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Crocodile Escapes Lunch, Causes Panic in Office Building

Crocodile Escapes Lunch, Causes Panic in Office Building

The owner admitted he planned to eat the crocodile before its rampage


A runaway crocodile in a Chinese office building this week was traced back to the head of the company, who said he had planned on eating it.

It is not often that a person’s meal causes widespread panic at his or her place of work, but that’s what happened this week when a runaway crocodile sparked an office evacuation in Chongqing, China.

According to Shanghaiist, workers at a Chongqing media company were just going about their normal, daily activities when they received a companywide email saying, “there appears to be a crocodile in the office.” The email calmly instructed everyone to “evacuate in an orderly manner.”

People weren’t quite sure what to make of the unexpected email, until they started hearing their coworkers scream from the hallways as a relatively small, uncaged crocodile trotted past their offices.

"At first I thought it was a joke but pretty soon my colleagues started rushing out. I also heard screams coming from the office area," an anonymous employee told GBTimes.

Most of the employees promptly left the premises, but a few stayed behind to catch the crocodile. After the excitement was over, it turned out the crocodile belonged to the head of the company, who had ordered it from a crocodile farm and had it shipped to his office. The company head was understandably reluctant to comment on the incident, but he did admit that he’d purchased the crocodile with the intent of eating it.

  • A health expert has revealed the common factors that cause insomnia
  • Prominent factors include stress, lifestyle choices and hormonal changes
  • But there are ways to get a good night's sleep without needing medication

Published: 01:15 BST, 22 March 2021 | Updated: 05:18 BST, 23 March 2021

Stress, consuming too much alcohol or caffeine and hormonal changes are major factors in people waking up at the same time every night, a health expert has revealed.

GO Healthy naturopath Inge Verstraeten told Bed Threads the process of waking up and being unable to fall back asleep is called 'sleep maintenance insomnia'.

While this is a common for many individuals, simple lifestyle changes or health checks can be the key to getting good night's sleep without interruption.

It's best to consult a doctor or GP if sleep disruptions are ongoing.

GO Healthy naturopath Inge Verstraeten told Australian lifestyle company Bed Threads the process of waking up and being unable to fall asleep is called 'sleep maintenance insomnia'

Feeling stressed is one of the most common reason sleep maintenance insomnia occurs and, in some cases, can lead to a full sleep disorder.

Inge said when feeling stressed the body's nervous system is active and produces hormones that keep you awake.

'If you are already on the brink of waking up, this rise in stress hormones may just be enough to make that happen and stop you from falling asleep again,' she said.

For this same reason, feeling anxious can also lead to staying awake or waking up at night.

The Secret Wounds of Sex Trafficking Survivors

The Kim Foundation had the opportunity to attend August’s Mary C. Lopez Lunch and Learn, sponsored by the Women’s Leadership Council, in partnership with the Women’s Fund of Omaha. The luncheon and panel discussion aimed to spark a community dialogue surrounding the very real and widespread issue of sex trafficking.

People often convince themselves that something so volatile and corrupt could only happen in large urban cities and countries overseas. However, that’s simply not the case. It happens everywhere, including urban and rural Nebraska. According to recent a research study completed by Creighton University, there is an estimated 1,846 people currently “for sale” in the Omaha area alone. This does not include the suburbs or rural communities outside of Omaha.

These women, men, and children are often brought into trafficking by force, fraud, exploitation, coercion, or psychological manipulation. They are forced into commercial sex acts against their own free-will and are almost always emotionally and physically abused. The average age of female victims lured into trafficking is between 12 to 16 years old, and nearly half of the girls had been in either foster care or living in a group home (3). Technology has aided perpetrators in the buying and selling of their victims, using social media to pry on victims and web sites to post “sale” ads. The general ignorance surrounding human trafficking has also helped these criminals carry on their business without being noticed.

The panelists at the Women’s Leadership Council event included Anna Brewer, a former FBI Special Agent and Women’s Fund of Omaha Sex Trafficking Training Consultant Rachel Pointer, trafficking survivor and Movement Liaison at Free the People Movement Dr. Shireen Rajaram, Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health and Alicia Webber, Human Trafficking Task Force Coordinator/Project Manager, and Salvation Army’s Fight to End Trafficking Program. The panel discussion was led by Women’s Fund of Omaha’s Trafficking Response Coordinator, Meghan Malik.

The panel introduced a qualitative research study conducted by Dr. Rajaram and Sryani Tidball from the College of Journalism and Mass Communication at The University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and was funded through the Women’s Fund of Omaha. The study is entitled Nebraska Sex Trafficking Survivors Speak. The purpose of the study was to document the perspectives of 22 local female adult sex trafficking survivors about the “3Ps” paradigm. This paradigm’s goal is to identify strategies to prevent sex trafficking, provide protection and support for survivors, and improve prosecution of the perpetrators to reduce the demand for sex trafficking (4). The inclusion of the 22 local survivors’ voices is the first report of its kind completed in the state of Nebraska.

“The report that we did shows there is still a great deal more that we need to know and that we really need to get this out from being a hidden crime,” said Malik, during an interview with KETV.

Over the past year, local law enforcement has been working undercover as customers to catch perpetrators and rescue victims. Over the last six months, nine juveniles have been rescued. Many of these teens are runaways who got caught up in an abusive relationship. Earlier this month, two 19 year olds were arrested in Bellevue for felony human trafficking of a teenage girl (5).

When a survivor is rescued or escapes “the life,” they will have several immediate needs including safe housing specifically for trafficking survivors, substance abuse treatment, and trauma focused counseling. According to a study from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, trauma exposure occurs along a continuum of complexity, from the less complex single, adult-onset incident such as a car accident, to the repeated and intrusive trauma frequently of a personal nature. These repeated traumatic experiences often include a significant amount of stigma or shame and where an individual may be more vulnerable, due to a variety of factors. Sex trafficking survivors would be on this far end of this continuum (1). Unfortunately, because there is still such a lack of understanding that the majority of women working as prostitutes, are actually victims and not criminals, there is a lot of stigma. This stigma makes it even more difficult for these survivors to reach out for help for help and treatment.

Due to the high level of trauma the trafficking survivor can experience during their captivity, he or she may suffer from anxiety, panic disorder, major depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and can even experience a combination of these. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is also common. For those that struggle with PTSD, the characterizing symptoms include intrusive re-experiencing of the trauma such as flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, avoidance or numbing of trauma-related, or trauma-triggering, stimuli, such as avoiding certain places, people, and situations, hyper arousal, or heightened startle response, and inability to concentrate. If left untreated, PTSD is usually chronic and debilitating (1). Working with a therapist or peer specialist who has experience with trauma is critical.

Several treatment approaches have been developed for complex trauma specific to juveniles using group therapy to address skills development, affect regulation, interpersonal connections and competence, and resiliency building. These interventions all emphasize the relationship between symptoms and the traumatic experience, the development of concrete coping skills in managing symptoms, and the use of peer support groups to increase normalization, build healthy interpersonal relationship skills, and establish social supports (1). In addition to housing and ongoing mental healthcare, survivors are often in need of medical care, education, job and life skill training, and sometimes parenting classes.

It is absolutely critical that our state continues to improve prevention and prosecution efforts, in addition to providing short-term and long-term services for survivors. In order to prevent trafficking, we need to educate our law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, hotel staff, airport personnel, truck stop staff, social workers, medical professionals, and school personnel on what to watch for. The Set Me Free Project provides free training for youth and adults, parents, and industry professionals. Cameron Bagder, Project Development Coordinator with the Set Me Free Project, shared with me some red flags to watch for.

Signs of a possible trafficker:

  • Someone who becomes jealous easily, seems controlling, or exhibits violent behavior.
  • The person (boyfriend/girlfriend/mentor) is significantly older than the possible victim.
  • They make promises that are too good to be true.
  • They encourage you or the potential victim to engage in illegal activities to achieve goals.
  • They suggest they know how to make money or that they can help you, or the potential victim, make a lot of money.
  • They often buy expensive gifts and/or flash their money.
  • They are very private about his or her profession, family life, personal life, etc.
  • They get pushy or demanding about sex.
  • They try to persuade you or the potential victim to take suggestive photos, model, or dance for money.
  • They make you or the potential victim feel responsible about financial matters.

Watch for these red flags in a friend or loved one:

  • They have excess cash.
  • They have hotel room keys.
  • Watch for abrupt changes in habits, attitudes, speech, and apparel.
  • They tell unusual and inconstant stories.
  • Presence of an older “friend” or boy/girlfriend.
  • Frequent and unusual absences from work or school.

Watch for these red flags in a stranger:

  • They appear disoriented, fearful, agitated, or hyper submissive.
  • They make little to no eye contact.
  • They are not allowed to communicate.
  • They don’t have an ID or money (sometimes if they are with the trafficker, they keep hold of those items for them).

If you are concerned about someone being a potential victim of human trafficking, please contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at (888)373-7888 to speak with a specialist 24/7. If you or someone you love is in immediate danger, call 911.

Finding Help:

Women’s Center for Advancement:

National Human Trafficking Resource Center

Jill Hamilton, Project Coordinator, The Kim Foundation

Jill Hamilton has been the Project Coordinator at The Kim Foundation since 2014. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from The University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2009. Since working at the foundation, she has become an active member of the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition, Nebraska LOSS Advisory Committee, The Omaha Metro Hoarding Taskforce, The Early Childhood Mental Health Coalition, Nebraska State Conference Planning Committee, is Chair of the Nebraska LOSS Teams Conference Planning Committee, and serves as the Outreach Coordinator for the Metro Area LOSS Team.


Though she is incredibly bright and intelligent, many things modern 14-15 year olds would know are unfamiliar to Violet, mostly because the series is set in an era in which access to information is more limited than it is today. For example, in The Wide Window, Violet does not know what leeches are, likely due to her assumption that there was no need to read about them. Later, Klaus mentions there's "something funny" about Josephine's suicide note, but Violet misinterprets this as "humorous" instead of "odd" and tries to dismiss Klaus' point about a secret message in the letter (in the live-action versions, Violet catches on to his suspicions faster). During these moments, Klaus' passion for reading comes in handy since he shares his knowledge in a wide range of subjects, allowing his older sister to become more aware of the world around her. Despite such occurrences, Violet is still committed to learn about the world and is willing to admit she does not know much about something.

After her parents' deaths, Violet was forced to take charge. Though she often collaborates with Klaus, she always feels the weight of being the oldest sibling. Her parents said to her when Klaus was born, and again when they brought Sunny home from Pincus Hospital, "You are the eldest Baudelaire child, and as the eldest, it will always be your responsibility to look after your younger siblings. Promise us that you will always watch out for them and make sure they don't get into trouble." ⎖] This is why she invents the grappling hook to free Sunny from the tower she risks her safety and well-being to help her siblings and honor the promise she made her parents to always keep her siblings away from harm. ⎖] This promise is mentioned in all thirteen books.

However, Violet occasionally struggles with keeping herself and her siblings safe. She can be reckless on occasion, even when there are more sensible and safer alternatives. For example, upon learning that Aunt Josephine was hiding in Curdled Cave, she sailed across Lake Lachrymose in the middle of a hurricane with her siblings instead of waiting for it to settle. What's more is that she wasn't wearing a life jacket. Another example is that after learning the Quagmires were trapped in a cage at the bottom of an elevator shaft, she decides to take her siblings with her down twice using a handmade rope (even carrying hot irons the second time), which Lemony Snicket notes is a three-hour climb. She also encourages Hector's idea of building and living in an mobile air house, despite all the risks involved. These instances of her impuslive behavior are likely due to her great distrust of adults and authority figures, as well as still being 14 years old. This was indicated when she almost threw a rock at Mr. Poe in The Bad Beginning because his approaching figure looked frightening in the fog.

Violet has a backbone, and can be stern and/or exhibit an attitude at times, especially when angered. For example, when Violet complains to Mr. Poe about how Count Olaf slapped Klaus' face and Mr. Poe could not care less, Mr. Poe says, "'Now, I hate to usher you out posthaste, but I have very much work to do. Posthaste means—' '—means you'll do nothing to help us,' Violet finished for him, shaking with frustration". ⎖] When Aunt Josephine threatened to give her and her siblings to Count Olaf, Violet retorted, "You're supposed to be caring for us, not putting us up for grabs!" Ζ] When Mr. Poe ordered her to come with him to the police station at the end of The Grim Grotto, Violet replied, "No," and walked away. ⎗] She can also be very rebellious when faced with corrupt authority figures, often calling them out and refusing to go along with them, such as when she removed her blindfold during the trial in the Netflix series, saying, "Maybe this court deserves contempt." In the film, she interrupts Olaf just to call him "pure evil." As the series progresses, she questions others more and becomes more outspoken about her beliefs, and less being persuaded by adults and trying to avoid confrontation.

While Klaus is brasher with his actions, Violet works in secret or tries to manipulate a situation to her advantage. For example, instead of refusing to star in The Marvelous Marriage, she suggests to Count Olaf that's she not that great of an actress. Violet said, "'Count Olaf,' and then stopped herself. She wanted to argue her way out of playing his bride, but she didn't want to make him angry. 'Father, I'm not sure I'm talented enough to perform professionally. I would hate to disgrace your good name and the name of Al Funcoot. Plus I'll be very busy in the next few weeks working on my inventions—and learning how to prepare roast beef,' she added quickly, remembering how he had behaved about dinner".

Violet wearing pink in the Netflix adaptation.

Violet is stereotypically unfeminine in some ways, though not completely. She is a poor cook and mentions she can only make toast - sometimes, she even burns it in the attempt. ⎖] She knows how to create a Molotov cocktail, however. ⎖] Mr. Poe once admonished Violet for picking a lock, chastising her that nice girls should not have such knowledge. Klaus defends his sister by stating, "My sister is a nice girl. and she knows how to do all sorts of things." Aunt Josephine once gave her a doll called Pretty Penny in spite of the fact Violet dislikes them. To be polite, she forces a smile and pats its plastic head to appease Aunt Josephine, eventually giving it to Sunny to bite on. Ζ] Instead, Klaus gives her his toy, a model train that she can tinker with for engineering. Despite her dislike of the color pink, Violet is frequently illustrated with pink hair ribbons, and she often wears pink outfits in the Netflix adaptation.


The first series revolves around "the team" forming, following several creature attacks in the Forest of Dean, as well as Nick Cutter's search for Helen Cutter, his missing wife, who had suddenly reappeared after eight years. Throughout the series, Nick becomes romantically involved with James Lester's PA, Claudia Brown. In the first series' finale Cutter travels through a time anomaly, and upon his return he discovers that Claudia Brown no longer exists, and the timeline has changed. In Series 2, Cutter adjusts to the new timeline while hunting for a traitor in the group. It marks the last appearance of the character Stephen Hart, who dies at the end of the series. In the third series, Cutter is killed, while Jason Flemyng joins the cast as Police Officer Danny Quinn. Ben Mansfield also joins as Captain Becker, the team's armed support, replacing Stephen Hart. The climax has Connor, Abby and Quinn pursuing Helen through anomalies to prevent her exterminating the human ancestors. They succeed, Helen is killed, but they remain trapped in past eras.

A year later, both in real and series time, Series 4 began (introduced by a webisode prologue) with Lester now reporting to an industrialist, Philip Burton, who has secret plans to use anomalies, and with a new team leader, Matt Anderson. Abby and Connor return and have to win back their places on the team.

SeriesEpisodesOriginally airedAverage UK viewers
First airedLast airedNetwork
1610 February 2007 ( 2007-02-10 ) 17 March 2007 ( 2007-03-17 ) ITV6.39
2712 January 2008 ( 2008-01-12 ) 23 February 2008 ( 2008-02-23 ) 6.29
31028 March 2009 ( 2009-03-28 ) 6 June 2009 ( 2009-06-06 ) 4.99
471 January 2011 ( 2011-01-01 ) 5 February 2011 ( 2011-02-05 ) 4.03
5624 May 2011 ( 2011-05-24 ) 28 June 2011 ( 2011-06-28 ) Watch0.67

Series 1 (2007) Edit

A sighting of a strange creature occurs on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, leading a small team of scientists and government officials to investigate it. They find a Scutosaurus in the forest and discover a time anomaly that leads to the late Permian period, 250 million years ago. The team soon realise that a Gorgonops also came through and they must find it before it kills anyone.

After a London Underground cleaner is fatally bitten by some type of giant insect, James Lester (Ben Miller) brings the team together to investigate. They find another anomaly that leads to the late Carboniferous, and a colony of Giant Spiders that have come through. Using powerful lights to send the spiders back, the team are then attacked by the true killer, an Arthropleura, which bites and poisons Stephen Hart (James Murray). The race is now on to extract a sample of venom from the giant arthropod to synthesise an antivenom before Stephen dies.

Helen escapes from custody at the Home Office by taking the team to an anomaly that unleashes a flock of dodos. These dodos are carrying deadly parasites capable of infecting humans. Unknown to the team, Connor Temple's (Andrew-Lee Potts) friends, Tom (Jake Curran) and Duncan (James Bradshaw), capture one of the dodos, but when Tom is infected by the parasite and goes on the rampage, Cutter and the team must find him before they have a pandemic on their hands.

Helen Cutter returns and informs the team that she has seen a highly evolved predator from the future enter the present day. After dispatching the adult creature, Cutter and Helen decide to take its young back through the anomaly in the Forest of Dean, hoping to locate the anomaly to the future, a decision that proves to be a mistake when the creatures break free. Upon his return to the present Cutter is shocked to discover that Claudia Brown has disappeared and apparently never existed in this world.

Series 2 (2008) Edit

As Cutter tries to come to terms with Claudia Brown's disappearance, he struggles to adjust to working with her replacement, the slimy Oliver Leek (Karl Theobald). Meanwhile, bloodthirsty raptors are rampaging through a shopping mall and the team are called in to deal with the situation. When the team arrives back at the ARC, they are introduced to Jenny Lewis (Lucy Brown), the ARC's new PR officer, and a doppelgänger of Claudia Brown.

Cutter and his team find themselves pursuing giant, carnivorous worms that start to appear through an eerie fog in a local office block after emerging through another anomaly. As the team deals with the problem, Cutter becomes preoccupied with the team's new PR executive, Jenny Lewis, whom he is convinced is actually Claudia Brown.

Cutter and the team are kidnapped and held in a military bunker by Oliver Leek, who has plans to be the most powerful man in the world using an army of fearsome predators he has captured from past anomalies, while his partner, Helen, furthers her own nefarious schemes. As the team fight for their survival, Stephen deals with a Silurian Scorpion which Leek has unleashed onto a busy beach. Back at the bunker, the team have found a way to stop Leek, but at the cost of Stephen's life.

Series 3 (2009) Edit

An exhibition of ancient Egyptian relics comes to the British Museum and an anomaly opens in a mysterious monument called the "Sun Cage". A Pristichampsus, believed in Ancient Egypt to be the demon Ammut, emerges and proceeds to wreak havoc in London. Cutter, Abby, Jenny and new security chief, Captain Becker (Ben Mansfield), pursue it through the city while Connor and new recruit, Egyptologist Sarah Page (Laila Rouass) try to stop more creatures coming through, and make some interesting discoveries about anomalies in the process. Meanwhile, Lester encounters a new adversary: the devious and ambitious Christine Johnson (Belinda Stewart-Wilson), who is after a strange artifact that Helen has stolen.

Three teenage boys break into a house and a "Gremlin" (a future beast able to camouflage itself in any environment) attacks them. Only one boy manages to escape alive. Fourteen years later, in the present day, Cutter predicts an anomaly will appear in the same house the boys were killed. He sends Jenny, Abby and Connor to investigate. However, their efforts are thwarted by the creature and the attentions of detective Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng), who is investigating his brother's disappearance 14 years before. Meanwhile, Cutter, Becker and Sarah are caught off-guard when Helen's forces attempt to infiltrate the ARC.

An anomaly opens at the West London Hospital, causing cute but dangerous Diictodon to emerge. They promptly chew through the power cables, cutting the power to the building. Cutter, Abby, Connor and Becker arrive to investigate and evacuate the building as does journalist Mick Harper (Ramon Tikaram) from Evening News HQ, who wants to get evidence of the creatures to expose to the public. However, they return to find Helen and her Cleaner Replica troops (including a clone of Cutter) have taken over the ARC, so they can interrogate the real Cutter about the artifact. As a bomb blast tears the ARC apart and the team battle for survival, Helen declares that she must stop the ARC'S research from destroying the world at any cost. even if it means killing her husband.

The team have to deal with a herd of Embolotherium from the Eocene. Danny arrives with a mysterious woman called Eve who he first saw in the future having rescued her from Christine Johnson, they endeavour to save everyone from the stampede. When the anomaly closes, at a campsite, Eve opens another anomaly to return the beasts and are all saved. Upon their return to the ARC, the team are shocked to discover that Eve is Helen Cutter in disguise, who takes Johnson hostage. Holding her at gunpoint, Helen steals the artifact, pushes Johnson through an anomaly to be butchered by Future Predators, and vows once again to stop the ARC's work from destroying the world. The team decide they must stop Helen before she kills anyone else.

Sarah and Becker investigate an anomaly that re-opens at Johnson's HQ and end up fighting for their lives against Megopterans, while Danny, Abby and Connor hunt for Helen in the future. The trio discover Helen plans to prevent the evolution of mankind in order to save the world, resulting in a chase across Cretaceous North America and into Pliocene Africa. Danny confronts Helen at the location of the human ancestor, Australopithecus, only to find she has poisoned a small group already. Helen delights in her apparent victory, but a Raptor that followed Danny through the anomaly charges at Helen and knocks her off a cliff, killing them both. Having ensured the other hominids have survived, Danny then makes his way back to the anomaly, but it vanishes just before he reaches it.

Series 4 webisodes (2010) Edit

ITV released a series of 5 webisodes [5] on 23 December 2010, 2–4 minutes long, written by Sarah Dollard, that provided background to the upcoming series 4.

EpisodeDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
W1Episode 1Tim BradleySarah Dollard23 December 2010 ( 2010-12-23 )
Interview with James Lester and Captain Becker about the disappearance of team members (at the end of series 3). Introduction of Jess Parker as team coordinator with Matt Anderson and Phillip. Sarah Page's death is revealed. [6]
W2Episode 2Tim BradleySarah Dollard23 December 2010 ( 2010-12-23 )
Becker arrives at the new ARC HQ. New team leader Matt Anderson [6] is shown to have a secret agenda, reporting to "Gideon". [6]
W3Episode 3Tim BradleySarah Dollard23 December 2010 ( 2010-12-23 )
Matt Anderson begins work at the ARC and meets the team.
W4Episode 4Tim BradleySarah Dollard23 December 2010 ( 2010-12-23 )
Matt addresses and impresses the newly formed ARC team.
W5Episode 5Tim BradleySarah Dollard23 December 2010 ( 2010-12-23 )
The team successfully deals with creature attacks. Matt reports to an impatient Gideon.

Series 4 (2011) Edit

After a year trapped in the Cretaceous period, Abby and Connor finally return to the present, followed by a giant Spinosaurus, the longest known carnivorous dinosaur. The new ARC team responds. Eventually, the Spinosaurus is returned to the Cretaceous period, when Connor causes an anomaly to implode, from within it. [8] In a reference to Hannah Spearit's previous career as a member of S Club 7, Don't Stop Movin' plays as a distraction to the Spinosaurus.

Connor and his old friend, Duncan, track an elusive Kaprosuchus (or Boar crocodile) to the docks, and find evidence of a fresh kill. After bringing it down by using their EMD weapons, Connor and Abby then win back their places on the team.

Three 19th-century humans come through an anomaly in a theatre, and are followed by deadly "Tree Creepers", arboreal raptor-like dinosaurs. One of the time travellers, Ethan Dobrowski (Jonathan Byrne), is a serial killer and another, Emily Merchant (Ruth Bradley), appeals to Matt Anderson (Ciarán McMenamin) to help catch him. After the team deals with the "Tree Creepers", Matt tells Emily that he is going to help her to track down Ethan.

An anomaly allows a pack of Hyaenodon to make their home in the wine cellar of a stately home, where Jenny Lewis is getting married. The wolf-like creatures eat the wedding planner. Jenny and the team subdue them using medieval weaponry. Meanwhile, Becker narrowly escapes a lethal boobytrap set by Ethan, after Jess Parker (Ruth Kearney) saves him Lester remotely conducts Jenny's marriage. Gideon's "home" is shown – a blasted desolate world. [17] He finally dies from his illness, and he is then revealed to be Matt's father.

A pair of anomalies opens in a prison, one to the Pliocene allowing a Terror Bird (Phorusrhacid) to attack, and Danny Quinn to return. He meets Ethan and realises that he is his lost younger brother, Patrick Quinn. Matt reveals to Emily that he is from the future, and trying to prevent an apocalypse involving the anomalies. Emily returns to the 19th century. Danny warns the team that Philip Burton was involved with Helen Cutter, then he follows Patrick into the Pliocene. Connor discovers that the incidence of anomalies is increasing, and is potentially dangerous.

Series 5 (2011) Edit

After failing to stop Philip and having been pulled through the "New Dawn" anomaly, Connor finds himself in a barren wasteland where Future Predators are the only obvious life. At "New Dawn", Matt and Abby go through the anomaly to rescue Connor. In the future, Matt, Connor and Abby take shelter in an underground bunker as a vicious storm rages on the surface while back at the ARC, Connor's original anomaly reopens. The anomaly at "New Dawn" starts to cause atmospheric changes to the planet and as chaos breaks loose, Philip realises Helen Cutter has been using him to achieve her goal of destroying humanity. Matt, Connor and Abby are able to fight off Future Predators and make it back to the present. With their help Philip is able to gain control of "New Dawn" once more and Philip decides to sacrifice himself to destroy the installation with the hope that the anomaly will close. "New Dawn" is destroyed but the giant anomaly continues to grow. Back at the ARC several Future Predators come through Connor's anomaly, leaving Lester and Jess to hunt the beasts alone until the team returns. At the ARC the team join forces to defeat the Future Predators and Connor comes up with a plan to merge his miniature anomaly with the giant one and hopefully close them both. Using a containment device, the team are able to take the miniature anomaly to the "New Dawn" site where Matt drives it into the giant anomaly causing them to implode. Matt survives and the team are reunited and return to duties at the ARC. With everything seemingly back to normal and Connor and Abby going to get married, a new anomaly is detected and as the team head out to the field, Matt comes face to face with a battered version of himself who says: "You have to go back".


All six seasons of this series have been released on four DVD box sets by Warner Bros. Home Video. [3]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
126September 19, 1952 ( 1952-09-19 ) February 27, 1953 ( 1953-02-27 )
226September 18, 1953 ( 1953-09-18 ) March 13, 1954 ( 1954-03-13 )
313April 23, 1955 ( 1955-04-23 ) October 15, 1955 ( 1955-10-15 )
413February 18, 1956 ( 1956-02-18 ) June 16, 1956 ( 1956-06-16 )
513March 8, 1957 ( 1957-03-08 ) May 31, 1957 ( 1957-05-31 )
613February 3, 1958 ( 1958-02-03 ) April 28, 1958 ( 1958-04-28 )

The following list of episodes is compiled from the websites (Internet Movie Database),,, and

Season 1 (1952–53) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Superman on Earth"Thomas CarrRichard Fielding
(Whitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell)
September 19, 1952 ( 1952-09-19 )
Jor-El, Krypton's leading scientist, sends his infant son to Earth in a rocket just as the planet explodes. The rocket is found by Eben and Sarah Kent, and Eben gets the infant out before the craft explodes. They raise the child as their own. Years later, after Eben's death and now aware of his superpowers, Clark Kent moves to Metropolis. Sarah has made a costume for him, and she tells him that he must use his powers for good. Superman makes his debut saving a man falling from a blimp (similar to the Akron incident of 1932). As Clark, he hustles the man to the Daily Planet, which scores a scoop for the paper and a job for Kent. The Daily Planet named the superhero Superman. Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Rescued Man (uncredited), Ross Elliott (listed in credits but not identifiable in the show), Stuart Holmes as Krypton Council Member (uncredited), Robert Rockwell as Jor-El (uncredited), Herbert Rawlinson as Rozan, Joel Nestler as Teenage Clark (uncredited), Frances Morris as Sarah Kent, Dani Nolan as Receptionist, Aline Towne as Lara, Stuart Randall as Kogan, Tom Fadden as Eben Kent (uncredited), Sam Flint as Physician (uncredited).
22"The Haunted Lighthouse"Thomas CarrEugene SolowSeptember 26, 1952 ( 1952-09-26 )
While visiting his aunt and cousin on Moose Island, Maine, Jimmy is alarmed by their suspicious behavior. After being warned to stay away from a lighthouse that is said to be haunted, he calls Clark for help in his investigation.Guest Stars: Maude Prickett (listed in credits but scenes deleted from the show IMDB indicates that Maudie Prickett was voice of Peter the Parrot), Effie Laird as Aunt Louisa (uncredited), William Challee as Mack (uncredited), Steve Carr as Coast Guard Commander (uncredited), Allene Roberts as Alice, Sara Padden as Mrs. Carmody, Jimmy Ogg as Chris Carmody.
33"The Case of the Talkative Dummy"Thomas CarrDennis Cooper,
Lee Backman
October 3, 1952 ( 1952-10-03 )
Clark, Lois, and Jimmy attend a ventriloquist act that goes wrong when the dummy appears to talk by itself. Upon further investigation, they link what the dummy appears to have said to a series of armored car hijackings. Guest Stars: Pierre Watkin as Harry Green, Steve Carr as Armored Car Guard (uncredited), Tris Coffin as Davis, Syd Saylor as Marco the Ventriloquist, Robert Kent as Safe Mover, Phillip Pine as Usher.
Previously, Pierre Watkin portrayed Perry White in the 1948 film serial Superman and the 1950 film serial Atom Man vs. Superman.
44"Mystery of the Broken Statues"Thomas CarrWilliam C. JoyceOctober 10, 1952 ( 1952-10-10 )
A notorious con artist and his thugs are going to all the antique shops in town, buying cheap figurines and smashing them. Clark and Lois assume that they are looking for something hidden inside the figurines, so they investigate. Guest Stars: Buddy Mason as Police Officer (uncredited), Joel Ray as Newsman (uncredited), Wayde Crosby as Pete (uncredited), Maurice Cass as Shop Owner, Steve Carr as Shopkeeper (uncredited), Phillip Pine as Dorn, Michael Vallon as Mr. Bonelli, Tris Coffin as Paul Martin.
55"The Monkey Mystery"Thomas CarrBen Peter Freeman,
Doris Gilbert
October 17, 1952 ( 1952-10-17 )
The daughter of an Eastern European scientist flees to the United States to give a secret formula to the president before the communists who killed her father can get to it, and Lois receives information on her whereabouts from an organ grinder and his monkey Guest Stars: Bill Challee as Max, Ned Roberts as Frisch (uncredited), Fred Essler as Jan Moleska (uncredited), Harry Lewis as Harold Crane, Steve Carr as Doctor (uncredited), Michael Vallon as Tony Urmenti, Allene Roberts as Maria Moleska.
66"Night of Terror"Lee SholemBen Peter FreemanOctober 24, 1952 ( 1952-10-24 )
While on vacation, Lois stumbles upon a ring of criminals who are smuggling fugitives into Canada. She and the innkeeper's wife are captured, and it is up to Jimmy and Superman to save them. Guest Stars: Paul Bryar as Manager, Frank Richards as Solly, Joel Friedkin as Oscar (uncredited), Steve Carr as Mr. Quinn (uncredited), Almira Sessions as Miss Bacharach, John Kellogg as Mitch, Richard Benedict as Baby Face Stevens, Ann Doran as Mrs. King.
77"The Birthday Letter"Lee SholemDennis CooperOctober 31, 1952 ( 1952-10-31 )
A crippled young girl writes Superman a letter asking him to take her to the fair for her birthday, but before he arrives she is kidnapped by a group of counterfeiters who need information that she has been given by mistake. Guest Stars: Isa Ashdown as Kathy Williams, Louis Mercier as LaRue, Nan Boardman as Marie, Paul Marion as Cusak, Jack Daly as Perkins, John Doucette as Slugger, Virginia Carroll as Mrs. Williams, Maurice Marsac as Marcel Duval.
88"The Mind Machine"Lee SholemDennis Cooper,
Lee Backman
November 7, 1952 ( 1952-11-07 )
A mobster kidnaps a scientist and takes possession of his invention. The crook uses the device to damage the minds of people testifying before an investigative committee. The victims die a short time later. Superman races to find the mobster before Lois Lane testifies before the committee. Guest Stars: Griff Barnett as Dr. Stanton, Harry Hayden as Wagner, Harold Kruger as Al (uncredited), Steve Carr as Dr. Hadley (uncredited), Lester Dorr as Bus Driver, James Seay as Senator Taylor, Ben Welden as Curley, Dan Seymour as Cranek.
99"Rescue"Thomas CarrMonroe ManningNovember 14, 1952 ( 1952-11-14 )
While Lois is in Carbide, Pennsylvania, gathering information for a story about the town's mining system. An old prospector becomes trapped in a cave-in. Lois attempts to rescue him, but when she is trapped in the mine with him it is up to Superman to save them both. Guest Stars: Houseley Stevenson as Pop, Ed Cobb as Lafe Reiser, Milt Kibbee as Harry, Fred Sherman as D.K. Sims, Ray Bennett as Stan.
1010"The Secret of Superman"Thomas CarrWells RootNovember 21, 1952 ( 1952-11-21 )
Unscrupulous Dr. H.L. Ort is using an advanced version of a truth serum to hypnotize employees of the Daily Planet in an attempt to discover Superman's secret identity. Guest Stars: Helen Wallace as Mrs. Olsen (Jimmy's Mother), Walter McGrail as Newsman (uncredited), Joel Friedkin as Herman, Steve Carr as Cook (uncredited), Larry J. Blake as Henchman, Peter Brocco as Dr. Ort.
1111"No Holds Barred"Lee SholemPeter DixonNovember 28, 1952 ( 1952-11-28 )
Bad Luck Brannigan, a wrestler working for a crooked promoter, uses "the paralyzer" to cripple opponents. Clark Kent discovers the promoter has imprisoned an immigrant dubbed "the swami" who has extensive knowledge of the body's pressure points. In his Superman identity, Clark sees the immigrant. "The swami" instructs Superman in his techniques. As Clark, he then teaches a college wrestler—who has publicly challenged Brannigan—how to counter "the paralyzer." Guest Stars: Dick Reeves as Bad Luck Brannigan, Tito Renaldo as Ramm, Malcolm Mealey as Wayne, Henry Kulky (a former wrestler in real life) as Crusher (uncredited), Dick Elliott as Sam Bleaker, Karl Davis as Adonis (uncredited), Herb Vigran as Murray, Bill Kennedy as TV announcer (uncredited).
1212"The Deserted Village"Thomas CarrBen Peter Freeman
Dick Hamilton
December 5, 1952 ( 1952-12-05 )
When Lois has trouble getting her nurse on the telephone, she and Clark drive to the small town of Cliffton to see what the problem is. After arriving, they find that the town is mostly deserted, and the few remaining townspeople don't seem to want them to know what is going on. Guest Stars: Ann Tyrrell as Miss Walton, Ed Cobb as Peter Godfrey, Malcolm Mealey as Alvin Godfrey, Fred Sherman as Dr. Jessup, Maudie Prickett as Matilda Taisey.
1313"The Stolen Costume"Lee SholemBen Peter FreemanDecember 12, 1952 ( 1952-12-12 )
A criminal breaks into Clark Kent's apartment, finds a hidden closet, and steals Clark's Superman costume. The criminal is fatally wounded, but not before he takes the costume to hood Ace and his girlfriend Connie. Clark is desperate to find the missing costume. Ace and Connie die with the secret when they attempt to escape the precarious clifftop cabin Superman imprisons them in. Guest Stars: Dan Seymour as Ace, Frank Jenks as Candy, Veda Ann Borg as Connie, Bob Williams as Policeman, Norman Budd as Johnny Sims.
1414"Mystery in Wax"Lee SholemBen Peter FreemanDecember 19, 1952 ( 1952-12-19 )
Madam Selena Dawn and her husband own a wax museum in Metropolis. She claims to have visions that prominent people will die within six months. Indeed, the people appear to commit suicide. Madam Dawn's latest vision: Perry White will die. Guest Stars: Steve Carr as Dr. John Hurley (uncredited), Lester Sharpe as Andrew, Mira McKinney as Madame Selena.
1515"Treasure of the Incas"Thomas CarrHoward J. GreenDecember 26, 1952 ( 1952-12-26 )
While Lois is on her way to an auction featuring South American items, a man asks her to purchase an Inca tapestry for him. Soon after, the man is killed and the tapestry is stolen from Lois, so she, Jimmy, and Clark follow the murderer to Lima to find the tapestry and catch the criminals behind the murder. Guest Stars: Hal Gerard as Professor Laverra, Juan Duval as Dr. Cuesta, Steve Carr as Anselmo (uncredited), Julian Rivero as Taxi Driver, Leonard Penn as Mendoza, Martin Garralaga as Chief of Police.
1616"Double Trouble"Thomas CarrEugene SolowJanuary 2, 1953 ( 1953-01-02 )
A man aboard a ship to Metropolis is smuggling something valuable into the country, but when one of his partner's henchmen shows up to help him get the item through customs, the passenger kills the other man. The passenger then dresses up as a woman, and, in an attempt to give his partner the slip, he gives Jimmy, who is at the dock to interview an actress, an empty box and tells him to give it to the men who are waiting for him. When Jimmy is kidnapped by the men, Superman must save him, but in order to do that he first must figure out why he was kidnapped. Guest Stars: John Baer as Kreuger (uncredited), Howland Chamberlin as Dr. Fischer/Schumann, Richard Powers as Major Lee, Rudolph Anders as Dr. Albrecht, Steve Carr as Otto Von Klaben/Madame Charpentier (uncredited), Ross Ford as Heavy, Selmer Jackson as Colonel Redding, Jimmie Dodd as Jake (uncredited), John Crawford as Ambulance Driver (uncredited).
1717"The Runaway Robot"Thomas CarrDick HamiltonJanuary 9, 1953 ( 1953-01-09 )
The inventor of a robot is kidnapped by burglars who intend to use his robot for robberies. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the inventor, whom they believe to be responsible for the crimes, and Clark and his colleagues are out to clear the man's name. Guest Stars: Dan Seymour as Rocko, Herman Cantor as Jail Guard (uncredited), Bob Easton as Marvin, Lucien Littlefield as Horatio Hinkle, Russell Johnson as Chopper, John Harmon as Mousie.
1818"Drums of Death"Lee SholemDick HamiltonJanuary 16, 1953 ( 1953-01-16 )
When Jimmy and Perry White's sister go missing in Haiti while filming voodoo practitioners, Perry and Clark go looking for them. There is some thought the usual Lois character role was re-written as Perry’s sister to replace an unexplained absence of Phyllis Coates.They discover that a Haitian voodoo cult holds them hostage. Guest Stars: Milton Wood as Mr. Barbarier, Smoki Whitfield as Voodoo Drummer (uncredited), George Hamilton as Dr. Jerrod, Leonard Mudie as Leland Masters, Henry Corden as William Johnson, Mabel Albertson as Kate White.
1919"The Evil Three"Thomas CarrBen Peter FreemanJanuary 23, 1953 ( 1953-01-23 )
Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, while on a fishing trip, end up staying at a rundown hotel. It has only three occupants: two men who are trying to kill each other and a wheelchair-bound old woman who laughs like a maniac. Superman races to help his friends before they fall victim to the "evil three." Guest Stars: Rhys Williams as Macey Taylor, Cecil Elliott as Elsa, Jonathan Hale as Col. Brand.
2020"Riddle of the Chinese Jade"Thomas CarrWhitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell
January 30, 1953 ( 1953-01-30 )
Harry Wong, manager of Lu Song's antique store, decides to help thief John Greer steal a priceless jade statue from Song. Although no one is supposed to get hurt, the plan changes when Song's niece Lily witnesses the robbery and is kidnapped by Greer. Superman, who as Clark Kent is interviewing Song for the scoop on his donating the statue to a museum, must solve the crime. Guest Stars: James Craven as John Greer, Paul Burns as Lu Sung, Gloria Saunders as Lilly, Victor Sen Yung as Harry Wong.
2121"The Human Bomb"Lee SholemRichard Fielding
(Whitney Ellsworth,
Robert Maxwell)
February 6, 1953 ( 1953-02-06 )
"Bet-a-Million" Butler, who will "bet on anything," wagers $100,000 he can keep Superman under his control for 30 minutes. He shows up at the Daily Planet and abducts Lois Lane, forcing her onto the ledge of the newspaper's office building. Butler, calling himself only the "human bomb," has strapped dynamite to himself. After Superman arrives, the "human bomb" says he'll detonate the explosive unless Superman agrees to stay put for 30 minutes while a robbery takes place. Superman agrees but has no intention of allowing the robbery to take place. Guest Stars: Almira Sessions as Receptionist (uncredited), Trevor Bardette as Bet-a-Million Butler, Lou Lubin as Small Henchman, Steve Carr as Sam (uncredited), Ted Ryan as Large Henchman, Aline Towne as Receptionist (uncredited), Dennis Moore as Officer Riley, Marshall Reed as Inspector Hill, Lou Krugman as Conway (uncredited).
2222"Czar of the Underworld"Thomas CarrEugene SolowFebruary 13, 1953 ( 1953-02-13 )
A movie is being filmed about mobster Luigi Dinelli. The film is based on a series of articles that Clark Kent wrote for the Daily Planet. Dinelli is more than displeased. He orders a hit on Clark before the reporter and Inspector Henderson can leave for Hollywood to observe filming. Later, an actor on the movie is killed when real ammunition has been substituted for blanks. Clark, in both his civilian and Superman identities, works to put Dinelli away for good. Guest Stars: Thomas Carr as Director (uncredited), Steve Carr as Director (uncredited), Joe Kirk as Gangster with Binoculars (uncredited), Roy Gordon as Postello, Tony Caruso as Luigi Dinelli, Paul Fix as Ollie, John Maxwell as Guard.
2323"Ghost Wolf"Lee SholemDick HamiltonFebruary 20, 1953 ( 1953-02-20 )
The Lone Pine Timber Company, which is owned by the Daily Planet and supplies it with the pulp wood to make its paper, is in danger of shutting down after a series of mishaps. When the last of its employees is scared off because of evidence of a werewolf on the premises, Perry White sends Clark, Jimmy, and Lois to investigate. Guest Stars: Stanley Andrews as Sam Garvin, Jane Adams as Babette DuLoque, Harold Goodwin as Worker, Lou Krugman as Jacque Olivier.
2424"Crime Wave"Thomas CarrBen Peter FreemanFebruary 27, 1953 ( 1953-02-27 )
As a massive crime wave unfolds, Superman vows to put top mobsters behind bars. His ultimate target is the mysterious "No. 1 man." The top criminal devises a powerful electrical trap for the Man of Steel. Guest Stars: John Eldredge as Walter Canby, Barbra Fuller as Sally, Bobby Barber as Tony, Al Eben as "Big Ed" Bullock, Phil Van Zandt as Nick Marone, Joe Mell as Professor, Bill Kennedy as Radio announcer (uncredited).
This marks Phyllis Coates' final appearance proper on the series as Lois Lane (not counting her archive appearances in the two-part season finale - see below).
2525"The Unknown People" – Part 1Lee SholemRichard Fielding
(Robert Maxwell)
August 10, 1953 ( 1953-08-10 )
Clark Kent and Lois Lane travel to Silsby, Texas, site of the deepest well ever drilled. But when they arrive, the well is being shut down and the oil company manager present isn't saying why. Meanwhile, two short beings with large heads and furry hands come up from the well to explore. Luke Benson leads a mob of townspeople wanting to kill the "unknown people." Despite Superman's efforts to calm things down, the mob has tracked the two creatures to the top of a dam, trying to kill them. What the mob doesn't know is the creatures cause things they touch to glow in the dark. Part 1 contains the best flying take-off for Reeves in the entire series. Guest Stars: Hal K. Dawson as Chuck Weber (uncredited), Harry Harvey as Doc Saunders (uncredited), Beverly Washburn as Little Girl (uncredited), John T. Bambury as Mole Man (uncredited), Tony Boris as Mole Man (uncredited), Margia Dean as Mother (uncredited), Irene Martin as Mrs. Pomfrey (uncredited), Walter Reed as Bill Corrigan, J. Farrell MacDonald as Pop Shannon, Steve Carr as Eddie (uncredited), Billy Curtis as Mole Man (uncredited), Jeff Corey as Luke Benson, Jerry Maren as Mole Man (uncredited), Byron Foulger as Jeff Regan (uncredited), Ray Walker as John Craig (uncredited), Stanley Andrews as Sheriff (uncredited), John Phillips as Matt (uncredited).
This episode (and the one following it) are the only hour-long/two part episode in the series. It was originally presented in theaters as Superman and the Mole Men, which featured Phyllis Coates' in her first appearance as Lois Lane. On TV however it's usually broadcast as the finale of Season One, thus marking Coates' final appearance in the series (see above).
2626"The Unknown People" – Part 2Lee SholemRichard Fielding
(Robert Maxwell)
August 10, 1953 ( 1953-08-10 )
One of the "unknown people" is shot while atop a dam near Silsby, Texas. Superman catches him before he falls into the water and takes him to the Silsby hospital. Superman, in his Clark Kent identity, assists a doctor who operates on the creature. The doctor discovers his patient has all the organs and internal body structure of humans. Meanwhile, the Luke Benson-led mob tries to kill the other visitor from the center of the earth. That creature escapes, later bringing up more of his people along with a weapon. Superman races to defuse an explosive situation. Guest Stars: Billy Curtis as Mole Man (uncredited), Ray Walker as John Craig (uncredited), John Phillips as Matt (uncredited), Steve Carr as Eddie (uncredited), Tony Boris as Mole Man (uncredited), John T. Bambury as Mole Man (uncredited), Jerry Maren as Mole Man (uncredited), Jeff Corey as Luke Benson, Walter Reed as Bill Corrigan, J. Farrell MacDonald as Pop Shannon, Frank Reicher as Hospital Administrator (uncredited), Phil Warren as Deputy Jim (uncredited), Hal K. Dawson as Chuck Weber (uncredited), Adrienne Marden as Nurse (uncredited), John Baer as Doctor Reed (uncredited), Stanley Andrews as Sheriff (uncredited).
Second part of the previous episode that was originally presented in theaters as Superman and the Mole Men (see above).

Season 2 (1953–54) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
271"Five Minutes to Doom"Thomas CarrMonroe ManningSeptember 18, 1953 ( 1953-09-18 )
Clark Kent and Lois Lane interview Winters, a man on death row. As Clark listens to Winter's story, he checks the convict's pulse. It remains steady and Clark is convinced Winters is innocent. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he and Lois pick up a hitchhiker on their way back to Metropolis and the hitchhiker leaves a bomb meant for the reporters. The Daily Planet reporters search for a way to clear Winters. They obtain key evidence but a violent electrical storm has knocked out telephone service between Metropolis and the state capital. Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Joe Winters, Kim Charney as Billy Winters (uncredited), Sam Flint as The Warden, Lewis Russell as Mr. Wayne, William Green as Governor, Dale Van Sickel as Baker, Jean Willes as Secretary, Lois Hall as Mrs. Winters, John Kellogg as Turk.
This marks Noel Neill's first appearance on the series as Lois Lane. Previously, Neill portrayed Lois in the 1948 film serial Superman and the 1950 film serial Atom Man vs. Superman.
282"The Big Squeeze"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerSeptember 25, 1953 ( 1953-09-25 )
The Daily Planet plans to give Dan Grayson an award for being citizen of the year. Grayson is a dedicated family man, active in community groups and a loyal employee of a fur company. He also a former convict, something he's managed to keep hidden in his new life. That all changes when a criminal from Grayson's past blackmails him, wanting Grayson's help on a robbery of the fur company. Unwittingly, Grayson has already provided one boost. Grayson accidentally locked himself in the fur company's vault, which requires Superman to get him out. Guest Stars: Reed Howes as Police Officer, Harry Cheshire as Mr. Foster, Bradley Mora as Tim Grayson, Ted Ryan as Al, Hugh Beaumont, later the dad of “”Leave It To Beaver”” as Dan Grayson, Aline Towne as Peggy Grayson, John Kellogg as Luke Maynard.
293"The Man Who Could Read Minds"Thomas CarrRoy HamiltonOctober 3, 1953 ( 1953-10-03 )
Reporters Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson) hope to find out who has been pulling a series of burglaries. Swami Armada (Larry Dobkin), a self-styled mind reader, is getting imprints of keys allowing his confederates to break into residences. Their sleuthing leads Lois and Jimmy right into the clutches of the villains (Richard Karlan, Veola Vonn), and it is up to Superman (George Reeves) to rescue the roving reporters once again. Guest Stars: Russell Custer as Sergeant, Tom Bernard as Doug, Veola Vonn as Laura, Larry Dobkin as Swami, Richard Karlan as Monk.
304"Jet Ace"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerOctober 10, 1953 ( 1953-10-10 )
Familiar B-western actor Lane Bradford appears in this episode as intrepid test pilot Chris White (Perry White's nephew). While recovering from injuries incurred in a recent crackup, White falls into the hands of enemy agents determined to pry loose some top-secret information. Although the pilot remains grounded for the duration of the episode, Superman (George Reeves) does not--and it is the Man of Steel who strikes the crucial blow for Truth, Justice and the American Way! Guest Stars: Selmer Jackson as General Summers, Jim Hayward as Tim Mallory, Larry Blake as Martin, Ric Roman as Nick, Lane Bradford as Chris White, Dick Reeves as Frenchy.
315"Shot in the Dark"George BlairDavid ChantlerOctober 17, 1953 ( 1953-10-17 )
A frantic woman named Harriet Hopper (Vera Marshe) bursts into the offices of the Daily Planet, demanding to speak to Superman—and makes a beeline to the office of Clark Kent (George Reeves)! How has Harriet managed to tumble to Clark's secret identity? Well, it seems that her nephew Alan (played by Billy Gray of Father Knows Best fame) is a camera bug and has managed to snap an infrared photo of Clark changing into his Superman outfit. Though Kent manages to finesse his way out of this sticky situation, young Alan is not yet out of the woods: He has also taken a picture of a dangerous criminal named Burnside (John Eldredge) faking his own death in order to defraud an insurance company. Guest Stars: Vera Marshe as Harriet Harper, Billy Gray as Alan, Alan Lee as Bill, Frank Richards as Hank, John Eldredge as Burt "Tulip Man" Burnside.
326"The Defeat of Superman"George BlairJackson GillisOctober 24, 1953 ( 1953-10-24 )
Criminal Happy King returns to Metropolis, determined to rid himself of Superman. He has hired a European scientist, who has found a way to manufacture synthetic Kryptonite from a fragment of the substance. In their first test, Superman feels a sting from a bullet with a small fragment of Kryptonite. Now, the scientist has made a bar made of Kryptonite and Happy King sets a trap. Considered one of the best episodes of the series. Guest Stars: Sid Tomack as Ruffles, Maurice Cass as Meldini, Peter Mamakos as Happy King.
337"Superman in Exile"Thomas CarrJackson GillisOctober 31, 1953 ( 1953-10-31 )
Superman narrowly prevents disaster at an atomic facility. In doing so, he has become totally irradiated and will kill living things just by being close to them. This forces Superman into exile while the atomic scientists try to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, criminals kidnap Lois Lane, figuring Superman wouldn't dare try to apprehend them because of his condition. One of the more scientifically compelling episodes foreshadowing the dire hazards of out of control atomic reactors as later depicted in “”The China Syndrome”” and real life Chernobyl. Guest Stars: Sam Balter of UCLA play by play broadcasting fame as Radio Announcer, Bob Carson as Allen, Don Dillaway as Fred Harris, Leon Askin as Josef Ferdinand, Joe Forte as Professor Adams, Philip Van Zandt as Regan, Gregg Barton as Sheriff, John Harmon as Skinny.
348"A Ghost for Scotland Yard"George BlairJackson GillisNovember 7, 1953 ( 1953-11-07 )
Brockhurst, a famous magician, has been dead for a number of years. Yet, his ghost is supposed to be returning. Clark Kent, while in England on assignment for the Daily Planet with Jimmy Olsen, is a skeptic. However, Sir Arthur McCredy, an old friend of Perry White's, is involved and Clark and Jimmy are assigned to stay over and work up a story about Brockhurst's supposed return. As Superman, Clark narrowly saves Sir Arthur's life after he has fainted while driving. It turns out he has seen a giant image of Brockhurst's face in the sky. Guest Stars: Colin Campbell as Sir Arthur MacCready, Clyde Cook as News Vendor, Patrick Aherne as Inspector Farrington, Evelyn Halpern as Betty, Leonard Mudie as Brockhurst, Norma Varden as Mabel MacCready.
359"The Dog Who Knew Superman"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerNovember 14, 1953 ( 1953-11-14 )
Superman saves a dog, Corky, from a well. The dog belongs to the wife of Hank, who runs a numbers syndicate in Metropolis. Corky finds Clark Kent, knowing the reporter is Superman. Eventually, Hank realizes Corky knows Superman's civilian identity and intends to use the dog to find it out. Guest Stars: Dona Drake as Joyce, Lester Dorr as Man at Well, Billy Nelson as Louie, John Daly as Dog Catcher, Ben Welden as Hank.
3610"The Face and the Voice"George BlairJackson GillisNovember 21, 1953 ( 1953-11-21 )
Boulder, a thug, is recruited to participate in a scheme. Bouler undergoes plastic surgery to look like Superman and then is trained by a voice coach to sound like him. Wearing a Superman costume with a bullet-proof vest underneath, he intimidates merchants and others into giving up money. Yet, Boulder's boss has the bogus Superman donate the stolen money to charity. All of this causes great concern to Clark Kent, who's unsure whether he might be sleepwalking or not. Clark gets reassurance when he finds out the phony Superman makes an appearance. Guest Stars: George Reeves in a dual role as Boulder, Carleton Young as Mr. Fairchild, George Chandler as Scratchy, Percy Helton as Hamlet, Hayden Rorke as Tom (uncredited), I. Stanford Jolley as Plastic Surgeon (uncredited), Nolan Leary as Jewelry Store Watchman, William Newell as Grocery Store Clerk, Sam Balter as Radio Announcer (uncredited).
3711"The Man in the Lead Mask"George BlairRoy HamiltonNovember 28, 1953 ( 1953-11-28 )
Marty Mitchell, a wanted criminal, offers other crooks something they can't pass up: for $50,000 each, they'll get a new face, courtesy of plastic surgery, and changed fingerprints. Experts say changing fingerprints is impossible but Mitchell appears to have done it. Clark Kent, in both in his civilian and Superman identities, is determined to solve the mystery. Guest Stars: John Crawford as Morrell, John Merton as Doc, Joey Ray as Marty Mitchell, Louis Jean Heydt as Pawley, Lyn Thomas as Waitress (as Lynn Thomas), Frank Scannell as Canfield, Paul Bryar as Scotty.
3812"Panic in the Sky"Thomas CarrJackson GillisDecember 5, 1953 ( 1953-12-05 )
Superman rams a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The impact causes the asteroid to now orbit the planet. However, Superman is staggered as he returns to Earth. He manages to change back to Clark Kent (apparently a reflex action) but doesn't remember who he is. Meanwhile, the orbiting asteroid still presents hazards for Earth. Only Superman can place an explosive device that will demolish the asteroid -- and no one, including Clark, knows where Superman is. Considered one of the most impressive episodes of the series with intelligent discussion the threat of cataclysmic threats of asteroids and climate change. Contains some impressive process flying shot variations that mysteriously disappeared once the show converted to color. Guest Stars: Clark Howat as Assistant, Thomas Moore as Shopkeeper, Jane Frazee as Country Woman, Jonathan Hale as Professor Roberts.
3913"The Machine That Could Plot Crimes"Thomas CarrJackson GillisDecember 12, 1953 ( 1953-12-12 )
A scientist develops an advanced computer he dubs "Mr. Kelso." A criminal gains the confidence of the scientist and access to Mr. Kelso. The result: a series of perfectly timed bank robberies. Mr. Kelso is even able to come up with a strategy to defuse the threat from Superman. The computer suggests a bluff: sending a message to the Daily Planet saying Superman's secret identity will be exposed if he attempts to stop the criminals. Guest Stars: Billy Nelson as Larry McCoy, Russell Custer as Policeman, Stan Jarmen as Pinky, Sherry Moreland as Bank Teller, Sterling Holloway as Uncle Oscar, Sam Balter as Radio Announcer, Ben Welden as Nosey.
4014"Jungle Devil"Thomas CarrPeter DixonDecember 19, 1953 ( 1953-12-19 )
Daily Planet reporters Clark (George Reeves), Lois (Noel Neill), and Jimmy (Jack Larson) head into a treacherous jungle, searching for a scientific expedition which has vanished. The local natives prove quite hostile to the "intruders" because the jeweled eye of a native idol has apparently been stolen. This is the episode in which Clark's alter ego, Superman, not only wrestles a gorilla but also uses his bare hands to convert a lump of coal into a diamond. Guest Stars: James Seay as Bill Hurd, Al Kikume as Native Chief, Henry Escalante as Native Man, Leon Lontoc as Witch Doctor, Doris Singleton as Gloria Harper, Damian O'Flynn as Dr. Ralph Harper, Nacho Galindo as Alberto, Bernie Gozier as Native Man, Steve Calvert as the Gorilla (uncredited). [4]
4115"My Friend Superman"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerDecember 26, 1953 ( 1953-12-26 )
Diner owner Tony (Tito Vuolo) keeps a pair of protection racketeers (Terry Frost, Paul Burke) from bothering him by claiming (falsely) to be close friends with Superman (George Reeves). Unfortunately, Tony gets in over his head when he records an incriminating conversation between himself and the crooks, and he is forced to solicit the aid of reporter Clark Kent—little imagining that Clark and Superman are one and the same. The climax of this episode is a slapstick pie fight in which no one is spared a custard massage. Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Noisy Teenager (as Ruta Kilmonis), Tito Vuolo as Tony, Joseph Vitale as Cap, Terry Frost as Spud, Paul Burke as Ace, Eddie Ryder as Noisy Teenager (as Edward Reider), Yvette Duguay as Elaine (as Yvette Dugay), Ralph Sanford as George.
4216"The Clown Who Cried"George BlairDavid ChantlerJanuary 2, 1954 ( 1954-01-02 )
Clark Kent and Lois Lane enlist circus clown Rollo to participate in a telethon sponsored by the Daily Planet. Another clown, Crackers, is present when Rollo agrees. Crackers knocks out Rollo and dresses like Rollo. Crackers intends to rob the telethon and blame the incident on Rollo. Crackers indeed steals proceeds from the telethon but doesn't count on Rollo getting free. Superman will have to make a split decision. When both clowns fall from a building, Superman will have time to catch only one of them. Guest Stars: William (Billy) Wayne as Rollo the Clown, Harry Mendoza as San Low Too, Charles Williams as Tim, George Douglas as Security Guard, Mickey Simpson as Hercules, Peter Brocco as Crackers.
4317"The Boy Who Hated Superman"George BlairDavid ChantlerJanuary 9, 1954 ( 1954-01-09 )
Clark Kent temporarily takes in Frankie, a juvenile street tough who has hooked up with Duke, a criminal. Clark, in his civilian identity, is trying to set Frankie on the right path. But Clark will have to do double duty and utilize his Superman identity in order to succeed. Guest Stars: Charles Meredith as Judge Allen, Tyler MacDuff as Frankie, Leonard Penn as Fixer, Roy Barcroft as Duke Dillon, Dick Reeves as Babe.
4418"Semi-Private Eye"George BlairDavid ChantlerJanuary 16, 1954 ( 1954-01-16 )
Lois Lane decides to employ private detective Homer Garrity to find out once and for all if Clark Kent is Superman. At the same time, a blackmailer is trying to kill Garrity, whose life is saved by Superman. Both Garrity and Lois are taken prisoner by the blackmailer. Jimmy Olsen decides to pick up the trail of Lois and Garrity while simultaneously trying to live up to the image of a glamorous private eye. Eventually, the lives of Jimmy, Lois, and Garrity are endangered. Clark, in the meantime, picks up the trail. Guest Stars: Richard Benedict as Cappy Leonard, Alfred Linder as Morrie, Douglas Henderson as Noodles, Paul Fix as Fingers (as Peter Fix), Elisha Cook as Homer Garrity.
4519"Perry White's Scoop"George BlairRoy HamiltonJanuary 23, 1954 ( 1954-01-23 )
A man in a diving suit begins to walk into the Daily Planet building. He is shot before he can enter the newspaper's offices. Dying, the man says the word, "Quincy," to Perry White. Perry decides he wants to solve the mystery himself after complaining how his reporters rely too much on Superman for help. First, Perry intends to wear an identical diving suit outside the newspaper offices. Clark Kent bends the helmet before Perry can don it. Clark says he'll get it fixed. Instead, it's Superman who wears the suit and is shot at by a gunman. Guest Stars: Jan Arvan as Max, Tom Monroe as Diver, Bibs Borman as Maria, Robert J. Wilke as Bingham (as Robert Wilke), Steve Pendleton as Lynch.
4620"Beware the Wrecker"George BlairRoyal K. ColeJanuary 30, 1954 ( 1954-01-30 )
A steamship, an airliner and a train have all been destroyed over the past year. Perry White receives a telephone call from someone calling himself the Wrecker. The Wrecker claims responsibility for the incidents and now wants $100,000 or else more targets will be destroyed. Superman prevents another ship from being blown up, intercepting a small model plane carrying a powerful explosive. Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen investigate further, checking out the possible source of a mysterious noise that can be heard in the background when the Wrecker calls Perry. Guest Stars: William Forrest as Mr. Crane, Renny McEvoy as Carnival Barker, Tom Powers as Mr. Morgan, Pierre Watkin as Mr. Kilgore, Denver Pyle as Emil Hatch.
4721"The Golden Vulture"Thomas CarrJackson GillisFebruary 6, 1954 ( 1954-02-06 )
Jimmy Olsen finds a bottle with a written message but seawater has washed away the ink. Clark Kent, using his enhanced vision, can make out the name "Golden Vulture," which is the name of a ship that has docked at Metropolis. The message was written by a member of the crew desperate to flee the vessel. Jimmy and Lois Lane board the ship to do a story but are captured when they find out too much. Clark, meanwhile, using his X-ray vision now knows that jewels and diamonds are being sent *to* the ship, which has supposedly found treasure in the Caribbean. Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Captain McBain, William Vincent as Ship Hand, Dan Turner as Ship Hand, Wes Hudman as Dock Worker, Murray Alper as Sanders, Robert Bice as Bennet, Carl Saxe as Ship Hand, Sol Gorss as Ship Hand, Vic Perrin as Scurvy.
4822"Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerFebruary 13, 1954 ( 1954-02-13 )
Jimmy Olsen becomes editor of the Daily Planet for a day. It's part of a program where young people assume important offices, including mayor and police chief, for 24 hours. Jimmy, however, wants to be more than a figurehead. He publishes a story in the newspaper claiming the boy editor has important information that will convict Legs Lemmy of a robbery. That robbery occurred nearly seven years ago and the statute of limitations is about to run out. Clark Kent and Perry White, both in Clark's office, try to keep track of what Jimmy is doing. Guest Stars: Jack Pepper as Daily Planet custodian, Bob Grosson as Junior Police Chief, Ronald Hargrave as Junior Mayor, Charles Anthony Hughes (credited as Anthony Hughes) as Hospital Director, Dick Rich as Toots, Keith Richards as Henchman, Herb Vigran as Legs Leemy.
4923"Lady in Black"Thomas CarrJackson GillisFebruary 20, 1954 ( 1954-02-20 )
Jimmy Olsen, staying temporarily at an apartment, is spooked. He's hearing mysterious noises, a painting on his wall seems to have changed and he encounters a man with a scar and a lady in black, including a black veil over her face. Superman investigates but finds nothing wrong. But strange things continue to happen to Jimmy when he's alone. Desperate, he calls Clark Kent at the office. Clark, using his super hearing, realizes Jimmy is in genuine danger. Guest Stars: Frank Ferguson as Mr. Frank, Frank Marlowe as an extra, John Doucette as Scarface, Rudolph Anders as art thief with glasses, Virginia Christine as Mrs. Frank, Mike Ragan as Police Officer.
5024"Star of Fate"Thomas CarrRoy HamiltonFebruary 27, 1954 ( 1954-02-27 )
A mysterious box from Egypt causes a bidding war between two men, Whitlock and Barnak. The box also is said to carry a curse and three people, including Lois Lane, are stricken opening it. Superman, in order to solve the mystery and save three lives, will fly to Egypt in search of a plant that is the basis of the antidote. He must race back to Metropolis, or else Jimmy Olsen will become a victim of the ruthless Barnak. Guest Stars: Ted Hecht as Ahmed, Tony De Mario as March, Lawrence Ryle as Dr. Barnack, Jeanne Dean as Alma, Arthur Space as Dr. Wilson, Paul E. Burns as Mr. Whitlock (as Paul Burns).
5125"The Whistling Bird"Thomas CarrDavid ChantlerMarch 6, 1954 ( 1954-03-06 )
Sterling Holloway returns as eccentric scientist Uncle Oscar, who while trying to cook up a formula for flavored stamp glue ends up with a powerful explosive. Rather than write down the entire formula, Uncle Oscar teaches vital segments of the formula to his talking parakeet Schuyler. A pair of foreign spies steal Schuyler and substitute a lookalike, then kidnap Oscar and his niece Nancy (Allene Roberts) in order to steal the explosive. This looks like a job for Superman (George Reeves)--but it may also prove to be his undoing, inasmuch as the loquacious Schuyler is savvy to Superman's "Clark Kent" guise. Guest Stars: Allene Roberts as Nancy, Toni Carroll as Dorothy Manners, Otto Waldis as Scientist, Sterling Holloway as Uncle Oscar, Marshall Reed as Security Agent, Joseph Vitale as Speck.
5226"Around the World with Superman"Thomas CarrJackson GillisMarch 13, 1954 ( 1954-03-13 )
A blind girl enters a Daily Planet contest in which the winner will go around the world with Superman. But she has entered the contest using her mother's name, intending that she win. The mother, meantime, wants nothing to do with all of this and being secretive. Clark works to figure out the puzzle and, using his super vision, determines the girl's sight can be restored. Guest Stars: Raymond Greenleaf as Dr. Anderson, James L. Brown as Jim Carson (as James Brown), Max Wagner as Radio Operator, Patrick Aherne as Murray, Judy Anne [sic] Nugent as Ann Carson, Kay Morley as Elaine Carson.

Season 3 (1955) Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
531"Through the Time Barrier"Harry GerstadDavid ChantlerApril 23, 1955 ( 1955-04-23 )
A nutty professor uses his time machine to send Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry and himself back to 50,000 B.C., along with a notorious gangster who decides he likes prehistoric times. Guest Stars: Ed Hinton as Cave Man, Jim Hyland as Turk Jackson, Florence Lake as Cave Woman, Sterling Holloway as Professor Twiddle.
542"The Talking Clue"Harry GerstadDavid ChantlerApril 30, 1955 ( 1955-04-30 )
Inspector Henderson's son, Ray, has a keen hobby: collecting various sounds on spools of tape. He has a lion's roar, a cannon firing, even the sound of bullets bouncing off Superman's chest. Meanwhile, Henderson is searching for a dangerous criminal known as Muscles McGurk. He is shocked and dismayed to find that Ray may be the gangster's accomplice. It seems that McGurk has been making use of Ray's sound recordings for his own nefarious purposes. After Ray is kidnapped by McGurk, it's up to Clark Kent to interpret a cryptic clue the young man left behind and then it's up to Superman to rescue him from the gunman's clutches. Guest Stars: Richard Shackleton as Ray Henderson, Julian Upton as Claude James, Billy Nelson as Muscles McGurk, Brick Sullivan as Policeman.
553"The Lucky Cat"Harry GerstadJackson GillisMay 7, 1955 ( 1955-05-07 )
Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen, on duty as reporters, visit a club that is devoted to thumbing its collective nose at any and all superstitions. Members must walk under a ladder after entering the rented meeting house. Pins are left all over the floor, and members are forbidden to pick any up. The chairman calls the meetings to order by breaking a mirror. Their mascot, of course, is a black cat. But bad things begin to befall members. The floor nearly caves in during Kent and Olsen's visit. Later, a member's chemical company catches fire. None of these things are put down to bad luck: they are clearly the work of a saboteur. Suspicion falls on the meeting house's raving, superstitious landlord. It's up to Superman, however, to find the true culprit. Guest Stars: Charles Watts as Bill Green, Ted Stanhope as Mr. Fredricks, Carl Harbord as Charlie King, Harry Tyler as Mr. Botts, John Phillips as Plainclothes Officer.
564" Superman Week"Harry GerstadPeggy Chantler DickMay 14, 1955 ( 1955-05-14 )
While Metropolis gears up to honor its most popular "citizen" during Superman Week, gangster Si Horten (Herburt Vigran) tries to figure out a way to rid the town of the Man of Steel. Taking reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) into his confidence, Horten gives Jimmy a milkshake laced with truth serum, whereupon the boy reveals the location of some hidden Kryptonite--the only substance that can render Superman helpless. Meanwhile, the ever-suspicious Lois Lane (Noel Neill) eagerly anticipates the awkward situation awaiting Clark Kent (George Reeves), who has been assigned to interview Superman on TV. Guest Stars: Buddy Mason as Bank Guard, Herb Vigran as Cy Horton, Jack George as Mr. Vanderglass, Tamar Cooper as Portrait Artist, Paul Burke as Matthew.
575"Great Caesar's Ghost"Harry GerstadJackson GillisMay 21, 1955 ( 1955-05-21 )
Everybody knows that the favorite expletive of "Daily Planet" Editor Perry White is "Great Caesar's Ghost!" With this in mind, imagine White's shock and dismay when he is confronted with the ghost of Julius Caesar. Before long, all of Metropolis is seriously questioning White's sanity—which is precisely the intention of a gang of crooks who hope to discredit Perry's testimony at a criminal trial. Looks like Superman (George Reeves) is going to have to do some ghost-busting in this one! Guest Stars: Trevor Bardette as Julius Caesar, Olaf Hytten as Jarvis, Jim Hayward as Gangster.
586"Test of a Warrior"George BlairLeroy H. ZehrenMay 28, 1955 ( 1955-05-28 )
Aging Indian Great Horse (Ralph Moody) is about to undergo the "Onaga," in order to become the new Chief. Superman (George Reeves) lends a helping hand by guiding Great Horse through the grueling gauntlet, a test of strength and courage that will qualify him to become the new Chief. The tribe's Medicine Man, Okatee, however, opposes Great Horse, knowing that Red Hawk, his son, will automatically succeed him. Red Hawk, a college graduate, opposes Okatee's insistence on tribal tradition, which, under Okatee's iron grip, are causing the tribe to suffer unnecessarily. After insuring Great Horse's elevation to Chief, Superman helps to bring desperately-needed rain to the reservation. Guest Stars: George Lewis as John Hancock, Maurice Jara as Red Hawk, Francis McDonald as Great Horse, Ralph Moody as Medicine Man Okatee, Lane Bradford as Indian.
597"Olsen's Millions"George BlairDavid ChantlerJune 4, 1955 ( 1955-06-04 )
After rescuing a cat owned by eccentric Mrs. Peabody (Elizabeth Patterson), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is given a reward—of one million dollars! Much to the dismay of his friends Clark (George Reeves) and Lois (Noel Neill), Jimmy begins throwing away his money on useless creature comforts, including a butler named Herbert (Leonard Carey), who turns out to be in cahoots with con man Stacy Tracey (Richard Reeves). First attempting to defraud Jimmy, Stracy ends up locking the neophyte millionaire and Lois in a safe, whereupon the pair is forced to incinerate "Olsen's millions" in order to create smoke signals that will summon Superman to their rescue. Guest Stars: Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Peabody, Leonard Carey as Herbert, George E. Stone as Big George, Tyler MacDuff as Delivery Boy, Richard Reeves as Stacey Tracey.
608"Clark Kent, Outlaw"George BlairLeroy H. ZehrenSeptember 10, 1955 ( 1955-09-10 )
Fired by editor Perry White (John Hamilton), disgraced reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves) joins a gang of diamond thieves. Unbeknownst to fellow reporters Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson), Clark's criminal career is but a sham, a scheme cooked up between Kent and White to trap the real crooks and turn them over to the law. Even so, Clark is forced to prove his loyalty to the gang by "eliminating" Lois and Jimmy, binding the hapless duo to a chair which is then set afire! Isn't it about time for Clark to sneak into that closet and change into Superman? Guest Stars: John Doucette as Foster, Lyn Thomas as Nurse, George Eldredge as Wingate, Pat O'Moore as Bennet, Sid Tomack as Curtis, Tris Coffin as Stoddard.
619"The Magic Necklace"George BlairJackson GillisSeptember 17, 1955 ( 1955-09-17 )
Lois (Noel Neill) writes a story about the discovery of an ancient necklace with alleged magic powers. It is said that whosoever wears the necklace will be protected from all harm. Gangster boss Jake Morrell (Lawrence Ryle) decides to kidnap Lois as part of a scheme to find out if the necklace is all it is cracked up to be. But Morrell has reckoned without the intervention of Lois's fellow reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves), who happens to have an alternate identity as a flying superhero. Guest Stars: Lawrence Ryle as Jake Morrell, Ted Hecht as Correspondent, Cliff Ferre as Dispatcher, Frank Jenks as Lazy, Paul Fierro as Abdul, Leonard Mudie as Professor Jody, John Harmon as Clicker.
6210"The Bully of Dry Gulch"George BlairDavid ChantlerSeptember 24, 1955 ( 1955-09-24 )
Visiting the quaint Old West community of Dry Gulch, Jimmy quickly runs afoul of town bully Gunnar Flinch, who has an eye for Lois. Not necessarily a job for Superman, who nonetheless provides a still timely lesson on bullying. Guest Stars: Myron Healey as Gunner Flinch, Eddie Baker as Bartender, Raymond Hatton as Sagebrush, Martin Garralaga as Pedro.
6311"Flight to the North"George BlairDavid ChantlerOctober 1, 1955 ( 1955-10-01 )
Future TV western star Chuck Connors appears in this classic episode as a gangly hillbilly who happens to be named Sylvester J. Superman. Arriving in Metropolis to seek his fortune, the clueless Sylvester answers a classified ad for the "real" Superman (George Reeves) and before long has been hired by a woman named Marge (Marjorie Owens) to deliver a lemon meringue pie to her fiancé, Steve (Richard Garland), stationed at a remote Air Force weather base in Alaska. Meanwhile, gangster Leftover Louie (who else but Ben Welden?) has wagered $25,000 that he can convince his schoolmate Marge to bake him a fresh lemon meringue pie, even though she can't stand the sight of him. Inevitably, these two plot strands are intertwined, as a hopelessly confused Steve welcomes the vacuous Sylvester, a gun-toting Louie, and the honest-to-goodness Superman into his tiny snowbound shack. Guest Stars: Chuck Connors as Sylvester J. Superman, Richard Garland as Steve, Marjorie Owens as Margie Holloway, Ralph Sanford as Buckets, George Chandler as Hotel Clerk, Ben Welden as Leftover Louie Lyman.
6412"The Seven Souvenirs"George BlairJackson GillisOctober 8, 1955 ( 1955-10-08 )
A curio dealer named Mr. Willy (Phillips Tead) is enjoying a brisk business selling dozens of souvenir daggers that he claims have been bent out of shape by "man of steel" Superman (George Reeves). Of course, Superman's alter ego Clark Kent knows that the daggers are phony. Why, then, is someone willing to steal every one of the daggers that have been sold in Metropolis? Well, it seems that a con man named Jasper (Arthur Space) is hoping to dupe Superman into using his x-ray vision to transform two of the worthless daggers into valuable radium. Guest Stars: Louise Lewis as Lady, Phil Tead as Mr. Willy, Steve Calvert as Louie, Rick Vallin as Scar Man, Arthur Space as Mr. Jasper.
6513"King for a Day"George BlairDwight BabcockOctober 15, 1955 ( 1955-10-15 )
Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is mistaken for Prince Gregory of Burgonia (Chet Marshall), who has been targeted for assassination. Putting his life on the line, Jimmy agrees to impersonate Gregory, the better to bring the would-be killer out in the open. Once the not-so-well-hidden culprit is revealed, things look mighty bleak for our boy Jimmy. But never fear—Superman (Clark Kent) is dashing to the rescue. Guest Stars: Chet Marshall as Prince Gregor, Peter Mamakos as Marcel, Jan Arvan as Rigor, Leon Askin as Vallin, Stephen Bekassy as Colonel Gubeck, Carolyn Scott as Baroness, Phil Van Zandt as Maral.

Season 4 (1956) Edit

A rash of robberies throughout Metropolis has both the authorities and reporters for the Daily Planet baffled. No one was seen taking the merchandise from various shops and establishments in the city. Editor Perry White is screaming for this mysterious case to be solved. The closest thing to a lead comes to Clark Kent in the form of a homing pigeon. A note is in the box in which the bird was delivered. It is signed by the Spectre, the mastermind behind this crime wave. If Kent wants to learn more about the recent thefts, he's to send a reply with the feathered messenger. No police are to be involved. However, nothing is said about Superman. Clark Kent may need his costumed alter ego if he is to make any progress in this investigation.

Season 5 (1957) Edit

Bank robber Lank Garrett who is out on parole after being in prison for seven years. Nobody knows where the million dollars he stole is hidden. Police believe that Garrett will wait patiently for his probation to be up to use the money to finance a new criminal empire. The gangster is not talking to reporters about anything. However, Daily Planet editor Perry White is willing to pay an extra month's salary to either Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen or Clark Kent if one of them can land an exclusive interview with Garrett. Lois and Jimmy have every intention of scooping Clark. Should they get Lank Garrett to talk, the Planet could have one of the biggest articles ever printed. On the other hand, Jimmy and Lois could wind up in the middle of yet another dangerous situation that will require Superman's help.


Overview [ edit | edit source ]

Elizabeth basks in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. However, she unexpectedly spots Sally and gives chase. As she pursues her, Elizabeth's idealized vision of the French city turns nightmarish. Her memories of Columbia, Comstock, and Sally continue to haunt her.

Storyline [ edit | edit source ]

Elizabeth wakes up in the Toys section of Fontaine's Housewares Department shortly after the events of Episode 1. Atlas and his men take Sally away and search the corpse of Comstock for valuables. Before they can shoot Elizabeth, a vision of Booker DeWitt appears and coaches her to claim she can help Atlas escape the sunken department store. She gives Atlas information about Dr. Yi Suchong to convince him and promises freedom in exchange for returning Sally. Left alone, Elizabeth begins to explore the store and finds her own dead body amongst some rubble. She realizes that her former self was killed by the same Bouncer that impaled Comstock. However, her powers allowed her to continue existing in some form in the multiverse, and her sense of guilt about the way she used Sally to get revenge on Comstock, moved her to get back to Rapture and clean up the mess. The Lutece Twins had advised her not to venture back into Rapture, because her quantum-superposition would collapse into one last Elizabeth, mortal, without omniscience or the ability to open Tears, and cut off from the Elizabeths of the alternative universes, but she was determined to return to Rapture and rescue Sally. The voice of Booker, who states he is simply a facet of Elizabeth's subconscious, helps her in making her way through the Splicer-inhabited store. Tracking down Suchong, Elizabeth discovers the doctor knew about Columbia and built a Lutece Device connecting back to the flying city, based on the Luteces' technology. Elizabeth rationalizes that she can use the Lutece Particle that kept Columbia afloat to lift the department store back to Rapture.

She collects equipment needed to repair the vandalized device with the reluctant help of Atlas and Suchong. Elizabeth then travels through a Tear back to Columbia. She finds herself aboard The First Lady during the time when Booker and Elizabeth had stormed Jeremiah Fink's factory with the Vox Populi. She recovers the Lutece Particle easily enough, but before she can return to Rapture, Suchong closes the Tear and forces her to collect a lock of hair from one of Fink's hidden laboratories. During this, Elizabeth learns that Daisy Fitzroy was instructed by the Luteces to take Fink's son hostage to push Elizabeth into making the innocence-ending decision to kill the revolutionary and thus pass into a mature mindset. She also learns that Fink and Suchong communicated through the Tear rift and collaborated on many technological projects, such as the use and processing of ADAM to make both plasmids and vigors and the creation and conditioning of Songbird based on the Big Daddy technology. Unlike the Little Sisters, who were bonded through science, Elizabeth was bonded to her protector through an act of kindness. She retrieves the lock of hair, which turns out to be her own and escapes the scavenging Vox Populi forces to return to the Tear and get back to Rapture.

Once back, she transports the hair sample to Suchong, but, through a video monitor, comes face to face with Andrew Ryan. He secures the room and sends her an ultimatum: either join forces with him or die at the hands of his private police who are moving through the facility finishing off Atlas' followers. Elizabeth escapes and makes her way to Frank Fontaine's private office, bringing with her the Lutece Particle to the top of the sunken structure where the load bearing columns meet. As she releases the particle and causes the building to start rising, Atlas' men capture her, believing her to be more valuable than Sally. Elizabeth is overdosed with a truth serum in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of the "Ace in the Hole", and wakes up two weeks later, with the Rapture Civil War in full swing. Atlas then tortures her by threatening to lobotomize her unless she tells him where the Ace in the Hole lies. Elizabeth is unmoved by this until Atlas threatens to perform the act on Sally. In a moment of intolerable panic, Elizabeth recalls one future that she previously witnessed, and tells Atlas that the Ace is in Suchong's lab. Holding Sally hostage, Atlas sends Elizabeth to retrieve the Ace. While exploring, Elizabeth indirectly causes the death of Suchong at the hands of a Big Daddy, one that Elizabeth recently bonded with two Little Sisters. She retrieves the Ace — a simple piece of paper with a coded message from Suchong — from the doctor's corpse and returns it to Atlas, knowing full well Atlas will betray her. Atlas is furious at the contents, but in one last flash of memory, Elizabeth finds herself aboard the plane that transported Jack to Rapture, and recognizes the coded message as Jack's trigger phrase, "Would You Kindly". Secure in the knowledge that Atlas' "Ace" will also be his undoing, she translates the code. Atlas begins to form a plan for Jack to come to Rapture and kill Ryan, then fatally strikes Elizabeth again, sealing their fates and leaving her alone with Sally, "honoring" his part of the deal. As Elizabeth succumbs to her wounds, she has one last vision of the future, revealing that Jack will be the one to end the cycle of violence in Rapture and save Sally and the other Little Sisters. Sally begins to sing La Vie en Rose to comfort Elizabeth, who dies happily, content that the matters will be resolved.

A post-credits scene shows a view of Rapture and the tail of the Apollo Air Flight DF-0301 sinking towards the city — heralding Jack's arrival.

Main Characters [ edit | edit source ]

Locations [ edit | edit source ]

Israel’s Netanyahu ‘determined’ to continue Gaza operation

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked on during a briefing to ambassadors to Israel at the Hakirya military base in Tel Aviv, Israel, today.

Palestinians inspected the damage of a destroyed house that was hit by an Israeli airstrike in the town of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, today.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip >> Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to press ahead with a fierce military offensive in the Gaza Strip, pushing back today against calls from the United States to wind down the operation that has left hundreds dead.

Netanyahu&rsquos tough comments marked the first public rift between the two close allies since the fighting began last week and could complicate international efforts to reach a cease-fire.

Israel continued to pound targets in Gaza with airstrikes today, while Palestinian militants bombarded Israel with rocket fire throughout the day. In another sign of potential escalation, militants in Lebanon fired a barrage of rockets into northern Israel.

After a visit to military headquarters, Netanyahu said he &ldquogreatly appreciates the support of the American president,&rdquo but said Israel will push ahead &ldquoto return the calm and security to you, citizens of Israel.&rdquo

He said he is &ldquodetermined to continue this operation until its aim is met.&rdquo

He spoke shortly after U.S. President Joe Biden told Netanyahu &ldquothat he expected a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire,&rdquo the White House said.

Biden had previously avoided pressing Israel more directly and publicly for a cease-fire with Gaza&rsquos Hamas militant rulers. But pressure has been ramping up on Biden to intervene more forcefully as other diplomatic efforts also gather strength.

Netanyahu has repeatedly vowed to press ahead with the operation, and his latest response to Biden signaled he had no intentions of stopping.

Egyptian negotiators have also been working to halt the fighting, and an Egyptian diplomat said top officials were waiting for Israel&rsquos response to a cease-fire offer. The diplomat spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said he would fly to the region Thursday for talks with Israelis and Palestinians.

Earlier in the day, the Israeli military said it was widening its strikes on militant targets in southern Gaza to blunt continuing rocket fire from Hamas. At least nine people were killed in the Gaza Strip today.

The current round of fighting between Israel and Hamas began May 10 when the militant group fired long-range rockets toward Jerusalem after days of clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a flashpoint site sacred to Jews and Muslims. Heavy-handed police tactics at the compound and the threatened eviction of dozens of Palestinian families by Jewish settlers had inflamed tensions.

Since then, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes against what it says are targeting Hamas&rsquo militant infrastructure, and Hamas and other militant groups embedded in residential areas have fired more than 3,700 rockets at Israeli cities, with hundreds falling short and most of the rest intercepted or landing in open areas.

At least 227 Palestinians have been killed, including 64 children and 38 women, with 1,620 people wounded, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, which does not break the numbers down into fighters and civilians. Hamas and Islamic Jihad say at least 20 of their fighters have been killed, while Israel says the number is at least 130. Some 58,000 Palestinians have fled their homes.

Twelve people in Israel, including a 5-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and a soldier, have been killed.

Today, militants in Lebanon fired a barrage of rockets into northern Israel, threatening to open up a new front in fighting.

The rocket attack, which drew Israeli artillery fire in response but did not cause any injuries, raised the possibility of dragging Israel into renewed conflict with the powerful Lebanese militant group Hezbollah to its north.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, and Hezbollah, which fought a monthlong war against Israel in 2006, has stayed out of the fighting for now. The rockets are widely believed to be fired by Palestinian factions based in south Lebanon.

But they cannot operate without Hezbollah&rsquos tacit consent, and the barrage appears to be carefully calibrated to send a political message that the group, which has tens of thousands of missiles, could join the battle at any time. Israel considers Hezbollah to be its most formidable threat, and has threatened widespread destruction in Lebanon if war were to erupt.

In Gaza, one of the Israeli airstrikes destroyed the home of an extended family.

Residents surveyed the piles of bricks, concrete and other debris that had once been the home of 40 members of al-Astal family in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis. They said a warning missile struck the building five minutes before the airstrike, allowing everyone to escape.

Ahmed al-Astal, a university professor, described a scene of panic, with men, women and children racing out of the building. Some of the women didn&rsquot even have time to cover their hair with Muslim headscarves, he said.

&ldquoWe had just gotten down to the street, breathless, when the devastating bombardment came,&rdquo he said. &ldquoThey left nothing but destruction, the children&rsquos cries filling the street. … This is happening, and there is no one to help us.&rdquo

Another strike in nearby Deir al-Balah killed a man, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter, witnesses said. Iyad Salha, a brother of the man who was killed, said the family had just sat down for lunch when the missile hit.

Among those killed today were a reporter for Hamas-run Al-Aqsa radio and two people who died when warning missiles crashed into their apartment.

The Israeli military said it was striking a militant tunnel network in southern Gaza, with 52 aircraft hitting 40 underground targets.

Military officials, meanwhile, said a mysterious explosion that killed eight members of a Palestinian family on the first day of the fighting was caused by a misfired rocket from Gaza. &ldquoThis wasn&rsquot an Israeli attack,&rdquo said Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman.

Since the fighting began, Gaza&rsquos infrastructure, already weakened by a 14-year blockade, has rapidly deteriorated. Medical supplies, water and fuel for electricity are running low in the territory, on which Israel and Egypt imposed the blockade after Hamas seized power in 2007.

Israeli attacks have damaged at least 18 hospitals and clinics and destroyed one health facility, the World Health Organization said. Nearly half of all essential drugs have run out.

The Gaza Health Ministry said it had salvaged coronavirus vaccines after shrapnel from an Israeli airstrike damaged the territory&rsquos only testing facility, which also administered hundreds of vaccines. The operations were relocated to another clinic.

Dr. Majdi Dhair, head of preventive medicine at the ministry, said the territory was already struggling to recover from a coronavirus wave that hit in February, with more than 4,200 active cases. At least 986 people have died from COVID-19 in Gaza, which only has enough supplies to vaccinate some 55,000 people out of a population of 2 million.

Among the buildings leveled by Israeli airstrikes was one housing The Associated Press&rsquo Gaza office and those of other media outlets.

Netanyahu has alleged that Hamas military intelligence was operating in the building. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday that Israel had given the U.S. information about the bombing, without elaborating.

The AP has called for an independent investigation. The news organization&rsquos president, Gary Pruitt, has said the AP had no indication Hamas was present in the building.

The fighting, the worst since a 2014 war between Israel and Hamas, has ignited protests around the world and inspired Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories to call a general strike Tuesday. It was a rare collective action that spanned boundaries central to decades of failed peace efforts. Israel captured the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in the 1967 Mideast war, territories the Palestinians want for their future state.

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Missing a Plane or Bus

If this is your stress dream, you're in good company! Diane Sawyer once told me she has this dream. The stress this dream is connected to is deadline stress. Perhaps you're like Diane and your job consists of constant deadlines you have to meet. Otherwise, this dream can be connected to self-imposed deadlines such as losing a certain amount of weight in time for the office holiday party or reaching a career goal by a certain age, etc.

The Lesson: Time is slippery and often gets away from us. This dream is letting you know you'd best be on your toes and learn how to manage your time and do what is necessary so you can meet that deadline or grab that opportunity when it comes your way – because it will be here before you know it.


Within the mind of a girl named Riley are the basic emotions that control her actions—Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Her experiences become memories, stored as colored orbs, which are sent into long-term memory each night. Her five most important "core memories" power aspects of her personality which take the form of floating islands. Joy acts as the leader, and she and the rest of the emotions try to limit Sadness's influence.

At the age of 11, Riley moves to San Francisco for her father's new job. She at first has poor experiences the new house is cramped and old, her father hardly has any time for her, a local pizza parlor only serves pizza topped with broccoli, and the moving van with their belongings ends up in Texas and will not arrive for weeks. On Riley's first day at her new school, Sadness retroactively turns joyous memories sad, which causes Riley to cry in front of her class and creates a sad core memory. Joy tries to dispose of it by using a vacuum tube but accidentally knocks the other core memories loose during a struggle with Sadness, disabling the personality islands. Joy, Sadness, and the core memories are sucked out of the Headquarters.

In Joy and Sadness's absence, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are left in control, with disastrous results, distancing Riley from her parents, friends, and hobbies. Because of this, her personality islands gradually crumble and fall into the "Memory Dump", where memories are forgotten. Finally, Anger inserts an idea into the console, prompting Riley to run away to Minnesota, believing it will restore her happiness.

While navigating the vast long-term memory area, Joy and Sadness encounter Bing Bong, Riley's childhood imaginary friend, who suggests riding the "train of thought" back to Headquarters. The three, after extreme inconvenience caused by the islands' dissolution, eventually catch the train but it halts when Riley falls asleep, then derails entirely with the collapse of another island. In desperation, Joy abandons Sadness and tries to ride a "recall tube" back to the Headquarters but the ground below the tube collapses, breaking and sending Joy and Bing Bong plunging into the Memory Dump. A crestfallen Joy discovers a sad memory that turned happy when Riley's parents and friends comforted her. Joy finally understands Sadness's purpose: alerting others when Riley is emotionally overwhelmed and needs help. Joy and Bing Bong try to use Bing Bong's old wagon rocket to escape the Memory Dump but are unable to fly high enough due to Bing Bong's weight. On their last attempt, Bing Bong jumps out to allow Joy to escape as he fades away.

Joy reunites with Sadness and they return to the Headquarters, but arrive too late as Anger's idea has disabled the console, rendering Riley apathetic. To the surprise of the others, Joy hands control of the console to Sadness, who is able to reactivate it and prompt Riley to return to her new home. As Sadness reinstalls the core memories, transforming them from happy to sad, Riley tearfully confesses to her parents that she misses her old life. Her parents comfort her and admit they also miss Minnesota. Joy and Sadness work the console together, creating a new core memory consisting of happiness and sadness a new island forms, representing Riley's acceptance of her new life in San Francisco.

A year later, Riley has adapted to her new home, made new friends, and returned to her old hobbies while acquiring a few new ones. Inside the Headquarters, her emotions admire Riley's new personality islands, and all work together on a newly expanded console with room for them all.

    as Joy [7] as Sadness [7] as Bing Bong [8] as Anger [7] as Fear [7] as Disgust [7]
  • Kaitlyn Dias as Riley [1] as Riley's Mother [9] as Riley's Father [9] as Forgetter Paula [1] as Forgetter Bobby [1] as the dream director [10] as Subconscious Guard Frank [10] as Subconscious Guard Dave [10] as Jangles [10] as Mind Worker Cop Jake [10] as Fritz [10] as a helicopter pilot [10] as Clown's Joy [10] as Cool Girl's emotions [10]

Development Edit

The film was first announced in August 2011 at the D23 Expo. [11] As a child, director Pete Docter's family relocated to Denmark so that his father could study the music of Carl Nielsen. [12] While his sisters had an easy time adjusting to the new surroundings, Docter felt he was judged constantly by peers. [13] While other kids were interested in sports, Docter sat alone drawing, a hobby that eventually led him to animation. [14] His social anxiety ended by high school. [12]

Docter noticed his pre-teen daughter, Elie, exhibiting similar shyness. [15] "She started getting more quiet and reserved, and that, frankly, triggered a lot of my own insecurities and fears," he said. [12] He imagined what happens in the human mind when emotions set in. The idea to depict it through animation excited Docter, who felt it the ideal form to portray "strong, opinionated, caricatured personalities". [16] After working on the animated film Up, Docter invited Ronnie Del Carmen to become a co-director. [17] Del Carmen asked Docter that "would like you to co-direct with me", and Del Carmen knew for the first time, who realized why he had been chosen by the director. [17] Docter began researching information about the mind with Del Carmen and producer Jonas Rivera, and they consulted psychologist Paul Ekman and the University of California, Berkeley professor of psychology Dacher Keltner. Ekman had early in his career identified six core emotions—anger, fear, sadness, disgust, joy, and surprise. Docter found surprise and fear to be too similar, which left him with five emotions to build characters around. [16] Other emotions considered for inclusion during the development process were schadenfreude, ennui, pride, and hope. [18] Keltner focused on sadness being an emotion that strengthens relationships. [16] Both emphasized how emotions organize social lives and the structuring of interpersonal interactions. [6]

The smash success of Docter's Up encouraged those at Pixar to allow Docter to create another film with a more sophisticated story. [12] Inside Out is the first Pixar film without input from co-founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. In addition, the film did not have as much input from the chief creative officer John Lasseter, who has focused on restructuring Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank at the time of its production. [12] Executives at Disney and Pixar were positive at the proposal of making Inside Out, but acknowledged it would be difficult to market. [19] The film's title, Inside Out, was officially announced by Pixar in April 2013. [20]

Story Edit

Docter recruited a story crew to help develop the film's plotline. Although animation as an industry had been dominated by men, half of the story crew were women, in an attempt to have more diverse input. The choice to focus the film on a girl came from research that claimed that females age 11 to 17 are more attuned to expressions and emotions than others. The idea to have Riley play hockey came from Del Carmen, who observed that the sport is very popular in Minnesota. Initial ideas for the film found the main character, Riley, falling into a deep depression: Docter later felt they were inappropriate and scrapped them, although in the final film Riley does sink into a depression. [12]

The film was first storyboarded over a period of two to three years, all the while undergoing screenings for Pixar's "Brain Trust", a small group of creative leaders at Pixar who oversee development on all films. After multiple screenings and suggestions from other filmmakers, the picture was put into production. It was again evaluated three months into that process. Kevin Nolting, the editor of the film, estimated there were seven versions of Inside Out created before it even went into production. [21] The story team attempted to create as much contrast with characters as possible. [14] They found Joy the most complex character to write for, as she illustrates a broad range of "happy feelings". [22] The earliest idea present in the final film is that Joy holds onto youth too long, setting about a "social storm" for Riley. [23] It was not until several screenings later that they came upon the concept of moving to a new place, which created an external conflict that made the story easier to write. Initially, this crisis was to be set at a Thanksgiving Day pageant, in which Riley was hoping to be cast as its lead role, the turkey. Docter later deemed this idea too "bizarre" and it was replaced. [24]

Docter estimated it took four years of development for the film to achieve success in marrying the architecture of Riley's mind and her personal troubles. The concept of "personality islands" helped develop the film's emotional stakes, as they directly affect events inside her mind and in her life. In one draft, the characters fell into "Idea Fields", where they would "cultivate new ideas", much like a farmer would cultivate crop. [24] The character of Bing Bong—a discarded old imaginary friend—came about in one draft of the film as part of a refugee camp inside Riley's mind. It was difficult to achieve the correct tone for the film for example, viewers could not be distracted by Joy's nature or feel negative about the mess she helps steer Riley into. Rivera credited the casting of Amy Poehler, in addition to the idea of moving, with helping the film find the right tone. [23]

An early version of the film focused on Joy and Fear getting lost together, as it seemed to be the most humorous choice. By July 2012, the project was set for an evaluation screening with other Pixar filmmakers. Docter gradually began to feel that the story was not working, which made him think that he might get fired. He took a long walk one Sunday, where he began to consider himself a failure, and that he should resign from the film. [16] While pondering what he would miss about Pixar, he concluded that he would miss his coworkers and friends most of all. He soon reached a breakthrough: that emotions are meant to connect people together, and that relationships are the most important things in life. [19] He decided to replace Fear with Sadness, which he felt is crucial to renewal. He met with Rivera and Del Carmen that night to explain his change of plans, and to his surprise, they reacted positively to it. At the screening, he informed his superiors that new plans for the film were in order. Although it was a "scary moment", the film remained in production. [12]

Screenwriter Michael Arndt initially worked for a year on the film's script, calling it "both a brilliantly creative idea but also incredibly challenging", but left the project in early 2011, adding that "knowing the Pixar process, there may not be a single word [I wrote] that remains in the final script! They've had writers work on it since then." [25] Josh Cooley and Meg LeFauve were credited as co-writers of the screenplay following their contributions during the rewrite. Like Docter, Cooley and LeFauve included experiences with raising their own children into the screenplay. Cooley said, "we treated the emotions like parents for Riley and because all of us in the writing room are parents ourselves, we just reflected on our own experiences as parents to create the characters." [18] Despite his departure, Arndt received an "Additional Story Material" credit. [26] Simon Rich also acted as a writer on the film. [27]

Casting Edit

The film's voice cast of emotions, Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and Phyllis Smith, were first announced in August 2013. [7] With the release of the film's first trailer in December 2014, it was revealed that Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan were cast in the film as Riley's parents. [9]

Hader was cast to voice Fear, a role that he felt he "weaseled" his way into by being a "huge fan" of Pixar's filmography. [28] Hader toured the studio over a week, and also "helped out" in the story room. [29] He was invited to play Fear by the end of his stay there, but was also asked to contact fellow Saturday Night Live (SNL) veteran Amy Poehler, whom the team viewed as perfect for the character of Joy. "They said: 'Would you mind calling Amy? We don't want to call her and have her think we're some weirdo, ' " he recalled. He phoned Poehler and explained the story to her, noting that her role would be the driving force in the film. [29] When the story was pitched to Kaling, she broke down in tears, explaining "I just think it's really beautiful that you guys are making a story that tells kids that it's difficult to grow up and it's OK to be sad about it." [16]

Rivera chose Smith after watching a lunch scene in Bad Teacher (2011), in which Docter, as Rivera called him, remarked, "I think we found our Sadness." [30] As the film contains several veterans of SNL, the film's team spent a week at that program for research on a live television sequence. [28] Richard Kind was cast to voice Bing Bong, who tried to convey the same "sort of innocence" of his previous Pixar roles, and wound up not taking part in pre-release promotion as the producers decided to keep the character a secret. [31]

Animation Edit

The film's art design is intended to reflect 1950s Broadway musicals. [12] Docter imagined that with emotions for characters, they could "push the level of caricature both in the design and in the style of movement to degrees [they had] never done before". To this end, they emulated animators Tex Avery and Chuck Jones. [24] Docter informed supervising animators Shawn Krause and Victor Navone to push the graphic caricature of each character rather than sticking to the rigid behavior of each RenderMan model. This required an artist to draw over characters in the film during dailies, using a Wacom Cintiq. [32] One of the first scenes the team worked on was the dinnertime scene, in which viewers rapidly switch between the real world and Headquarters inside the family's minds. [21]

In envisaging how the mind's interior would be depicted, the filmmakers concentrated on the word "electrochemical" as production designer Ralph Eggleston explained that this word was meant for considering various options as either "energy or energy-based". [33] Each emotion has a glowing, "effervescent quality" to them, [34] which were made out of energy and particles, and part of a "massive collection of energy" instead of "skin and solid" elements. [35] The team worked for eight months on Joy's "sparkly" aura, but the team could not "afford" to work on it, which would affect the film's budget however, Lasseter requested that it be applied for each emotion as Eggleston recalled, "You could hear the core technical staff just hitting the ground, the budget falling through the roof". [36]

The film is localized to accommodate international audiences: in the Japanese version, for example, Riley is disgusted by green bell peppers, rather than by broccoli, to reflect the fact that broccoli is generally less undesirable to Japanese children. [37]

Music Edit

Michael Giacchino composed the film's score. [38] The producers first met with Giacchino to explain the film's concept and screen it for him. [24] In response, he composed an eight-minute suite of music, unconnected to the film, based on his emotions viewing it. [24] Rivera noted that while both Giacchino and Docter were musicians, they discussed the film in terms of story and character. [24] Walt Disney Records released the soundtrack on June 16, 2015. [39]

Promotion Edit

The marketing campaign for Inside Out began on October 2, 2014, when the teaser trailer for the film was released [41] alongside the first theatrical release poster. [42] Angie Han from /Film wrote that Inside Out 's teaser trailer had a "nice reminder of how unique and inventive Pixar can be when it's at its best" as Pixar's future ideas have been ran out, which the film could be placed a spot on the 2015's list of "must-see" films. [42] Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair wrote that Inside Out 's teaser trailer allowed Pixar's guide which targeted on "Herman's Head with Amy Poehler". [43]

On December 8, 2014, the first trailer of Inside Out was released. [9] Germain Lussier of /Film acted Inside Out 's first trailer as "the opposite", resulting the film would "actually happening" [44] while Phil De Semlyen of Empire describes the film's first trailer as "the high-concept conceit", avoiding the plot that was "darting around" it, with a full sequence to "help us wrap our minds around it." [45] The second trailer for Inside Out was debuted on The Ellen Show on March 10, 2015. [46] Angie Han of /Film wrote that Inside Out 's second trailer allowed the crier viewer to "bring tissues" to the film. [47]

Television advertisements of Inside Out began airing on January 17, 2015. [48] While Inside Out was ranked fourth on the "Top Movie Commercials by Weekly TV Spend", $22.8 million were spent on 58 versions of commercials aired 1,261 times on 34 networks overall as of June 17, mostly aired on Disney Channel and Disney XD, and most of the money going to NBC and ABC. [48] With its following week to June 23 being its last time as one of the top five projects with the highest commercial spending, Inside Out topped at second place, and 73 commercials aired a total of 1,417 times on 35 networks, bringing the film's overall television advertisement spending to $28.9 million. [49]

Video games Edit

An Inside Out play set featuring all five emotions as playable characters was made available for Disney Infinity 3.0. [50] The mobile Puzzle Bobble-style game, Inside Out: Thought Bubbles, was released on June 18, 2015, and the game is available on Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Windows Store, and Windows Phone Store. [51] [52]

Theatrical Edit

Inside Out premiered and screened out-of-competition at the 68th Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2015. [53] In the United States, Inside Out had its world premiere at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on June 8, [54] and was released on June 19, [55] in 3D [56] which accompanied the short animated film, Lava. [57] Inside Out was originally scheduled to be released in the United States on May 30, 2014 [58] however, it was pushed back to its current date as Pixar scheduled The Good Dinosaur (2015) for the original date instead. [55]

Inside Out was the first animated film to be released in Dolby Vision format in Dolby Cinema and the second for Disney following Tomorrowland (2015). [59] Along with The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out was one of two feature films released by Pixar in the same calendar year, marking the first time in the company's history. [60] Before Inside Out 's release, the film underwent a test screening for children, since executives were concerned that it would be too complicated for younger viewers. [22]

Home media Edit

Inside Out was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Blu-ray and DVD on November 3, 2015, [61] while a digital release was released on October 13. [62] These releases include behind-the-scenes featurettes, audio commentary, and deleted scenes as well as Pixar's theatrical short, titled Lava and the short film, which is set after the events of Inside Out, titled Riley's First Date? (2015). [63] [64] In its first week, Inside Out sold 802,344 DVDs and 1.2 million Blu-rays as the most sold film on both formats in the United States. [65] That same week, Inside Out topped the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, as well as the dedicated Blu-ray sales chart with 57% of unit sales coming from Blu-ray. [66] Overall, Inside Out sold 2.9 million DVDs and 2.6 million Blu-rays, adding them up to get a total of 5.5 million copies, and made $121.1 million through home media releases. [65]

Box office Edit

Inside Out grossed $356.9 million in the United States and Canada and $501.1 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $858 million, [4] against a production budget of $175 million. [3] Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $279.51 million, accounting for production budgets, P&A, talent participations, and other costs, with box office grosses, and ancillary revenues from home media, placing it sixth on their list of 2015's "Most Valuable Blockbusters". [3]

In the United States and Canada, Inside Out was released alongside Dope (2015) and was originally projected to gross $84–89 million from 3,946 theaters, with 3,100 of those in 3D by the week of its release. [67] [68] It grossed $3.7 million during its Thursday night showings, a record among Pixar films that had Thursday night showings, but behind Toy Story 3 's (2010) $4 million midnight showing. [69] In its opening day, the film earned $34.3 million, [68] and through its opening weekend, it placed second with $90.4 million, behind the second-weekend gross of Jurassic World (2015) ($106.6 million). [70] Inside Out was the first Pixar film not to debut at first the biggest opening weekend that did not debut at first, surpassing the record of The Day After Tomorrow 's (2004) $68.7 million and the biggest opening for an original film, surpassing the record of Avatar 's (2009) $77 million. [71] The film's successful opening has been attributed to its Cannes premiere, CinemaCon press screening, its critical reception (particularly the 98% Rotten Tomatoes score), good word-of-mouth, Father's Day weekend, and a successful Tuesday-night Fathom screening. [72] [73] In its second weekend, the film fell by 42% to $52.3 million and still held the second spot. [65] Inside Out reached first at the box office in its third weekend, which was Independence Day weekend, with $29.8 million, [74] until the film was dethroned at third by Minions (2015) and Jurassic World in its fourth weekend, with Inside Out grossed $17.6 million during this weekend. [75] In July 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic closing most theaters worldwide and limiting what films played, Inside Out returned to 442 theaters (mostly drive-ins) and grossed $340,000, the third-highest for the weekend behind The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Black Panther 's (2018) re-releases. [76]

In other territories, the film earned an estimated $40.3 million on its opening weekend from 37 countries. [77] Its largest openings were recorded in China ($11.7 million), the United Kingdom ($11.4 million), Mexico ($8.6 million), Russia and the CIS ($7.6 million), Italy ($7.4 million), Germany ($7.1 million), and South Korea ($5.2 million). [78] In total earnings, its largest markets outside the United States and Canada are the United Kingdom ($59.4 million), Japan ($32.8 million), South Korea ($32.6 million), Germany ($31.6 million), and France ($30.1 million). [65] It became the highest-grossing Disney animated or Pixar film of all time in Mexico (ahead of Frozen (2013)), the Philippines (ahead of Big Hero 6 (2014)), India, Ukraine, and Russia where the film became the second-highest-grossing Disney or Pixar film and the first Pixar film to exceed one billion rubles. [79] [80]

Critical response Edit

As of May 2021 [update] , The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported an approval rating of 98% with an average score of 8.90/10 based on 374 reviews. The website's critical consensus reads, "Inventive, gorgeously animated, and powerfully moving, Inside Out is another outstanding addition to the Pixar library of modern animated classics." [81] As of May 2021 [update] , Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the film a score of 94 out of 100 based on 55 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". [82] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale. [72] Before the film's release, there was concern among the general public that Pixar films were declining in quality, with an over-reliance on sequels. [83] Likewise, DreamWorks Animation's competition with Pixar was disappointed within the latter's absence, leading to speculation that the "genre" of computer animation was "in a funk". [12] Inside Out has been hailed as a return to form for Pixar by numerous film critics. [84]

Following an advance screening at CinemaCon on April 22, 2015, the film was well received by audiences. Praise was aimed for its smart storyline, although some wondered whether the concept was too complicated for young audiences and to attract family crowds. [85] [86] After premiering at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, the film attracted praise from film critics. Peter Debruge of Variety was effusive, called it the studio's "greatest idea" and "a stunningly original concept", as the people thought that "change[d] the way". [87] The Chicago Tribune ' s Michael Phillips called it the studio's best since Up (also directed by Docter), a "consistently inventive and a heartening corrective to recent, stockholder-driven inferiorities". [88] Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter deemed it an "audacious concept" that stands among the most "conceptually trippy films" for family audiences. [89] Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair thought the film was likely to have adults make some gestures by "shed[ding] more" to it, because the film "might have some trouble" with children. [90] The Guardian ' s Peter Bradshaw felt it "buoyant and sweet-natured", though slightly inferior to Pixar's best. [91] Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of The A.V. Club, while overall positive on the film, said it "trades the wordless gracefulness and sense of discovery of the animation studio's best work for explanatory voice-over and nonstop exposition", also arguing that the Pixar animators could have been more visually adventurous to match the conceptual ambition. [92]

Kristopher Tapley of Variety called it "one of the best films of the 21st century". [93] A. O. Scott of The New York Times deemed the film "an absolute delight", reserving particular praise for its "defense of sorrow, an argument for the necessity of melancholy dressed in the bright colors of entertainment". [94] The Washington Post ' s Ann Hornaday considered the film's role was transcended as "pure entertainment", becoming it as cathartic and therapeutic, while giving "a symbolic language" to children that managed "their unruliest emotions." [8] Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times found it "bold, gorgeous, sweet, funny, [and] sometimes heartbreakingly sad", deeming it one of the best films of the year. [95] Entertainment Weekly ' s Chris Nashawathy extolled it as "transcendent and touching [. ] so smart and psychologically clever". [96] Time's Mary Pols felt it a "nearly hallucinogenic, entirely beautiful" work that "defies the conventions of family movies". [97] Christopher Orr of The Atlantic urged readers to view the picture, calling it "Pixar once again at the top of its game, telling the kind of thoughtful, moving meta-story it's hard to imagine being produced anywhere else". [98] Wai Chee Dimock in the Los Angeles Review of Books compared the film to the work of neuroscientists Antonio Damasio, Dacher Keltner, and Oliver Sacks. [99]

Accolades Edit

Inside Out received fifteen Best Picture, twenty-one Best Original Screenplay, and forty Best Animated Feature nominations from over 50 different organizations and associations. [100] It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 88th Academy Awards held in 2016. [101] It received ten out of fourteen Annie Awards at the 43rd Annie Awards, including Outstanding Achievement in Directing in an Animated Feature Production for Docter, Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production for Smith, and Best Animated Feature. [102] The American Film Institute selected Inside Out as one of the Top Ten Films of the Year. [103]

The film received the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards. [104] It received three Critics' Choice Movie Award nominations including the win for Best Animated Feature. [105] The New York Film Critics Circle awarded Inside Out for Best Animated Film [106] and it was named one of the Top 10 Films of the Year by the National Board of Review, while also winning the National Board of Review Award for Best Animated Film. [107] The film was runner-up for Best Animated Film at Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards [108] and at San Diego Film Critics Society Awards. [100] It received four nominations from Satellite Awards including Best Original Screenplay, Best Animated or Mixed Media Feature, and Best Original Score. It took the Satellite Award for Best Animated or Mixed Media Feature. [109] [110] The film won the award for Best Animated Film at the 69th British Academy Film Awards in London, England, and was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay (losing to Spotlight). [111] The film also received a Robert Award for Best American Film nomination and a David di Donatello for Best Foreign Film nomination, the Danish and Italian equivalent of the Academy Awards, respectively. [112] [113]

In 2016, Inside Out was ranked at number 41 on BBC's 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century list, a poll of 177 film critics from around the world. [114] Inside Out was also named the "seventh-best film of the 21st century so far" in 2017 by The New York Times. [115] Inside Out appeared on several lists of the best films of the 2010s in 2019, by outlets including: IndieWire, [116] The A.V. Club, [117] The Independent, [118], [119] /Film, [120] and Time Out London. [121] Similarly, Inside Out has appeared on several lists of the best animated films, including: USA Today (2018), [122] Rolling Stone (2019), [123] Esquire (2020), [124] and Complex (2021). [125]

In June 2015, Pete Docter said that there are no plans for a possible sequel and added that he wanted to improve more of the studio's "original fare", which he teased, "Never say never". [126] In January 2016, Docter stated that a sequel is possible, and that he and Pixar will explore ideas. [127] In a July 2016 interview, Pixar president Jim Morris said that while demand for a sequel is high, the company has committed its resources to several original movie concepts and that no sequels to any of Pixar's other films, including Inside Out, were being contemplated at that time. [128]

In June 2017, Denise Daniels, a child psychologist from Minnesota, filed a lawsuit against Disney and Pixar for breach of contract. Daniels had been working on a creative project, The Moodsters, with a theme very similar to Inside Out and had discussed prospects of a TV production with Disney and Pixar executives, including with the film's eventual director Pete Docter. [129] Daniels claims that she presented in detail her idea for "color-coded, anthropomorphic" characters represented different types of emotion, used as the children's learning tool for "better understand[ing]". The discussions were held between 2006 and 2009, and Daniels argued that they carried an implied contract for her to be compensated if the ideas were used by Disney. In January 2018, her suit was dismissed by judge Philip Gutierrez, who ruled that since Daniels had released materials related to the project publicly at the time of the conversations, there were no grounds for an implied contract between Disney and Daniels. [130] Daniels appealed to the Ninth Circuit, who upheld the District Court's ruling in March 2020 that Pixar's film did not infringe on Daniels's characters. The decision stated that simply creating "color-coded" characters based on emotions was not enough to be copyrighted, but instead would have required these characters to carry similar characterization elements, as they had previously determined in DC Comics v. Towle in 2015. [131]

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