums, vanilla and almonds

Plums 300 g plums 4 eggs 4 tablespoons caster sugar 4 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 60 g almond flakes

Tiramisu a la Maya

Sweets, Milk sugar cakes 1 vanilla pudding coffee biscuits (not very strong) mascarpone 3 drops almond flavor - cocoa

Burning sun, coffee cake

Sweets, Cakes 420 g flour 20 g fresh yeast 160 ml milk 50 g sugar 80 g lard (or vegetable lard / butter / oil) 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg grated lemon peel glaze: 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 cup (250 ml ) powdered sugar, 1/4 teaspoon extra vanilla essence.

Almond cake and pear jam (fasting)

countertop 330 g flour 100 g chopped almonds 115 g sugar 300 ml warm to hot water 50 ml oil 2 lg pear jam peel from 1/2 lemon 1 lgt baking powder 1 and 1/2 lgt white vinegar optional decoration - 1 box of coconut milk (only the solid part).

Cake with apples, raisins and coffee

Fasting recipes, Sweets a bowl of diced apples (not large), 8 tablespoons flour, 6 tablespoons sugar, a large cup of coffee, a baking powder, a vanilla essence, 4 tablespoons melted margarine, 1 / 2 cups raisins, powdered sugar, a sachet of vanilla sugar.

Chocolate-caramel cake

countertop: 250gr oatmeal (can also be made with wheat flour) 250gr butter / margarine 200gr brown sugar 40gr coconut flakes filling: milk jam ( -milk-1.html) / caramel prepared according to the recipe.

Coffee meringues

Sweets, Foams 4 egg whites, a glass of coffee, 300 g sugar

Chocolate cake with almonds

dough-75 gr butter, 75 household chocolate, 5 eggs, 125 gr caster sugar, 75 gr flour, 1 sachet baking powder, 125 gr almonds, 1 rum essence. decoration-3 tablespoons sliced ​​almonds, 100 gr chocolate with milk, 20 gr butter, a few chocolate chips

Quick cake with biscuits and mascarpone cream

I like to follow on Facebook different pages, obviously, that have recipes. I am especially looking for simple and quick recipe ideas. Like many of you, I'm not good at time either and I often need ideas to get me out of the deadlock. That's how I discovered this simple and quick recipe for quick cake with biscuits and mascarpone cream with chocolate.

Not only is it easy to do, but it's not does not require baking, and relative cheap and so on easy to do so that even a child can put it into practice. It has few ingredients and does not require knowledge of who knows what cooking techniques.

As ingredients you need a box of mascarpone that you can often buy at a reduced price, somewhere under 4 RON. Less than a good packet of butter. Then you need a big package of fine biscuits. I say fine to distinguish them from the popular ones. Popular biscuits are very strong and will not soften so easily. But they are perfect for making a classic biscuit salami or with coconut oil.

And we need another 100 grams of chocolate cream like Nutella (for everyone to understand). I used a chocolate cream bought from LIDL. I'm not much a fan of these ready-made creams, but rather I like and buy good quality dark chocolate and I improvise something healthier at home.

I saw even a few days ago homemade chocolate recipe which tempts me to try, a homemade chocolate with coconut butter and cocoa butter. When I buy cocoa butter I will try it because it sounds interesting. I used cocoa butter a few years ago when I made a chocolate cream with pumpkin and I liked it.

I think you can improvise too chocolate cream with cocoa butter and coconut butter and the simple biscuits to be replaced with the special ones, I know, maybe still made at home. I say that because I think some will say & # 8230eh, what dessert is this? I want a healthier one. Well, let your imagination run wild and try the recipe in a different way. In other combinations. What matters is the quick idea of ​​making dessert.

I always tell you not to limit yourself to what you find on the blog, but to put your imagination to work and your imagination to work. And at least the idea was taken from the recipes on the blog. And I say today's idea is a great one. Especially for those in a hurry, those who work even on Christmas Eve.

Even for them it exists a better solution to make a dessert at home for him, for the family, especially for a child. Rather than buy from the confectionery who knows what cake with sugar paste, or cakes with margarine and whipped cream & # 8230 better a quick cake with biscuits, mascarpone cream and chocolate.

But & # 8230 talk about long human poverty, right? Let's get to work because our time is limited.

ingredients for the quick biscuit cake I write them below. Then I will explain, also in writing, how to do it for more accuracy, to the preparation method I will invite you and see a video after which I was inspired when I made the recipe. Visually you will understand better, at a glance for the most skilled in cooking.

His birthday cake on the fire

. And I thought that this spring cake would be perfect for March 8, so I present it to you. On her birthday, on October 21, she invited her former office colleagues from the Timisoara County Tourist Office, I being their personal chef Because she has a flower name, I made her a flower cake, like a violin (her mother calls her Viorica), using one of her favorite ingredients: cherries

Snickers cake, dani's birthday. Desert. 10 servings. 20 min. 40 min. Very easy Finally, the hydrated and melted gelatin and the Snickers pieces are included. Mix the cream, sugar and milk over low heat. When the sugar is melted, add the 3 tablespoons of brandy. He left to cool Aflat, on Saturday, in Arad, together with other PSD leaders, Petre Daea received a sheep-shaped cake, on the day he turns 70 years old. He also received a plaque that says Many centuries with the sheep, 70 with Petre Daea, according to For the caramel mousse (actually a caramel bavaroise, if we give it the correct name) put 50g sugar with enough water to cover it over medium heat, until it caramelizes. When it has reached this point, take the pot off the heat and pour over it 120ml of milk mixed with 120ml of sour cream. Fasting cake - ideas for quick cakes to make in fasting. Christmas fasting begins on November 15, and until December 24, believers fast from sweet food. But, if during this period you are going to celebrate an important event or you just want a dessert, we tell you the tastiest recipes with fasting cake. This delicious chocolate cake is my favorite (yes, which isn't it ?!: P) I did it a year ago, on Bogdi's birthday, when he turned 1 year old. I put a picture of you at the end of the post, to believe me

His face caught fire from the fireworks on the cake VIDEO A young Indian man avoided a tragedy, even on his birthday. Comments His friends organized a party for him, only the cream caught fire from the fireworks on the cake. Fortunately, the flames went out before the party was seriously injured. HOW TO PREPARE THE RECIPE My birthday cake: I syruped the tops. Chocolate mousse: melt the chopped chocolates (3) on the fire and with whipped cream, when the chocolate has melted, mix the composition well, when it is warm, add the gelatin (which has been soaked in water) then add the whipped cream. two whipped cream. CARAMEL CAKE- It is not the most successful cake, but it was made with love for Ioan, for his birthday. I made it to my taste (and his obviously) with caramel and caramel and

Strawberry and panna cotta cake Laura Laurenți

  • When I made the chestnut and sour cherry cake for my birthday, my husband said it was the best cake I made, although then my chestnut mousse didn't come out and I turned it into butter cream. . Now, for his birthday, I made it again and this time I came up with another recipe for mousse. So we need the following
  • I am sending you a simple and tasty chocolate cake recipe: a commercial cake top with a non-dense spongy structure, chocolate cream that you prepare like this: 300 gr of sour cream is boiled over low heat with 300 gr of household chocolate , cool and add flavors (rum essence), 500 gr whipped cream or prepared from an envelope
  • Let's give them firehis Daddy ofdayhis. Cool things. Ofdayhis his family prepared an incendiary surprise for him !. Movies and music on 22
  • They shaved him with fire for his birthday. Cool things. From a party, it turned into a drama. Movies and music on the 22nd
  • Then place the bananas, sprinkled with lemon juice, on the cake top, and pour the chocolate cream on top. For garnish, stop a little cream or you can prepare a chocolate icing, butter and milk
  • eta when I started making sugar paste for roses
  • Matthew's day in the time of Coronavirus led to this rather small cake, but very tasty anyway. Luckily I had something around the house and I also found fresh strawberries. The cake includes a countertop, two types of cream and icing, meaning we dirty a few pans and bowls, but in the end we enjoy a colorful and good cake

On a plate we put a countertop and mount the cake ring around it. Over the counter we put half of the cherry cream and the second counter and then the rest of the cream. Cover with the last top and refrigerate until the yogurt cream is ready. For the yogurt cream, we put the hydrated gelatin in cold water. We left them on the fire until they reached the boiling point, then we added flour and mixed until the composition was homogenous. I left it on the fire until it came off easily from the bottom of the pot. I turned off the heat and let the dough cool, then gradually incorporated the eggs, adding the next egg only after the first was completely absorbed. It is a tasty cake with a fine cream of white chocolate ganache, mascarpone and raspberries. It is not the easiest to make but not the hardest, you just have to give it more time and not rush the preparation steps because both the cream and the raspberry jelly need a cooling time. The rest of the cream is mixed after that. add the caramel sauce, mix well until smooth. Chocolate cream: In a saucepan add the broken chocolate pieces, butter and 100 ml whipped cream, put on the fire stirring constantly until it dissolves taking care not to boil the whipped cream

Recipe from Fire-free vegan recipe: Delicious and creamy raspberry cheesecake Add to favorites Ground biscuits mix with melted butter, vanilla essence and sugar, then press into the cake tin Remove the cake form from the refrigerator and pour strawberry mousse cream over the second sheet of countertop. Place the last sheet of countertop on top, syrup this one as well and put the cake in the fridge this time for at least 5 hours. It is ideal to leave it until the next day Bianca Drăgușanu was invited to Cătălin Măruță's show, on which occasion she also participated in the Say It All or Take Your Mouth Fire challenge. The challenge was a thrilling one, and Bianca Drăgușanu coped brilliantly with the questions asked by Cătălin Măruță, even if there were 11 A gradient cake, which you can make in any color you want, depending on your preferences. At the end of the month we have a lot of celebrations, so it's a perfect cake. The interior is simple, but the combination of flavors and fluffy sponge cake make it a delicious cake for all tastes

-2 sheets of gelatin (5 gr) -250ml whipped cream - half a jar of jam (I used apricots) (this cream recipe belongs to Pupi, and it's incredibly easy to make and good) For garnishing sugar paste and flowers that I also made from sugar paste or pasta di gomma The way I prepared my birthday was to make something sweet and I decided to make something tasty. A long time ago I set my eyes on this recipe and I chose this cake which is incredibly tasty, it is not good-looking but it is tasty. It is a soup. Specific Romania. (I used apricots) (this cream recipe belongs to Pupi, For cream 2: put the same gelatin in a little cold water for 10 minutes then put it on the fire a little without boiling it, put the jam separately with a little water in a saucepan on the fire to him.

Black Forest Cherry Cake Cooking Recipes with Laura

aerated. Wallpaper a cake form with baking paper and put the composition on the fire. fruit). When we serve a slice of cake it feels great chocolate cubes still hot pour over the cake ready assembled starting from the center I got chocolate for the whole cake but you can reheat what. While the ganache is put on the cake, a chocolate spiral is made. Lemon and coconut cake, recipe. Step-by-step lemon cake recipe. Ingredients and recipe for Cake recipe with lemon mousse and coconut top. This cake with lemon and coconut top is made for a very special person, whom I do not know personally and yet, I can say that I appreciate and appreciate it a lot Fasting cake with caramel. For my father-in-law's day, I made this fasting cake with caramel. He always held all the fasts, in full, and much of his life was deprived of the birthday cake party, because he always falls for Easter fasting. I didn't know how to make vegan cakes for many years either. I pulled the pan off the heat and sprinkled a good pinch of salt (fleur de sel). I poured the hot burnt sugar on a tray lined with baking paper. I spread it with a wooden spoon in a thin layer! Do not leave it in a thick layer because it is difficult to break and large and sharp pieces remain. Be as fine and thin as possible

But there are also extremely simple cake recipes that you can prepare even if you have never made desserts before. One such cake is the one with chocolate ganache biscuits. It does not require baking, you only need a few ingredients and you can make a sweet surprise for a loved one, for his birthday and not only 'Cuugu's Guguță' Cake. Pour a little dough using a polish and rotating the pan so that the entire surface is covered as evenly as possible. When the edges of the sheet take on a golden color and the surface of the pancake no longer has an appearance. Bring the drained livers to a boil. Removes the blackish foam that forms on top. After about 10 minutes or when they have changed color, remove from the heat and drain. Heat the oil in a pan. Pass each piece of liver through the flour and put it to fry. On the fire (961) Without the fire (274) After the season + (little girl Iris 8 years old and the boy Victor 2 years old) proposes us a dessert based on fruit, a cake. Cake dressed in whipped cream. Rating: 6.2 • 0 reviews • 6,730 views. Age: 1-2 years old On his birthday, your child deserves a cake with grapes and cow's cheese, to enjoy a delicious dessert. Novak Djokovic turned 26 yesterday and had a surprise at Roland Garros. Arriving in Paris yesterday, he performed his first training on clay in the French capital around noon. At the end of it, he was surprised to receive a cake from the organizers of the tournament

Snickers cake, dani's birthday, Petitche recipe

Every puppy deserves a birthday cake. November 18, 2011. 1337 Views | 0 Comments. Unlike humans, however, our four-legged friends feel the dangerous effects of chocolate on their skin. Knowing that in some cases ingesting chocolate can be lethal, the question arises how much can be eaten by dogs .. A holiday requires a holiday cake so for today I made a delicious cake :) I named it 'Gladiator 'because it's a big, dense and chocolate cake but also because I wanted to get closer with my' creation 'to the Gladiator cake served at the Marriott hotel. Probabil ca nu mi-am atins eu scopul insa gustul a fost unul grozav iar tortul a fost devorat la propriu Am facut si eu in sfarsit un tort bust, cadou pentru un prieten de ziua lui. Ce sa va zic. ca nici nu mai imi vine sa scriu. mereu ma plang. ma uit pe toate blogurile ce torturi frumoase faceti si ce simplu faceti sa para tot si eu de fiecare dat.. Tortul cu trei feluri de ciocolata este un tort decadent, cu muuuulta ciocolata, un tort bun si satios, un tort care, in ciuda aparentelor, nu este deloc greu de pregatit. Eu l-am facut de ziua onomastica a lui Stefan, baietelul meu, si fiindca el si-a dorit un tort cu stelute am ales sa il decorez cu stelute, voi insa puteti alege orice alt.

Ministrul Petre Daea a primit, de ziua lui, un tort în

Reteta Tort cu gogosi (Donuts Cake) Tort cu gogosi si-a dorit de ziua lui, pentru ca iubeste gogosile si le-ar manca in fiecare zi, fara sa i se intoarca vreodata In fiecare an, la fiecare aniversare, am incercat sa-l surprind cu cate un tort aniversar fabulos, anul acesta i-am respectat dorinta intocmai, blat de tort, crema de ciocolata alba si decor Este genial tortul! Mi-ar placea sa adaug si poza, dar nu stiu cum. L-am facut de ziua sotului si arata nemaipomenit. Am folosit agar in loc de gelatina si blat din 3 oua - a fost destul de subtire si primul strat de crema s-a scurs pe langa, insa l-am montat in forma pt copt, iar cand am scos inelul, a aratat f bine Mod de preparare. tortul rosu este un pandispan normal in care am pus sirop de afine(am zis eu ca sa iasa mai roz dar s-a facut mov in interior) si am pus visine congelate), deasupra frisca si peste frisca gelatina rosie de la dr oetker iar tortul de ciocolata, este un pandispan de ciocolata, in care tot asa am pus visine congelate, frisca si deasupra ciocolata rasa Se bat albusurile spuma cu. Printre șampanie și pupături merge de minune un tort cu portocale Numai mâine nu-i poimâine, adică ziua de 1 ianuarie, în care şampania curge gârlă, pupăturile şi urările se fac pe bandă rulantă, iar totul merge de minune cu o felie aromată de tort. Când tortul are ca ingredient de bază portocalele, unul dintre fructele Apoi pentru tortul d-nei avem nevoie de un pachet gelatina rosie pe care-l preparam conform instructiunilor de pe plic iar pentru tortul d-lui o ciocolata data pe razatoarea mare + 1-2 linguri gelatina rosie pentru papion :

Imi place sa fac previziuni ca se mai vrea repetata chestia asta pe care am prestat-o. La multi ani, Madalina ! Impresii, ganduri si pareri despre religie, retete, articole, filme, jocuri gratuit pe 2 review ro. Adauga RETETA. GRATUIT & FARA CONT. Desert tort 28 a lui Mai. De ziua lui Cosmin. - postat în Meniuri speciale pentru ocazii deosebite: Buna,fetelor!Baietelul meu a implinit un anisor pe 16,iar ieri l-am sarbatorit cum se cuvine acasa. O sa va pun poze cu ce i-am pregatit. toate retetele sunt. culese de pe culinar si va multumesc pentru asta!! .Am avut doar aperitive si prajituri si. tort,bineinteles. Toate pregatite de mami,care s-a dat peste cap.

Tort de caramel. Mult caramel (pentru el) - Ciocolată Şi ..

Dani Oţil a schimbat prefixul luni, 24 august. Matinalul de la Antena 1 a împlinit 40 de ani şi a petrecut alături de colegii şi prietenii lui la restaurantul cu grădină pe care îl conduce de ceva timp. Dani Oţil a fost copleşit cu surprize, iar printre cei care i-au cântat s-au numărat Loredana şi Ştefan Bănică, scrie click.t De ziua sa de naștere, o tânără din orașul Tiumen și-a pus o dorință și a suflat lumânarea din mijlocul unui rol de hârtie de veceu. Aparent, așa a fost, însă, în realitate, era un tort în forma produsului igienic, cumpărat obsesiv în această perioadă

Tort De Post - Rețete De Torturi Rapide De Făcut în Post

De ziua lui, fiul meu si-a dorit, tot ca si acum 2 ani, tort cu kranz si ciocolata. Asa ca l-am facut din nou (prima varianta, sub forma de Minion, o gasiti aici), dar nu m-am putut abtine sa nu-i fac macar forma mai deosebita.Am ales sa-l fac in spirala si sunt foarte multumita de rezultat Se separa albusurile de galbenusuri .Albusurile se bat spuma tare cu 4 lg de zahar iar galbenusurile se spumeaza si ele cu doua linguri zahar si esenta de vanilie.Se unesc cele doua compozitii amestecand usor Se aduga faina amestecata cu cacao si se incorporeaza cu miscari lejere de sus in jos .Se pune la copt intr-o tava de 26 cm pe care am tapetat-o cu hartie de coptSe coace la foc potrivit. Stati pe-aproape, pe 1 mai e ziua dumnealui, deci s-ar putea sa primiti si voi o felie virtuala pe-aici, pe blog.:) In privinta tortului Maresal nu emit nici o pretentie, insa.:) Anul acesta s-a intamplat, din motive obiective de altfel, sa pregatesc eu tortul de ziua cumnatului meu, cerand, evident, reteta de la mama-soacra Este tortul pe care l-am pregatit de ziua lui Adrian, puiutul meu drag :). Am tot cautat o reteta de tort cu crema mai acrisoara. Pentru ca am tot incercat creme cu zmeura si capsuni si in perioada asta am gasit doar fructe congelate, m-am hotarat sa fac o crema cu lamaie si frisca, usoara si foarte aromata

Pui făina cernută şi amesteci încet de jos în sus. Torni compoziţia într-o formă rotundă unsă cu ulei şi tapetată cu făină şi dai la cuptor pentru 30 de minute. Îl laşi la răcit, după care îl tai în trei. Amesteci zahărul cu apa, esenţa de rom şi cu nesul, pui pe foc până se topeşte zahărul şi dai la răcit Tort de Ziua Indragostitilor. intr-o cratita mica cu 2 linguri de suc de lamaie si 50 ml de apa. Se incalzeste la foc mediu, amestecand ocazional, pana cand zaharul se dizolva. Se fierbe timp de 2 minute. apoi toarna siropul de lamaie deasupra. Dupa ce s-a racit putin se scoate pe un gratar de sarma sa se raceasca complet . Așază un inel cu diametrul de 18 cm, tapetat cu folie acetat, pe un platou. Răspândește uniform partea mai mare de compoziție de biscuiți în interiorul lui, acoperindu-i puțin și pereții. Preseaz-o bine cu lingura și paharul Sincer, n-am facut sapaturi arheologice sa vad daca Napoleon a facut tortul asta sau lui doar ii placea sa-l manance eu doar m-am uitat la reteta Diei si m-am apucat de intins promis unui prieten ca de ziua lui ii fac Napoleonul, cica e preferatul lui.treaba sta in felul urmator, ziua lui a trecut , dar nu-i bai ca poate sa manance Napoleonul si la o saptamana dupa ziua lui, ca nu. Asezi un blat pe platou, in interiorul unui inel of cake reglabil, torni crema of ciocolata si asezi al doilea blat, apoi introduci platoul in frigider. Pentru mousse-ul of afine, mixezi afinele si apoi le treci printr-o strecuratoare pentru a indeparta cojile fructelor

Tort de ciocolata Retete culinare cu Laura Sava - Cele

  • unat. Mai ales dacă este făcută de mâini iubitoare. Sweet delicacy poate fi prezentată în siguranță la inima unei persoane, trebuie doar să nu pierdeți cu rețeta. Ce ne plac oamenii?Contents1 Tort pentru un om de ziua lui - principii generale de gătit2 Tort pentru..
  • istrului și o plachetă pe care au scris Multe secole cu oaia, 70 cu Petre Daea. Ministrul este născut pe 2 noiembrie, iar la petrecerea de la Arad a fost prezentă și soția sa. Oaia e o statuie vie
  • Adaugati rom (optional). Cand ciocolata e topita si amestecul uniform, luati de pe foc, asteptati sa se raceasca (amestecand din cand in cand, sa nu faca pielita) si intindeti crema pe tort. Cam asa am facut eu. Nu sunt experta in torturi si nu fac foarte des, dar reteta asta chiar e simpla si buna
  • Un copil de 5 ani, din localitatea Curtișoara, județul Gorj, a avut parte de o adevărată surpriză, miercuri, de ziua lui. Mascații de la IPJ Gorj au aflat de la unchiul lui, om al legii, că este îndrăgostit de meseria de polițist și au mers în faţa casei lui, cu o autospecială încărcată cu cadouri, anunță MEDIAFAX
  • Mod de preparare: Pentru blat, rade zucchini pe răzătoarea cea mai subțire și stoarce-l de apă. Pune untul într-o crăticioară, pe foc mediu, și lasă-l să se topească. După ce s-a topit, continuă fierberea lui până când pe baza crăticioarei încep să se formeze mici puncte maronii, semn că untul începe să se caramelizeze

I-a luat foc faţa de la artificiile de pe tort VIDE

  1. unate alaturi de cei dragi, intelegere, incredere in fortele proprii si multe, multe retete
  2. istraţia Naţională de Meteorologie a publicat prognoza meteo pentru următoarele patru săptămâni, până la sfârşitul lunii august.. Astfel, temperaturile vor fi toată luna peste normalul perioadei, iar în ce priveşte precipitaţiile, acestea vor fi deficitare în primele două săptămâni şi în ultima din lună
  3. 10 septembrie 1989. Catastrofa pasagerului Mogoșoaia. Peste două sute de morți. Cea mai mare catastrofă din România pe timp de pace acum 6 ore 674 #ConstanțaEsteBine - Festivalul Jean Constantin, la final Performanțele micului artist Bogdan Mihai Irimia, pe timp de pandemie acum 11 ore 624 Jandarm constănțean, mort într-un accident lângă Valu lui Traian
  4. Dupa incercarea cu prajitura Angelica, care a avut un succes deosebit, m-am incumetat sa fac un tort, pentru ziua lui Daniel. Doar ca, ramananad fara budinca de ciocolata, l-am umplut cu crema din budinca de zmeura. Este un tort pe care l-am facut special pentru ziua baietelului nostru, la intalnirea cu cativa prieteni de-ai lui. Deasupra am modelat un trenulet Thomas din fondant. Ingrediente.

Reteta Tort de ziua mea - Bucataras

Vekas (Chef de cuisine). dicarmencitta,abia azi mi-a parvenit comentariul tau.Imi pare rau ca iti raspund cu intarziere, dar mai gasesti trandafiri si acum, daca nu in gradina , la florarie.Orice soi de trandafir poate fi folosit, dar cel mai grozav este trandafirul rosu ,cu petale catifelate.Voi prepara acest tort de 1 noiembrie, cand este ziua nepotelului meu.Colegele lui de clasa prefera. Aici pe site-ul nostru, voi dragi copii o sa vedeti ca am pregatit pentru voi un nou joc online de fete din categoria de jocuri cu Regatul de Gheata, in care dragi prieteni o sa vedeti cum puteti ca alaturi de Anna si Elsa sa gatiti unul dintre cele mai dragute si cele mai gustoase torturi cu printese Disney de pe site-ul nostru, lucru care nu va fi deloc usor. Acesta este unul.

TORT CARAMEL - Edith's Kitche

  1. Cacofonia lui Iohannis, de Ziua Limbii Române. Cu prilejul Zilei Limbii Române, celebrată astăzi, 31 august, președintele României, domnul Klaus Iohannis, a transmis un mesaj care ar mai fi trebui, poate, revizuit. Fiindcă avea o cacofonie de toată frumusețea. Sigur, cacofonia (sau.
  2. Hore, tort personalizat și multă veselie de ziua lui Gheorghe Tadici! Florentin Dincă | 2014-03-28 14:35 Handbalistele din echipa naționala și Primarul din Baia Mare i-au pregătit selecționerului o petrecere surpriză chiar înaintea meciurilor amicale cu Germania
  3. ţe50 g fulgi de ciocolată neagră500 ml lapte8 gălbenuşuri50 g zahăr pudră300 g zahăr12 bezeleMod de preparare Tort de înghețată cu cireșeMixezi smântâna bine răcită şi, când este destul de tare, adaugi zahărul pudră, o jumătate de.

Video: Tort cu castane si visine Plezirur

Tort de ziua puiutei-Help. - La bucatarie - Forum

Un tort care arată bine şi are un gust pe măsură. Iată reţeta unui tort cu frişcă delicios! 1. Pentru blat, se amesteca faina si praful de copt, iar albusurile se bat spuma cu un praf de sare. Când începe sa se formeze spuma, se adauga zaharul si se continua baterea. 2. Se diminueaza viteza Crema de ciocolata: Frisca lichida se pune pe foc, adaugam ciocolata maruntita si lasam pana se topeste toata ciocolata amestecand usor tot timpul. Luam de pe foc si lasam la temperatura camerei sa se racoreasca cateva ore. Dupa ce tortul a stata la frigider macar 4 ore turnam crema peste crema de iaurt si intindem uniform pe toata suprafata Categoria: Felicitari de ziua lui Felicitarea Tort de ziualui a fost trimisa de 211 ori Spune La Multi Ani intr-un mod mai creativ: trimite o felicitare sexy si condimenteaza-i ziua Buna ziua, azi va prezint un tortulet dragalas si bineinteles gustos pe care l-am realizat cu ocazia zilei de nastere a lui Andrei,baietelul meu cu ajutorul caruia prezint retetele mele pe youtube. La final adaugam fulgii de ciocolata si dam la rece pentru jumatate de ora. Pregatim siropul: punem pe foc apa, zaharul si esenta de rom pana cand zaharul e complet topit. Taiem blatul in doua pe orizontala, insiropam usor cele doua blaturi (eu nu am exagerat cu insiroparea pentru ca blatul nu mi s-a parut a fi foarte sec)

VIDEO - Sa-i dam foc lui tati de ziua lui

Sarcina pe saptamani Simptome, Disconfort Nume de copii Teste recomandate Complicatii si Probleme Sarcina Discutii (Comunitate, Forum) Grupuri Gravidute (burtici) Jurnale, Bloguri Tine si tu jurnal Calculator data nasteri Inainte de a-l pune pe tort, inmuiem foile de gelatina in putina apa rece, punem intr-un ibric 2-3 lg de amestec de zmeura, punem foile de gelatina inmuiate si lasam putin pe foc timp in care amestecam sa se dizolve gelatina. Mai adaugam peste zmeura cu gelatina cateva linguri din compozitia rece de zmeura, apoi omogenizam totul

Tort entremet cu fructe de padure si ciocolata alba glazura oglinda tort de cofetarie insiropat tort aniversar tort farinat tort elegant tort simplu si delicios Dacă doriţi să împărtăşiţi reţeta pe reţelele sociale sau e-mail, trimiteţi linkul sau folosiţi cu încredere butoanele de share pentru FB, Twitter si Pinterest . Pe 8 martie sarbatorim ziua internationala a femeii si cum aceasta zi speciala nu poate sa treaca neobservata, va propun un minunat tort, vesel si colorat, cu crema de vanilie si ananas si un pandispan pufos insiropat cu lichior Limoncello

VIDEO - L-au barbierit cu foc de ziua lui

Gaz pe foc: Lukaşenko închide graniţele. 18 septembrie 2020 Extern 8. Suntem obligaţi să retragem trupele de pe străzi, să punem armata în alertă şi să închidem frontierele din vest, în primul rând cu Lituania şi Polonia, a declarat Lukaşenko, potrivit Al Jazeera. Cacofonia lui Iohannis, de Ziua Limbii Române 31. Separat se freaca intr-un castron zahar foarte fin cu doua linguri de apa rece. Se freaca mult pana se face ca un serbet. Se amesteca cu ciocolata topita. Se pune cu totul intr-un vas cu apa clocotita, dar nu pe foc. Cand este destul de moale, se toarna dintr-o data peste tort si se intinde repede cu un cutit Am montat tortul direct pe platou. Mutarea unui tort atat de mare și de fragil este greoaie. Am reglat inelul la 28 cm și am pus blatul în centrul lui (blatul este mai mic de 28 cm deoarece i-am tăiat marginea). Putem pune și un carton de tort pe platou. Am turnat jumătate din crema de mascarpone cu iaurt peste blat Se pare ca anul acesta se poarta la onomastici torturile in forma de cifre. Le-am admirat si eu pe net si m-am gandit ca ziua baiatului cel mare ar fi ocazia perfecta sa experimentez acest gen de tort. La prima vedere parea destul de complicat insa studiind mai bine problema mi-am dat seama ca se face usor

M-am urcat într-un Anghel Saligny care a sosit la 16:07. Astfel, am ajuns la Piața Unirii 1 în jurul orei 16:11 (25 min. de la Râul Doamnei) și m-am grăbit să prind un metrou către Pipera, pe Magistrala 2, alergând pe scări fiindcă era deja în stație. Către Pipera a fost foarte liber Loredana Groza arata splendit la aproape 50 de ani! Poza care le-a incins imaginatia fanilor - FOTO Sylvie Goulard nu a reusit sa ii convinga pe deputatii din Parlamentul European pentru functia de comisar Comunicat de presa - Construire si dotare cresa si gradinita in satul Lunca Cetatuii, comuna Ciurea, judetul lasi Zerul din lapte, medicamentul traditional care controleaza greutatea. Chirac n-a mancat tort de ziua lui. tort martipan La sosirea sa la summitul NATO de la Riga, presedintele francez Jacques Chirac, care a implinit ieri 74 de ani, a fost asteptat cu un tort alb si decorat cu trandafiri rosii, care i-a fost inmanat [.. Si cum puteam eu sa imi exprim toata dragostea pe care i-o port mai frumos decat prin prepararea unui tort pe gustul ei, cu o crema simpla de casa fiarta, dar foarte delicioasa. Ingrediete: Blat. 4 oua. 200 g unt. 250 g zahar. 250 g faina. 1 pliculet praf de copt. esenta de vanilie. un praf de sare. Crema. 800 ml lapte. 4 galbenusuri. 4 linguri.

Nina's Art Cake

Wow, Nina, e atat de eleganta palaria ta! Felicitari si multi pupici!

super! esti fenomenala! imi place ca e diferita

Foarte frumos ! Chiar daca repet ceea ce s-a ma scris, este un tort elegant !

Nina, foarte fin si elegant tortul si sectiunea e delicioasa :P

va urmaresc de ceva timp si raman uimita de ceea ce vad daca puteti sa ne dati reteta de tort

Extraordinara palaria si sigur ca inspiratia vine de la. nunta secolului. Am ghicit.
Osaptamana placuta!

Super,super palarie. felicitari,model fin si elegant..Jos palaria draga mea.

Super palaria ta. Jos palaria:)

Mai si eu vroiam sa spun ca e de la nunta regala. foarte eleganta,inspirata. extraordinara. Regala.

Va multumesc din suflet pt aprecieri si vizita si. ma bucur ca palaria mea v-a placut atat de mult!A fost pt o doamna deosebita care a apreciat foarte mult cadoul primit!Pupici tuturor !
* Maria - voi posta foarte curand si retetele acestui tort!

Nici regina Angliei nu a avut o asa palarie frumoasa si eleganta, niciodata! Felicitari!

Torturi speciale pentru Sarbatori

Daca pe masa de Sarbatori doriti sa aveti un tort mai hazliu puteti sa comandati unul cu figurine. In incercarea de a gasi reteta celor mai reusite petreceri, cativa cofetari s-au gandit sa orneze torturile cu personaje din povesti, masinute, braduti sau Mos Craciun.
La vederea unui tort neincapator pentru personajele din „Alba ca Zapada si cei sapte pitici”, „Cenusareasa”, � Dalmatieni” sau „Cei trei ursuleti”, copiii vor exploda de bucurie. Eroii din plastic ai desenelor animate vor aparea pe un decor din zahar si frisca, viu colorat.
Tot pentru deliciul micutilor, torturile pot fi ornate cu mini-martieni, pirati si marinari in lupta. Ele pot arata asemenea unui teren de fotbal, cu jucatori, porti si minge, aducand cu o pista pentru motociclete sau cu un circuit de Formula 1. Lumanarile pot fi aplicate direct pe tort sau purtate de vagoanele unui trenulet multicolor.
Cel mai spectaculos ornament este caruselul muzical „candela party”, ale carui lumanari refuza sa se stinga, iar din mijlocul aranjamentului porneste un uimitor foc de artificii.
De asemenea special pentru Craciun sau Revelion se pot comanda torturi cu Mos Craciun, cu sania trasa de reni, cu braduti si stelute. Torturile, fie ele diplomat, de ciocolata, cu fructe, sarlota, stafide si frisca, costa 120.000 de lei kilogramul. La acest pret se adauga de la 40.000 de lei la 165.000 lei pentru fie-care ornament in parte.
Forma acestora si dimensiunea pot fi de asemenea comandate de client, conform propriei imaginatii sau dupa reviste, doritorii avand posibilitatea sa se consulte cu specialistul cofetar asupra dimensiunii si greutatii torturilor.
Pentru a comanda un astfel de tort, bucurestenii pot vizita cofetaria cu laborator propriu din str. Teiul Doamnei nr. 10 sau pot cere orice detaliu la numarul de telefon 242.15.10.


Fie ca sunteti in cautarea unui tort aniversar, fie ca vreti un tort delicios pentru o masa festiva, veti gasi aici diverse combinatii pentru torturi, pe toate gusturile.

Dintre toate, torturile cu ciocolata sunt preferatele mele si ale familiei, dar si cei care prefera un tort cu fructe vor gasi aici ceva care sa le satisfaca gusturile.

Torturile pentru copii, cu diverse teme aniversare, ii vor incanta pe cei mici, dar si pe cei mari deopotriva.

M-as bucura sa incercati toate aceste retete de tort si sa-mi spuneti cum v-au iesit!

Petreceri pentru copii, cu buget redus

Bugetul. Stabileste cati bani vei cheltui si nu te abate de la suma.

Invitatiile. Nu face invitatia doar verbal. Poti printa invitatii haioase de pe Internet sau le poti face singura da-le cu trei saptamani inainte.

Ajutoare. Roaga-i sa te ajute pe toti cei disponibili: rude, prieteni, parinti ai micilor invitati, cu promisiunea ca le vei intoarce serviciul.

Invitati. Se spune ca cea mai reusita petrecere este cea la care numarul invitatilor este egal cu varsta copilului plus unu. Daca nu poti tine seama de recomandare, ideal ar fi sa nu fie mai mult de 10-12 copii. Altfel, se vor imparti pe &bdquogrupu-lete&ldquo si vor fi greu de supravegheat.

Decorare. Alege o tema pentru amenajarea spatiului pentru petrecere sau foloseste multe baloane, de forme, marimi si culori diferite.

Mancare. Nu opta pentru o masa elaborata, cei mici nu vor lasa distractia pentru mancare. Un bufet suedez cu minisandvisuri, saratele si felii de pizza este ideal.

Bauturi. Asigura-le racoritoare sanatoase si apa plata. Dupa joaca, micutii vor fi insetati.

Tortul. Prepara singura tortul sau cumpara blatul, insiropeaza-l si decoreaza-l cu crema.

Muzica. Cei mici adora muzica si dansul, dar nu e nevoie de un DJ. Pregateste un playlist sau cateva CD-uri cu muzica preferata a copilului.

Cadouri. La plecare, ofera-le invitatilor un mic dar (set de culori, minipuzzle, revista, CD).

Cei mai mititei (1-3 ani)

Cati invitati? Nu chema mai mult de 4-5 copii si invita-i doar pe cei pe care micutul ii cu-noaste bine. La varsta asta, parintii vor sta cu copiii si vor dubla numarul musafirilor.

Durata? Maximum o ora si jumatate e absolut suficient. Cam atat le vei putea capta atentia, fara sa-i obosesti si plictisesti.

Cand? Majoritatea copiilor mici dorm la amiaza si sunt mai bine dispusi dimineata, asa ca cel mai bun interval orar e inainte de pranz.

Ce tematica? |ine cont de preferintele pe care le au copiii la aceasta varsta: animale, pirati, dinozauri, zane, printese. Poti improviza, folosind culoarea ori jucaria favorita a copilului. Nu uita: cat mai multe baloane!

Jocurile? Este o varsta prea frageda pentru ca ei sa inteleaga regulile unor jocuri. Pune-le la dispozitie jucariile copilului tau si sigur se vor simti foarte bine. Le mai poti capta atentia cu activitati simple si hazlii:
◆ Creioanele pe hartie.
◆ Decupeaza si lipeste.
◆ Instrumentele muzicale (improvizeaza-le din sticle mici de plastic, inchise bine, si cateva boabe de orez sau fasole uscata).

Baloanele, gustarile si muzica vor face restul.

Mancarea. Nu este nevoie sa pregatesti o ma-sa propriu-zisa, ci doar sa servesti cateva gus-tari usoare, mici sandvisuri, &bdquocanapele&ldquo glazurate, prajiturele de casa, fursecuri. Idei pentru tort: poti scrie numele copiilor, folosind ciocolata topita sau frisca, sau poti decora tortul cu litere din ciocolata.

Cadouri pentru invitati. La plecare, oferale pungute identice cu cate o mica jucarioara (ai grija sa nu poata fi inghitita) sau, mai sigur, cu ceva dulce (bombonele, napolitane).

Copiii nu prea vor sa imparta lucrurile cu ceilalti, asa ca deschide cadourile primite mai tarziu, ca sa eviti plansetele si conflictele.

Copii mici (3-6 ani)

Cati invitati? Numarul recomandat e de 6-9 copii sau, conform regulii, &bdquoun invitat pentru fiecare an al copilului plus unu&ldquo.

Durata? Este varsta la care sunt plini de energie, dar cel mai bine e sa nu depasiti doua ore si jumatate (depinde si de locatia petrecerii).

Cand? Dupa-amiaza, nici prea devreme, astfel incat cei mici sa-si faca somnul de pranz, dar nici prea tarziu, sa nu se apropie prea mult ora de culcare si se se simta obositi.

Ce tematica? Poti folosi o mascota care va oferi un plus de culoare petrecerii, sau alege party-ul cu costume, pe care le poti improviza rapid si usor, cu putina imaginatie.

  • Baieti: pirati cu o bandana peste frunte si o legatura peste un ochi sau, poate, supereroul preferat.
  • Fetite: rochite de printese sau zane.
  • Unisex: cowboy si indieni sau vrajitori si vra-jitoare.

Jocurile. Cateva jocuri care sa nu dureze mult: jocuri de masa, rece si fierbinte, scaunele muzicale, minipuzzleuri, modelarea baloanelor, pictura pe fete, desen pe baloane, parada costumelor (ofera premii tuturor copiilor prezenti la petrecere: pentru costumul cel mai amuzant, cel mai fioros, cel mai colorat etc.)

Mancare. Opteaza pentru batoane de cereale, minipizza, chifelute, poate o crema de bran-za proaspata, indulcita, iaurturi cu fructe, un kebab vegetarian sau fructe in ciocolata.

Idei pentru tort. Poti alege sa decorezi tortul cu figurine decupate din aluat dulce sau chiar cu animale de jucarie.

Cadouri pentru invitati. O revista cu personaje de desen animat, o figurina de turta dulce, un pistol cu apa, un CD cu muzica pentru copii sau un set de bijuterii colorate sunt idei foarte bune si deloc costisitoare.

Copii ceva mai maricei (6-9 ani)

Cati invitati? Preferabil 8 sau 10, dar poti invita pana la 15.

n caz contrar, te vei descurca tare greu. O recomandare: invita pe cat posibil copii de acelasi sex cu copilul tau, pentru ca la aceasta varsta, baietii prefera sa se joace cu alti baieti, iar fetele cu fete.

Durata? Cel mult trei ore.

Cand? Dupa orele de scoala sau intr-o dupa- amiaza de weekend.

Ce tematica? Gandeste-te la o &bdquopetrecere activa&ldquo: sportul preferat al copilului, culoarea favorita, aniversarea-carnaval, micii cofetari (cateva fursecuri simple, pe care trebuie sa le decoreze cu glazuri de culori diferite, un tub cu frisca, stafide, fructe confiate, bombonele), pizza party (la fel ca la cofetarie, doar ca se folosesc mici blaturi de pizza), pictura pe fata, cu seturi de culori speciale (le poti lua si de la magazinele online).

Alte idei simple si deosebite: prezentare de moda sau disco-party.

Jocurile. Preferatele varstei: cautarea comorii, imaginea din oglinda, statuile, povestea pe roluri sau desene pe asfalt (asta daca ai la dispozitie o curte).

Mancare. Serveste cateva gustari calde, pizza, miniburgeri, hot-dogs, eventual chips-uri, saratele sau minipateuri calde si nu uita de inghetata.

Idei pentru tort. Transforma blatul de tort intr-un mic castel decorat cu inghetata de arome si culori diferite sau taie-l in bucatele si imagineaza un trenulet.

Cadouri pentru invitati. Alege orice iti dicteaza imaginatia, dar asigura-te ca fiecare copil va primi un dar si un mesaj de multumire.

Preadolescenti (10-13 ani)

Daca ai posibilitatea, pentru preadolescenti, este ideala o petrecere in aer liber.

Cati invitati? Cere parerea copilului inainte de a stabili pe cine chemi, astfel se va simti in largul lui, dar nu il lasa sa exagereze cu numarul invitatilor.

Cat timp si cand? Mai mult de patru-cinci ore sau pana seara tarziu, dar in mod obligatoriu in weekend.

Party cu tema? Alege tematica impreuna cu copilul. Este foarte posibil ca el sa isi doreasca altceva decat ti-ai imagina tu: o zi la circ sau la zoo, o iesire la iarba verde. Sau ii poti propune: film-party cu DVD-uri, floricele si sucuri, petrecere cu jocuri (de ex-emplu, Wii) sau o petrecere de tip Karaoke.