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Urda with onion and dill

Urda with onion and dill

Urda is put on a large grater or crushed.

The dill is washed, dried and finely chopped.

Onions are cleaned, washed, dried and finely chopped.

The urda mixes well with the cream (I put the cream because my urda from the sheepfold was very dry after two days and therefore drowning) and with salt to taste.

Add onion and dill and mix well.

Serve spread on fresh bread with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.

It can be decorated in any way and face and served as an entree.

Good appetite!

Omelette with zucchini and urda

The other day I received a lot of zucchini from Maramureș, so jokingly, seriously, I think I will eat zucchini all week, cooked under different methods. It would be a shame for him to spoil and I like zucchini very much anyway, so I'll make the most of it. As such, I profit from all the vegetables and fruits that are in season and are fresh.

I thought that a frittata with zucchini, but also with urda, also received from Maramureș, would go very well. And dill, obviously. A perfect trio: zucchini, urda and dill. I didn't think long and got to work quickly.

In addition to the fact that the recipe is super simple to prepare, it is also versatile, in the sense that you can adapt it to your tastes. You are free to change the type of cheese, if there are people among you who do not like urda and you want to make this frittata, know that you can replace it with any other time of cheese: cheese, telemea, feta, etc. You can also opt for green onions instead of dill, cut the zucchini into cubes or small slices (and not use them grated as in the recipe), add other vegetables, herbs or even pieces of ham. lean, bacon, prosciutto etc. The ideal time to make such a frittata is also when you have leftovers of food / food (vegetable halves, some ham, bacon, etc.), which must be used immediately so as not to spoil.

Frittata with zucchini and urda can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner with a salad or even as a snack between meals. I say it can be taken in a package, in a saucepan at work. It is made very quickly, with few ingredients, for any person's budget and can get you out of any culinary mess or if you don't know what to cook anymore. Frittata is that recipe that allows you to play and make different combinations of ingredients.

It is very filling, quite low in calories, tasty and worth trying!
450 gr. grated zucchini on small teeth from the grater (approx. 2 zucchini)
150 gr. urda ***
9 eggs
1 medium onion, finely chopped
2 cloves chopped garlic
1 hand full of finely chopped dill
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
salt & amppiper (to taste)
*** I used frozen urda, which I gave to the big teeth from the grater. You can use fresh urda to grind a little. If you don't like urda, choose any other type of cheese: cheese, telemea, feta, etc.

Put a little olive oil in a pan and sauté the onion until soft (about 3-4 minutes, over low heat), stirring occasionally. Add the finely chopped garlic and garlic over the onion and cook over low heat for about 1 minute. Stir all this time so it doesn't burn.

Squeeze a little water from the grated zucchini in your hands, then put them in the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally. During this time, put the 9 eggs in a large bowl, beat them well, add the urda and the chopped dill, season with salt and pepper (to taste) and mix. In the same bowl put the hardened zucchini, mix, then put the resulting composition in a pan.

I used a round tart tray, but you can also use a square, rectangular tray or even put the composition in paper muffin tins. If you use paper muffin tins, be careful not to fill the tins to the top!

Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 25-30 minutes, until it turns golden on the surface. Remove the pan from the oven and let the frittata cool for 10-15 minutes before cutting.

Urda with dill and onion


  • 500 g urda
  • 100 g cream
  • 50 g butter
  • salt to taste
  • 6 green onions
  • 1 half cup of green dill leaves

Method of preparation:

Finely chop the dill and onion. Rub the butter with the urda, salt and cream until they become a cream.

Leave to cool for a few hours, serve with warm polenta.

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It is very good for preparing appetizers

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Traditional recipes from Maramures

Pancakes with urda and greens

Urda is raised to the rank of great honor in Maramures. In cold weather, the hot polenta with urda is not absent from the tables, but when spring comes, the urda finds other uses in the Maramures cuisine, at least as delicious uses. A quick snack with urda is perfect for the spring period when the vegetables start to get that special fresh taste and the aroma of green onions makes any meal more enticing. This is the moment when in Maramures pancakes with urda and greens start to be prepared.

  • 100 gr flour
  • 300 gr of urda
  • 1 glass of mineral water
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 link green onion
  • 1 leurda tie
  • Half the dill connection
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 4 tablespoons butter

Pancakes with urda and greens are a spring snack as delicious as they are easy to prepare.

Beat eggs with a pinch of salt for 1 & # 8211 2 minutes. Pour from the top and spread the flour until you get a fine dough, then add mineral water and milk. Leave the composition in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Prepare separately the finely chopped green filling, softened butter, urda, green onion, leurda and salt to taste.

After the composition has cooled, grease a pan with oil and let it heat up and then pour a polish from the composition in the usual way for preparing pancakes.

The pancakes thus obtained are filled with urda cream and greens.

Dumplings with vegetables

The people of Maramures are especially known for their inventiveness in terms of snacks. Among the main dishes or for those who are light, in Maramures only the imagination is the limit in terms of what will reach the table and how the dish will be presented. At a meal in Maramures the guest must expect always pleasant surprises and unique combinations of tastes and texture. One such telling example is vegetable dumplings that look like cheese pies or a tasty dessert but have a rich taste of stewed vegetables.

  • 400 gr flour
  • 250 gr butter
  • 200 gr carrots
  • 150 gr celery
  • 150 gr potatoes
  • Vinegar

In Maramures, vegetable dumplings are also known as shells, a delicious and healthy snack totally different from other types of pies in the same presentation.

The only disadvantage of dumplings is that the dough must be prepared in the evening because it must be left to cool for about 12 hours.

Knead the butter with the flour and add 5 & # 8211 6 tablespoons of water, a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of salt. The kneaded dough thus obtained is left to cool for half a day.

30 minutes before the dough is taken out of the fridge, cut the vegetables into small cubes and boil them in salted water and pepper.

The dough taken from the fridge is stretched and cut in the shape of circles that are filled with boiled vegetables, folded in half and glued with water or egg white. The edges of the dumplings are raised with a fork for presentation reasons.

Dough the vegetable shells and fry them in hot oil until they turn golden.

Corn and cheese soup

The people of Maramures never deny themselves when it comes to original culinary dishes. If you make a list of the most interesting dishes in the country, it is very possible that at least one of the recipes from Maramures will occupy leading positions. Chicken soup and vegetable soup become commonplace in front of the delicious and unexpected combination between corn, potatoes and cheese transformed into a cream soup specific to the Maramures area.

  • 400 gr corn
  • 250 gr cheese, or more to taste
  • 2 onions
  • 1 green onion
  • 1 & # 8211 2 cloves of garlic
  • 200 gr potatoes
  • 2 parsley bindings
  • Half a packet of butter
  • A glass of sour cream
  • Caraway
  • Vegetable soup

To prepare corn soup with cheese, start with a classic, strained vegetable soup base.

In a hot pot with melted butter, fry the dried onion, green onion bulbs and garlic until they become transparent.

Add hot vegetable soup together with the cumin.

Add the corn (preferably frozen corn) together with the diced potatoes and let it boil for 15 minutes, then add the potatoes and 200 grams of corn in a separate bowl. The potatoes and corn removed from the pot are ground and mixed with grated cheese and sour cream.

After the soup left in the pot boils, add the new puree obtained from the cheese, corn, potatoes and sour cream and let it boil for another 4 & # 8211 5 minutes, during which time it is mixed continuously.

Season to taste.

Serve with grated cheese and green onion tails to be added to the plate according to the taste of each diner.

1 kg urda
1 kg stevia leaves (larger)
1 cup rice
2 eggs
2 green onion bindings
1 dill connection
1 l bag
200 ml of milk
2-3 tablespoons flour
50 gr margarine
2-3 tablespoons tomato juice

Crush the urda. Boil the rice in salted water. A bunch of onion and dill is finely chopped. Chop the other onion and cook in 25 g margarine. Add eggs, salt and pepper to taste. Mix well by hand until smooth. The stevia leaves are scalded. Be very careful, they must be left in scalded water very little, because otherwise they will break when packed.
Put a spoonful of filling in the middle of the leaf and roll it like regular sarmales. Place stevia leaves on the bottom of a pot and place the sauerkraut on top. Add the tomato juice and borscht. Fill with water, place a plate over them (so that they do not rise when cooked) and put them in the oven on low heat for about 30 minutes. Don't leave them too long because you risk breaking them.
When they are almost cooked, make the sauce separately as follows: Heat 25 g of margarine in a saucepan, add the flour and mix vigorously, then add the milk little by little, stirring constantly so as not to make lumps. Pour the sauce thus obtained over the sarmalute and bring to a boil. Serve hot with sour cream.

Pie with bellows cheese, urda, dill and green onions

It is not a very complicated recipe, being made with commercial sheets, but it is quick and ideal for a full breakfast.

Allow the pie sheets to thaw. Meanwhile, prepare the composition (filling), mixing very well the two types of cheese. Cut the onion and green dill and add them over the kneaded cheese composition, stirring to penetrate the flavors.

After the pie sheets have thawed, take a sheet of pie and grease it with a brush with melted butter, put another sheet of pie that is also greased beforehand (I did this operation with 3 or more 4 sheets) then I put the cheese composition over the sheet and rolled the 3 or 4 sheets.

From a package I made 3 rolls with salted cheese and one with sweet cheese.

At the end, grease the pie with egg yolk and put sesame seeds on top.

Bake the pie for 40 minutes in the preheated oven at 170 degrees (top + bottom + ventilation function) or the middle stage in the gas ovens.

Fried urda and dill pies

Tell people what they want for pies I can't give up (to eat them :)). Although some find it hard to do, I learned to make them when I was little & # 8230maybe because my mother & # 8222 pies & # 8221 all day, donuts, pancakes, cakes as my father calls them :).

Urda pies can be made both in the oven and fried, both options are extremely tasty, only one is less healthy & I'll let you guess which one :).

Ingredients for 15 -16 larger pies:

  • 1kg white flour
  • 50g fresh yeast
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 200ml milk
  • 200ml mineral water
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil
  • 700g urda
  • 1 small dill connection
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • a few green onion tails (I didn't put)

We also need a thick pan and about 600ml oil for frying.

All ingredients must be at room temperature.

1. Rub the yeast with 1 teaspoon of sugar until liquefied and then add 1 teaspoon of flour and 3-4 tablespoons of warm water. Let it swell.

2. Sift the flour and put it in a bowl and then add the leavened yeast, oil, salt and start kneading, gradually adding the milk first and then the mineral water.

Knead until the dough comes off the bowl and then leave to rise hot covered with a textile napkin for an hour.

3. Until the dough rises, prepare the urda filling, crush it with a fork, then add salt, chopped dill and sliced ​​onion tails. Mix well. The urda I had was not very fat and I added 2 more yolks.

4. After the dough has risen (doubled in volume), grease the work table with a little oil and then with a greased hand break pieces of the dough.

We take a piece of dough, spread it a little, put 2-3 tablespoons of urda and fold (see photo).

Do the same with the rest of the dough.

Put more oil in the pan to heat and prepare the first pie that has been waiting for a long time to be eaten :) spread the dough lightly with your fingertips trying to thin the pie without the filling coming out and then fry on one side and on the other until it browns nicely.

Remove on a paper napkin and let cool.

Do the same with the rest of the dough.

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Urda and dill pie

Urda and dill pie is a tasty and easy to prepare dish, ideal for family dinners or with many guests. It is prepared with pie sheets and a tasty filling with urda, sour cream, eggs, onions and spices to taste. For a more pleasant look, you can also sprinkle sesame or poppy seeds on top.

Urda and dill pie it is served hot or cold, plain or with various yogurt or sour cream sauces.

Ingredients Pie with urda and dill

200 gr pie sheets, 100 ml milk, 50 ml oil.

Filling & # 8211 500 gr sweet urda, 1 tablespoon sour cream, 2 eggs, 1 onion, salt and pepper to taste, 1 dill.

For decoration& # 8211 1 teaspoon yogurt, 1 egg, 3 tablespoons water, salt, sesame.

Method of preparation

Grease a baking tin with oil.

Place a sheet of pie, grease with oil and sprinkle with milk. Repeat the operation with each sheet.

Filling Crush the urda and mix with finely chopped onion, sour cream, eggs, salt, pepper to taste and finely chopped dill.

Place the filling over the pie sheets. Fold the sheets out of the form over the filling and grease the surface with a mixture of egg, yogurt, water and salt.

Sprinkle the pie with sesame seeds and place in the oven heated to 200C.

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